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    samvo bet brokerage

    Broken Age

    Note that some of these are very fun to discover on your own. Please, use this as a last resort.

    In case it isn't clear, this guide does contain some spoilers. I've tried to keep any plot details as vague as possible, but some of these achievements will detail how to complete some of the puzzles in the game.

    Последний раз в сети: 11 ч., 35 мин. назад

    What to do: At the breakfast table, choose a cereal (any cereal). In the next scene, where the spoon talks to you, DON'T pick up the spoon. Let him continue to talk until you get the achievement.

    What to do: Part of the required story progression. In the Runaway Train mission, extend the Bridge by yelling at the Bridge Man. When the Yarn Pal with the long arms looses his grip, retract the bridge by yelling at Bridge Man again.

    How to do: Once you get Grabbin Gary (inside the present in the Explore the Fungus mission, or through the door to space, if you didn't do that mission), simply use him on nearly everything. You must get this in Shay's Act 1, so simply put Gary on nigh everything till you get the achievement. Remember to try using him on other inventory items, too

    NOTE: While you're using items on items, use your spoon on everything around here too. You're gonna need it for the achievement "Are You Trying to Get Rid of Me Sir?"

    How: Part of the story. Go to space, equip the Whipped Cream Gun and air bag. Cut the space cord with the knife from the kitchen. Fly through space, to the left. Pry the boom controls open with the knife, and use gary. You may want to get achievement 7, before doing this.

    How: Part of the story. Get the crochet needle from the Friendship Circle, after doing their mission. Go to the Space Weaver, give him the star chart from Marek to Prima Doom. Tell him to go to the Cozy Cluster, go down the ladder, and use the crochet needle to make it match Prima Doom's star chart.

    How: Simply exhaust every character's dialogue tree in Vella's House, before solving the puzzle and advancing to the Maiden's Feast.

    How: Required for the story. Talk to every Maiden. One gets eaten. Ask the bottle maiden for her bottle. Ask her again. Give the bottle to Food Maiden. Give her your towel. Use the Corset on the bird, then the knife on your dress.

    How: Talk to the guy being hung by his underwear in the tree until you get the achievement.

    How: Required. In Meriloft, once you get the ladder. Go past the big bird with the gold egg. Fall through the hole to the right, the one over the fat guy hung by his underwear. Go down the hole in the tree trunk. Go to where he was and get the egg. Give the egg to the bird.

    How: Required. Simply complete all the Meriloft puzzles by collecting three golden eggs and putting them in the bowls of offering.

    How: You'll need to get the fruit from Meriloft. Eat one yourself, get another, give that one to Curtis to get the achievemet. Note that you'll need one more to solve the Riddle of Yorn

    How: After you leave Curtis, go left until you get attacked by a snake. Simply wait it out until you get the cutscene and achievement.

    How: Required. At the fight with Mog Chothra, fire the laser at three tentacles. Wait for Mog to pick you up and stare at you. Use the ladder on his mouth, fire the laser inside.

    How: Simply use the spoon on everything, every inventory item, everyone until you get this. You need to have started in Act 1, so use the Spoon on everything from the time you get him in Act 1 until you get the achievement in Act 2. Enjoy it, because it has some of the best dialogue.

    How: Required. You need to build a Hypercam. Free the Not-Mayor of Shellmound with the Snake, give him the Schematic from Alex, tell him Sand is a great material, put the sand sculpture in front of the tree, show him a picture of Vella, take that to Curtis, and get him to make you the Hypercam.

    How: Required. Simply do the Knot puzzle mentioned in 21. Whether you get it the first time or not, you'll get the achievement.

    How: Required. Get the feather radiation suit. After asking the left-behind maiden for a costume, give her your baby radiation clothes, and the Dead Eye Prophet's robes, after getting them to disrobe.

    ex. Do you know what the smallest tree is?

    I know a tree as big as my hand.

    How: After doing your tree joke in 26, talk to the tree again and follow-up. Easy.

    How: Solve the boots puzzle on your first try (thanks Rasi!)

    How: When you're thrust into the room with Hope, exhaust all her dialogue. When you unlock the room, exhaust all her dialogue again. You should get the achievement.

    How: When you get locked up by Marek, talk to him from the video screen. Exchaust his conversation to get the achievement.

    How. When you have control of the ship's systems, click on the sad (red phased) monitors to make them happy! You get the achievement after eight.

    How: Complete Act 2 of Broken Age.

    How: I can't tell you exactly how the solution is worked out, but you need to wire the hexipal with the following symbols:

    YELLOW: Left Right arrows to little space-ship

    RED: Left Right arrows to Down Triangle

    How: Let Alex disable the Death Ray when Vella tries to fire it. Talk to him, and explain that Vella must have a reason, even if he doesn't know what.

    Did you hear about the First National Tree Bank > It closed down > Don't worry, it just opened a new branch

    You need to talk to the tree again, BEFORE you pick up the fish.

    Broken Age в Steam

    Купить Broken Age Комплекты, содержащие эту игру Купить Broken Age + Soundtrack

    Включенные товары (2): Broken Age, Broken Age - Soundtrack

    Купить The Broken Age Complete Set Купить Double Fine Bundle НАБОР (?) Дополнительный контент для этой игры Недавние обновления Просмотреть все (5) Happy Anniversary!

    “Act 1 of Broken Age is a gorgeous, impeccably written adventure that simultaneously tugs at my nostalgic core, while ushering in a new era for the point-and-click genre.”

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