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ENGLISH, Официальный сайт ЧОУ ВО Международный институт бизнес-образования


Non-governmental educational institution of higher professional education International Institute of Business Education (MIBO) was established in 1994 as Murmansk Humanities Institute (MHI). Under that name it was known to its national and international partners for 18 years.

In March, 2012 MHI officially changed its name to the present one. The new name does not mean that we are reducing our academic programmes. It reflects the main focus of training and instruction.

The teaching process in MIBO is arranged to meet the strictest Russian State Standards for higher professional education, as well as the demands of the contemporary labour market and professional communities, which helps our graduates adjust to the rapidly changing world. The status of MIBO is fully licensed and accredited by The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. In 2010 MIBO received the Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2008.

Studying process in Murmansk International Institute of Business Education is realized according to the governmental requirements of Higher Education in Russia. Institute has a perpetual License and Governmental Accreditation in the following fields: Economics, Trading Business, Economic Security, Law, International Law, Psychology, Psychology of Employment Activity, Journalism, Linguistics.

Two degrees of education are presented: Bachelor Degree and Specialist Degree. We also have full-time educational programs, part-time, extra-mural and on-line study mode. MIBO students have their internships in companies and organizations of Murmansk and Barents regions.

International Institute of Business Education is located in the centre of Murmansk in a separate building. Cozy rooms full of light, language lab, computer classes, gym with trainers, library incl. digital materials and reading hall. Students and lecturers have permanent access to the Internet. MIBO web site shows important news and activity’s directions.

Democratic government implies elective student organization – Student Parliament, which is very active in inner institute’s activities and city’s youth events. MIBO Graduates’ Association unites more than 5 thousand people who currently work in Administrations, banks, law enforcement, editorial boards and etc. Many of our graduates are famous entrepreneurs and 80% of our academic staff, are our ex-students who now help the young generation with their professional life.

MIBO staff supports and takes an active part in cooperation with partners from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Iceland and CIS countries. Forms of participation are various: professors present their lectures, take part as project coordinators; students study abroad and participate in conferences, make their trainings and internships abroad, at the enterprises of neighbouring countries, get acquainted with foreign languages and traditions.

In 2003, MIBO joined the Arctic University and acquired more than 100 partners from Russia and abroad.

We have traditionally sided communication with University’s Colleges of Harstad and Bodø, Lapland University, Universities of Umeå and Luleå. While studying in Arctic University of Norway, our students get the Bachelor Degree of Northern Studies.

Last meaningful projects: “Practice future”, “Young Innovative Entrepreneurs”, “Bachelor of Northern Studies”, “Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies”.

Every year in April, students and lecturers present their scientific – research results. “Scientific Days” have the motto: “Today’s student – tomorrow’s expert”. More than 490 students of our institute and other higher educational establishments, seniour school children, MIBO graduates took part in these events in 2015. Best scientific works were awarded with diplomas, in quantity of 43.

MIBO has a high scientific potential – 90% of lecturers has a PhD degree. They publish articles, monographs, have research and innovative activity. In the framework of “Young Innovative Entrepreneurs” project, the international net for young entrepreneurs and their tutors was created. Laboratory of youth business and innovations coordinates work of young entrepreneurs from Murmansk and their colleagues from Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Institute’s staff is quite young and ambitious. We want to be able to meet competitions along with the governmental educational establishments on the North-West of Russia.

MIBO was established in 90s – hard times for our country – but survived and now is among four best educational institutions of higher education in Murmansk region.

In 2015 MIBO was recognized as an effective educational institution by Russian Ministry of Education and Science, in 2012 it became a laureate of “Best Educational Institutions of Higher Education” award and “100 best Goods and Services in Murmansk region”, in 2015.

For this year, we plan to establish an intermediate vocational educational institution, promote new research projects, enter new partner relations and introduction of a Master Degree programs. MIBO also broadens the sphere of additional education according to the labor market demands. For better mutually beneficial contacts in 2015 the linguistic centre “Dialog” will be established.

Other articles

The Mibo Gepard Kick Scooter Review - the-vu

The Mibo Gepard Kick Scooter Review

By Jeffrey the Barak

I have been waffling on in recent articles about kick-scooters about how much I miss pneumatic tires. Yes, the small solid tired folding scooters are convenient and portable, and in the cases of the Know-Ped and the KickPed are also reasonably comfortable at slower speeds on slightly rougher surfaces, but it takes air tires to properly isolate the rider from the tiring vibrations of the road.

I was not perfectly happy racing around hunched over my large wheeled Kickbike during the mid to late Naughties, but have fond memories of standing up straighter and cruising around on an old 12.5 inch scooter back in the late Eighties. It is not completely impossible to buy such a scooter in the USA but a really efficient ride with a low to the ground deck, which is of vital importance, currently requires an importation.

I Imported my Mibo Gepard from a Czech store that accepted PayPal. This was easier than messing around with a bank wire transfer. The store was Hopsej.cz. A rider in Canada had bought the same scooter from the same store and he pointed the way for me. Thanks Samokat! From purchase to receiving was nineteen days and my total cost was $426 USD. Assembly was easy, taking just five minutes or so using a 15 mm wrench to put the front wheel on, a 6 mm Allen wrench for the handlebar stem adjustment and a 5 mm Allen wrench for the V-brake cable adjustment and the rotation of the brake handles and bar ends.


My first five mile test drive was a delight. I did not intend it to be a sprint but in my excitement I averaged 10 MPH without it feeling like an exhausting ride. To a cyclist, that may sound slow but it is quite fast for a scooter. It was comfortable and fun and engaged my whole body without undue impact.

Not since my BMX style scooter in the Eighties and my briefly owned Sidewalker City in the Naughties, have I had a kick-scooter that so easily retained stability when riding one handed. This is due to the combination of a wide air tire and wide handlebars. I have no reason to ride one handed but it is nice to know I can wave at someone or signal a turn without falling over.

The Mibo Gepard is reasonably lightweight and easy to pick up and carry. It officially weighs eighteen pounds, although mine seems to tip the scale at nineteen pounds, which is about as much as one and a half Know-Peds, but somehow it feels much lighter than that, and it does not drag you back on a moderate incline. The handlebars adjust up to a yard high if you rotate the bars back to straight up rather than raking them forward of the wheel, and this allows a five foot eight inch rider like myself to cruise upright without having to crouch in a racing position. Taller owners can always buy higher handlebars and longer brake cables from a local bike shop so that they can stand straight also.

I cannot criticize the comfort of the ride in any way, however the Mibo deck’s narrow width means you do initially have to careful switching feet until you get used to it. My running shoe is wider than the deck. It is probably better to wear a more minimal shoe than an inhumanly large, bloated modern running shoe, as long as there is some forefoot protection and grip for the pushing foot. People upgrading from Razors will not find this deck narrow, and scooter riders who stand diagonally across their decks like they do on skateboards will still be comfortable and stable as long as they focus their weight on the forefoot.

The front and rear Shimano V-brakes, designed to stop an adult on a fast-moving heavy bicycle are strong enough for any scooter situation on any gradient.

The only accessory is the bell, quite handy for politely signaling wandering pedestrians (without earbuds) of your imminent arrival from behind. No kick-stand, but typical spring loaded kick stands are usually more of a nuisance during riding than a convenience when stopped, and contribute to weight and rattling.

Rather than get too far into statistics and comparisons, I will simply say that this scooter is light, stable, fast, efficient, safe and portable and is therefore better for most situations than a large-wheeled foot bike, or a hard-wheeled folder. I am personally a passionate fanatic of two 12.5 inch wheels, perhaps mainly due to nostalgia, but the best selling Mibo, the Mibo Mastr, is probably the better choice for most Americans as it folds, (an important feature for sedan owners or bus riders), has an extra four inches of bar height, and has a sixteen inch front wheel.

Deck Height, or lack thereof

The feature that contributes the most to the Mibo’s ride is the low deck. As a deck gets higher, the ride gets more tiring. I cannot overstate how important a low deck is to the efficiency of a scooter, and am constantly surprised by the number of overly high decks that come out on scooters from Belize, Sidewalker, Swifty and others. The designers of such high-decked scooters obviously never ride scooters very far themselves or they would immediately realize their mistake on their first long ride.

Scooting Czechs

The Czech Republic is clearly the scooter capital of the world. Finland, The Netherlands, Germany and other countries contribute some, but there are many excellent brands in the Czech Republic, besides Mibo. One Czech brand, Yedoo, is launching in the USA this year, meaning that no personal import will be needed, but Yedoo does not bring their decks down as low as Mibo and the others. In fact the Yedoo Ox and the Yedoo Three are very much like my fondly remembered 12.5 inch Eighties scooter, but it is worth the trouble to try to obtain a Mibo, Kostka, Kolobrndy, K-Bike or similar Czech scooter if you can. Dipping down to scoot from upstairs will wear you out after a mile or so.

Other scooters

My older article on the-vu, Kick Scooter Classifications, will explain the available choices if you are reading this review first. For me, I am happiest in the small pneumatic tire class. It seems to have all the advantages of compact folders and larger foot bikes. I am very pleased with my new Mibo Gepard.


Hardly anything at all. Except that when it is time to change tires, I will go for a less knobby model than the Kenda tires that come as standard. They are smooth enough going straight but get knobby when you lean and turn. Perhaps the Schwalbe City Jet or a V-Groove or even a slick. And bent-valve inner tubes would make it easier to attach a tire pump also.

Mibo’s English page: http://www.mibo.cz/en/

Jeffrey the Barak has been riding scooters since the cretaceous era, but sometimes he likes to have a bunch of grapes while admiring trombones.

Admitting to the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters


“…The designers of such high-decked scooters obviously never ride scooters very far themselves or they would immediately realize their mistake on their first long ride…”

“…Except that when it is time to change tires, I will go for a less knobby model than the Kenda tires that come as standard. They are smooth enough going straight but get knobby when you lean and turn. Perhaps the Schwalbe City Jet or a V-Groove or even a slick. And bent-valve inner tubes would make it easier to attach a tire pump also…”

You are absolutely right. I have same ideas.

Very nice article!

Hi Jeff. Thanks for the website. I’ve just discovered scooters and kickbikes, and I’m hungry for more. I’m 72 years old, 5’10”, 200 lbs., and I ride a hybrid bike. But now I want to try a kickbike

(or a scooter). I read your classification article, and I’d like to find a 12″ wheel pneumatic tire kickbike. What’s available in the U.S.? How about an Amish kickbike? What else is out there? I’d appreciate your recommendation. I’ve never seen or tried a kickbike, so I’m not sure I’ll even like it. Thanks for your help. Ferris (that’s my first name)

The Amish 12″ is really designed for children, so you, like most Americans, have very few choices without personally importing a scooter from the Czech Republic etc. This is why I imported my Mibo. The website Letskickscoot.com has a list published of almost every available scooter also. YedooUSA may possibly be able to get you a Yedoo-Three or a Yedoo-Ox without importing, but they don’t have decks quite as low as the Mibo. Of course if you want a Kickbike or Footbike or an Amish or a Current Coaster, then you need not import, but the 12.5″ class is really great and low decks are really important. Please contact me before you buy anything so I can help you avoid any mistakes!

Hi Jeff, I just came across an Amish built kick scooter/bike made by Groffdale from Pennsylvania. The came in various tire sizes, beginning with 12″, then 16″, 20″, and 24″. Based on some of your reviews and comments, I’m seriously thinking of the 12″; it’s sort of like the MIBO. But I’d like your thoughts. Many thanks for all your insights.

I know of someone with a 20″ and someone with a 16″ They love them. But the 12″ might need to be special-ordered if you want proper brakes. I think it just has a tire-friction back brake. It is the kid’s model. Much heavier than a Mibo I think.

What this mean about grapes and trombones? How Cretaceous era? I do not understand footnote.

Jeff, Many thanks for your advice. The kick scooter/bike world is rather confusing to a newbie. I’m now seriously considering the Kickbike Freeride. Front wheel is 20″, rear wheel is 12″. The Finns list it as a family bike, good for kids and adults. The US distributor says it’s a kid’s bike. It’s also called a BMX style.

I’m 5’10” tall, 200 lbs., and 72 years old. My interest is in general recreation, riding around the neighborhood and in nearby parks. I’m not using it for commuting or racing. Can you give me any insights into the Freeride? Many thanks.

Not really. I have not experienced that model.

Jeffreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! You have written another excellent article. I am intrigued and chomping at the bit while I await delivery of my KickPed. In the meantime, I am putting the Mibo Gepard on my list for my second scooter. lol

Thank you for nice article and even nicer advertisement for HOPsej.cz 🙂

Apo, is Hopsej still selling scooters? They have disappeared from the site.

I cannot find the ‘Gepard’ model on the Mibo english website. Does it go by a different name or is it no longer made? If its not available what might be its nearest equivelent. Thanks.

Gepard is translated to Cheetah in English. It may be a legacy model though. If so there should be an equivalent model for 2013.

Hey Jeff, thanks for the awesome review. From your description, this looks like exactly the scooter I want. Perhaps I want the same exact scooter as you. I tried looking up the gepard on their website that you linked but couldn’t find it. I’m 5’6″ and looking for one with 12″ wheels that fit my body. I have no idea how to go about finding this scooter and I was wondering if you could give me insight into the process and your experience. One more thing – since you had some time to get to know the gepard, do you still have a high opinion of it?

Rishio, Gepard is Czech for Cheetah, and it is now a legacy model. Mibo has changed the angular “broken neck” design of the frame to a curved design for the newer models. If I had to replace it, I would try to get the same one, or perhaps look for a “top” model with upgraded bearings and smoother tires. I still prefer two 12.5″ wheels to the more popular design of the best selling Mastr (Master). But if you cannot find the exact same Gepard, look at their newer 12.5″ scooters and you will get approximately the same experience. Let me know if you buy one!

Thanks. I also like the 12.5 model. Basically want as light and small as possible with inflated tires. I did more research and I think I like the Mibo Courage top (http://www.mibo.cz/eshop-product/kolobezka-mibo-courage-top) but not clear about the difference between the top and the classic. I sent them out an email so let’s see if they respond. I’m greatful for your post – I was this close to getting a kickped but this style of scooter is what I really want. BTW, this will be my first kick scooter (aside from the one I had when I was a little kid in the early 80s which I think was a 12.5 model as well!). The Mibo Tiny is also another option but I’m not sure I want the folding complexity and extra pound. Thinking that I might be able to get the courage non-folded into a car.

The classic Top looks really nice in this picture! I think that’s the one I want! http://www.mibo.cz/photos/402.jpg

One question I forgot to ask in my previous posts (apologies for so many posts). The floor height on the courage top says 5cm which comes out to 2 inches. Having little experience with scooters, that does seem really low. Do you think it’s too low? I feel like it will bottom out every time I go up or down a sidewalk ramp or driveway.

I like low. You may scrape bottom sometimes, but the advantage to 2″ height is you can go further and faster for the same energy input. I think you have found the right model.

I got myself a yedoo ox new and the decks in new models are as low as in mibo. For a 1/3 of mibo prices yedoos are much better choice with no relevant quality cuts.

I do like the design of mibos more but don’t see it being worth the premium they charge.

Thanks for the comment Dezz. We were hoping to see the New Ox and the New Three in the US but so far only the kids running bikes have appeared. There is one store offering the Original Ox (with a higher footboard) for $200 but we can keep looking.

The brand new Yedoo scooters (NEW OX) now have a thorough redesign and include much lower decks and some other new features well worth checking out…

Hi Jeff! Thanks for all the insightful kick scooter articles and advice! I am looking to purchase one for my commute to work. The morning part of my commute consists of 2-3 miles of uphill (asphalt or sidewalk). Is there a type of scooter you recommend for uphill travels?

Hi Marz. 3 miles is quite a commute for a scooter, but could be fun. Personally after enjoying my return to 12.5″ pneumatic tires so much I could not imagine going back to hard urethane tires. But in the US choice is very limited in this category. You have to find out of you can take a 12 incher into your workplace without folding. If so then there is a promising new option at a lower cost than Mibo etc., and that is the Yedoo Ox-New. Find out more about it and here from someone who imported one recently at the letskickscoot forum.http://bit.ly/1kULxkI

Is this durable? How many years you did use this scooter considering that this article was posted last 2013.

It was perfect when I sold it. I never did a long term endurance test.

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Folding Kick Scooter Mibo Mastr is absolutely stunning folding scooter for adults or teens. Commute with speed, comfort and style.

Description Foldable Kick Scooter Mibo Mastr

Absolute stunning folding scooter for adults. Kick Scooter Mibo Mastr comes with a kickstand. Unique design, rolls very smoothly and provides great comfort to the rider. No wonder this is Europe’s favourite kick scooter, fun funky and excellent quality. With a 5 year warranty, MIBO is the Godfather of kick scooters. Be it the morning commute or a Sunday scoot, keep it in the MIBO family.

Kick Scooter Mibo Mastr

Frame: steel (5 years warranty!)

Handlebar height: max. 95 cm

Brakes:2x V brake, Shimano 4000

Wheels: front Classic 16″ rear 16″ Alu 32, professional Novatec quick-release hubs

Tyres: Schwalbe Road Cruiser tires 16 x 1,75

Ground clearance: 4 cm

Overall lenght: 140 cm

Dimensions folded scooter : 110x53x17cm

Maximum load: 150 kg

Mudguards: Yes, both front and rear (Option)

Barak - s Choice: A Mibo Gepard Kick Scooter - Let - s Kick Scoot - all about adult kick scooting

mibo sportsbook Barak’s Choice: A Mibo Gepard Kick Scooter

>> This article is not so much a review of the Mibo Gepard kick scooter as it is a review of the buying and importation process and an explanation of my choices.

As my friends know, I have had many scooters, some folding, some non-folding, some with solid tires and some with air-tires. Recently, I have only had solid tires and folding scooters, namely the Xootr MG, the KickPed and a matching pair of Know-Peds, but despite the inconvenience of having to check pressure and inflate air-tires, I have to admit they provide a much nicer ride on most surfaces, even when the intention is just to take a slow ride.

So as many of you have followed here on the Lets Kick Scoot Forum and on my own magazine site, www.the-vu.com, I have been looking for a way to get a 12.5″ wheel diameter air tire scooter again. Choices here in the USA are very limited and most have decks that are too high off the ground, so I looked at those lucky Czechs and started to wish that Kolobezka K-Bike, Kostka, Kolobrndy, Kolobezky and Mibo scooters, etc., were sold here. They are not.

That is where the Let’s Kick Scoot discussion forum and other user groups scooted in to help. I don’t personally know any of the people with whom I have been posting back and forth, but thanks to the friendliness of this forum, I feel as if I do.

Selection Process
  • Mibo Site in English
  • Mibo Site in Czech: There is more information on Mibo’s Czech site, however you’ll need to read it via Google Translate.

I decided to focus on Mibo kick scooters.

I made a spreadsheet comparing all aspects of each Mibo model. I eventually ruled out larger front wheels and the ability to fold. The Gepard (which incorrectly translates to “Cheetah” if you look at the Czech page in English) became the front runner with its higher handlebars and lighter weight.

I think that most Americans would appreciate a folding scooter and go for the Mastr, the best-selling Mibo, but I have a preference, perhaps due to nostalgia, for two 12.5″ wheels.

I initially considered getting higher bars out of the box via a Mibo Mastr with its 16″ front and 12.5″ rear. And then I also realized that the folding feature was not something I needed.

Although I have had many folding scooters, folding electric scooters, and folding bicycles, I rarely bothered to actually fold them. I have taken a folded scooter onto a bus a total of twice, once it was a Xootr and once it was a KickPed. In fact, I dreaded folding my Citizen bicycle so much that I just left it full size all the time.

The 12.5″ tire scooters are easily small enough to go in my VW Rabbit without folding; in fact, they would even go in the very smallest hatchback car without being folded, and so the extra pound or more of weight that the hinge adds seemed unnecessary. I do however, acknowledge, that easy-folding is a great feature for riders who:

  • Travel to and from the start or end of their scooter ride
  • Own sedans with trunks
  • Commute and scoot using public transport
  • Live in small apartments

Prior to ordering the Mibo, I spoke with a local bike shop in Los Angeles. They said that replacing the bar stem with a longer one, and/or replacing the bars with “ape-hangers,” as online friends, Duggy500 and ScooterJerry88 demonstrated, would be very quick and easy, even if longer brake cables are needed.

If I wanted to stand up straighter than stock Gepard handlebars allowed, it’s no big deal to change them. Various 12.5″ replacement tires and tubes are also readily available, and while the lighter Gepard’s load rating is a little bit lower than for some other Mibos, it is still very much stronger than needed for non-acrobatic scooter riding.

And so, thanks to a detailed post on the Let’s Kick Scoot forum by our Canadian friend Samokat (entitled “KnowPed decks” because the original subject drifted), I ordered the same scooter as he did, from the same Czech Republic store, and just as he did, I paid with PayPal. I received it nineteen days later.

Check List

So I have everything on my list checked off. A very low deck height, 12.5″ air tires front and rear, and at a total price of $427 USD, including shipping. Actually it was originally going to be $399, but the seller emailed with a request for another 500 CZK as a 2013 Mibo price increase had taken away more than his profit margin on the sale. So that extra $27 took care of that for him. My total cost pre-customization was therefore $426.

Now, I know I could have had much more for my money had I not wanted my two 12.5″ tires. Amazon.com has a yellow City Cruiser KickBike with a basket for $269, and a nice stand-up-straight 16″ Amish Scooter like Karen Little’s costs as little as $209 plus shipping on one website, about half the price of my Mibo, and as anyone knows, the common and varied machine that we call a bicycle with all the drive train and seating etc., can be even less! But these are not what I wanted at this time.

I paid for my Mibo Gepard on February 6th, but the store had to go out and get one from the manufacturer and it was mailed from Prague by Daniel Fajmon of Hopsej.cz on February 12th, got as far as a sort facility New York on the 18th, (Presidents’ Day), and then no tracking updates appeared until February 25th, when it suddenly showed that the package had arrived at my local post office. An hour later, it arrived at my door in a nice undamaged box wrapped up inside plastic wrap and tape.

Arrival in the USA

Inside the box, the scooter was nicely protected with cling wrap and all I had to do was put on the front wheel and slip the handlebar stem into the tube. Tools were not included, but all I needed was a 15 mm wrench to put the wheel on and two different Allen wrenches, a 6 mm for the handlebar adjustment and a 5 mm for the V-brake cable adjustment. Other than that, all that was needed was to rotate the bar-end extensions and it was ride-ready. Assembly took me about five minutes . . .

Samokat had previously told me that his newly unboxed Gepard’s brake cables were not screwed onto the levers, and that he had to adjust his cone-bearings. I’m not even sure what cone bearings are, but my wheels are spinning nicely so I guess they are okay.

Following assembly, I ran some figure eights in the parking garage and the scooter just wanted to fly. And this told me that my handlebars are most likely high enough for upright cruising without any customization. Unlike ScooterJerry88 and Duggy500, I am not a very tall man and the Gepard comes with higher bars than their Tiny and Komfort models.

The part of the deck that is directly below the standing heel is just 2.5 inches from the road. The handlebar grips, which are fat and soft, are about 37 inches high. I am five feet eight inches tall and if I am standing straight and coasting, my hands grip the bars at approximately the level of my hips and my elbows are not locked straight.

I was concerned that the stock tires might be too knobby, and they do generate an audible tread sound on the concrete in the quiet of the garage, but they are not so aggressive that I need to rush out to buy slicks or road tires right away. The very narrow deck will require some caution and accuracy when hop-switching, but I expect I’ll quickly get used to it. Mibo recommends hop-switching only for expert riders.

I will reserve the full riding, using, and owning review for a later article.

Discussion Forums
  • www.Mibo.cz/en: Mibo site in English
  • Mibo – How to ride their kick scooters: Riding instructions translated into English
  • Kolobezka.eu: English translation. Pictures of product line.
  • www.Kostka-Kolobka.eu: English site
  • www.Kolobrndy.cz: English translation
  • Xootr MG
  • KickPed
  • Know-Ped
  • Amish-style
  • Great Kick Scooter Articles and Blogs on the Web: About Jeffry the Barak and his website, www.the-vu.com
  • www.the-vu.com: the-vu, an original Internet magazine

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Article and photos by Jeffrey the Barak. Product pictures from Mibo website. First published on 3/2/2013. All rights reserved by www.LetsKickScoot.com and Jeffrey the Barak.

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