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Mauro betting saiu da band babs

mauro betting saiu da band babs

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Music video by Mary J. Blige performing Be Without You. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 2447028. (C) 2005 Geffen Records.

This step by step tutorial will show you how to crochet easy baby Mary Jane shoes / slippers / booties. These cute baby shoes are a suitable project for .

this isn't my song, hope you like it though :D . INSTAGRAM: @some1callvogue .

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My Baby trad op tijdens de Nijmeegse Vierdaagse 2016.

Geto boys - The answer to baby (Mary II) Geto Boys (intentionally misspelled, although originally spelled Ghetto Boys, its originally formed name) is a hip-hop .

Hej guys, i am back again on youtube, have been on a Very long break off social media. And happy to let u guys know that am back again. this is a Very short .

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Be Without You by Mary J. Blige vs. Be My Baby by Ariana Grande. One of my favorite Mary songs with one of my favorite Ariana songs :) Be My Baby acapella .

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Here is the correct pattern, I do crochet it right in the video, but I say one part wrong!! (6.25 minutes in) and in one part, yes I burped, it was one of those .

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The first LP release on the Motown label was Mary Wells "Bye Bye Baby" in 1961. (Motown 600). The album contained the hits "Bye Bye Baby" and "I Don't Want .

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Baby No. 5 on the Way for Taylor Hanson

The musician, 29, who’s one-third of the band Hanson, and his wife Natalie, 28, are expecting their fifth child, their rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

“Natalie and I are so anxious to meet our fifth mini-Hanson,” Taylor tells PEOPLE. “As are the four siblings at home who are counting the days to the arrival.”

“After two kids, you’re outnumbered,” Hanson told PEOPLE in 2009. “So once you cross having three, having [more] is not such a big deal.” His children would agree. Added the singer: “I think it’s pretty much ‘the more the merrier’ for them at this point.”

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WOW! 5 kids and they aren’t even 30 years old yet!! I must say I’m a little jealous! I would love to have 5 kiddies. Oh, to be rich 😉

Congrats to them! Fingers crossed Penny gets a sister 🙂 Of course a healthy boy is WONDERFUL as well (I know…I have 2 PRECIOUS little boys myself!)

Best wishes and all the best on your newest expected addition to the family!

Wow! Congrats to them!

Awww hurray for Taylor and Natalie! They have such beautiful children and this baby will be just as gorgeous as its brothers and sister.

wow, these boys are potent! Good for them, congrats!

That’s wonderful! I love big families. Mine has brought me much joy. Wishing the Hanson family the best!

Do you suppose you’ve populated our already ‘over-populated’ earth yet? None-the-less, I DO wish you to have a healthy baby!

He’s still a cutie. Congrats to the Hanson family!

YAY. I’ve been waiting for this announcement! I am SO SO SO happy for them!

I have been a Hanson fan since I was 11 years old – fourteen years now – and I finally saw them in concert the past October and got to shake Taylor’s hand. These men are so amazing. I wish Tay and Natalie all the best.

Yay another Hanson! I wondered when this announcement would come 🙂 Maybe Penny and Junia will get a girl to play with 🙂

Big congrats to them.

Baby #5 Congrats Tay and Nat!

Will there be a reality show ?

Congrats. I was wondering when/if we would see another Hanson baby.

They certainly are doing their fair share of adding to the over-population problem, aren’t they? 5 children seem too much, especially if he is away on tour. Poor mother…

the next 19 kids and counting?

This planet is already grossly overpopulated. Continuing to populate it further is highly selfish. If you just think that each of their 5 kids could easily again have 5 kids or more. There are children starving and homeless that dont have enough food and the situation is being made worse. This is probably going to be another disgusting 19 kids and counting situation…..

Obviously they have the means to take care of 5 children and they have a lot of love to share. These kids are growing up with great parents and great families and will grow up to be productive members of this society. That’s a lot more than I can say for 95 percent of the people in this world so more power to them. I have known Hanson for 15 years and they are the greatest people I have ever met. If anyone should have multiple children and over populate this world it might as well be good people. So what the hell are you talking about? The only selfish thing I see on this page was your comment.

So happy for them! They are lovely boys with lovely families! xx

Yo, Natalie, your uterus isn’t a clown car. 5 kids before 30? Are you serious.

Well, considering they themselves come from a huge flock of siblings, it’s not really a surprise that they all are gravitating toward large families. Also I have noticed that here in the mid-west (i’m not a local) having more than a couple kids is pretty much the norm. So congratz to the whole family!

Why should people care? They are wealthy i am sure. It is not like those kids will be on welfare. Those kids will have education, principles and love. Leave them out of the bitterness.

wow these brothers love to keep having kids….are they the next duggars.

Is he Catholic? If not, what is he trying prove? That he is a straight man with big libido?

I like Hanson but that’s too many kids before 30. I feel sorry for his wife.

I am so happy for you Tay and Nat! You are a wonderful family, and its nice to see a marriage work with all the kids. It must be busy busy busy, but its a blessing to have kids, and if they want 10-so be it! As long as they are happy, and its obviously working. God Bless to all you Hanson’s, and btw-HANSON ROCKS!:)

The Hanson’s are Mormon…Mormon’s always have huge families. Look at the Osmonds…..

Congratulations to Taylor and Natalie.

Ummmm…are they the next Duggars.

The Hanson famiiy is entitled to have as many children as they want. As long as those children are loved and cared for I don’t see the problem. As far as over populating the earth, Perhaps it is those “parents” that cannot care for their children that should rethink having them. You people are absurd…Something exciting like expanding ones family becomes target practice for you. Jealousy breads hate.

To each it’s own. Stop being so critical. I hope they have more children. Those boys have turned out to be very good men. If their children turn out to be like them, the world will be a better place. Maybe if low class people stop having children that they can’t afford maybe my tax dollars wouldnt have to take care of them.

I always loved him and Hanson! Congrats to them! I’m sure it will be another beautiful baby! 🙂

Taylor, two words for you to consider: BIRTH CONTROL. There are already too many people using too many resources on this earth. Consider the many, many children w/ no parents and adopt if you still want a larger family.

I don’t think that he is trying to prove anything. If they have the money and they both want to have that many kids, who cares? Who are the rest of you? The population police? This isn’t China, we’re all free to have as many children as we want. Everybody is different on what they want out of life, I say, good for them!

You do realize that many countries are not producing children at a rate to replace the dying population which is causing problems with financing social security, medicare, and the like with the U.S. included in that list (our population is growing more through immigration of unskilled workers and even with that, has a slow growth rate – a shrinking population is a very big problem in countries like Japan and Germany, but it is still very difficult to argue that the U.S. is overpopulated). You are referring to countries like India, China and many other third world nations that face an over population problem. To attack a U.S. parent over this issue is frankly more than a bit misguided and a bit obnoxious even if you do end with wishes for a healthy baby.

Quit worrying about what other people do. Get off the internet, get a job & a life, then sterilize yourself if you’re so concerned with overpopulation.

You go “Positive”, I am with you! It’s NO ONE’S business how many kids they have, they will be well taken care of, and it’s their own decision. Wow, some people on here. LOL

The poor girl has done nothing but bear children for the last 10 years. A sad day for womankind.

@Jeames, no he’s not catholic he’s a devil worshipper and he and his wife are on a mission to create as many little devils as possible before they die and go to he.

the only person you should feel sorry for is yourself because your comment reflects your ignorance and you need some wisdom. spend some time in proverbs.

Wow, some of you…bored today, huh? So his wife is being forced to have children? Wow. What’s this man’s family to you? Some people want and CAN SUPPORT large families, five children isn’t ten or “Duggar Territory”. Even if it was, I really doubt Taylor Hanson’s large family will make or break the over-population problem. My goodness, some of you sound like real loons.

if they want more they should adopt children who already need homes – i’m sure they have the funds to do so. Just my opinion.

The world doesn’t care!

Congrats to them both another wonderful hanson! Those who are dissing them and there choices …the entire hanson family from day one many years ago have shown to be nothing but kind and i have alot of respect for them and Taylors choices , remember it takes 2 to have a baby !

Hanson comes from a big family themselves so it makes sense that they want to have their own big family. There is nothing wrong with wanting a big family. People who have nothing nice to say shouldn’t say anything at all.

I’m so happy for Taylor and Natalie! I wish them the best!

ok, ok’s not the 40’s anymore

Maya, I’m sure she had a say in how many children they should have, so why would you feel sorry for her?

Maya – A sad day for womankind?! Because she’s having children?! You are a sicko feminatzi. We’ve been given NO reason to believe she is anything but thrilled with her growing family, which tells me she desires a large family. Why should we be anything but happy for a woman to make her dream come true if that’s what she so desires? If you think women shouldn’t have babies, feel free to sterilize yourself. Get a life.

I know right? Some of these people on here making hideous comments are messed up. Obviously if they wanted to stop having kids they would get on birth control or get tubes tied. These are wealthy people who are smart and know what they’re doing. Fill the world with hansons in my opinion! It will make it a better place 🙂

They’re breeding? NOOOOOOOOOOO. The apocalypse is surely upon us. I don’t think the world can survive many more “MMMBop”s.

Chr1st on a tricycle, 5 kids and they’re not even 30? Compulsive breeding and overpopulating the planet is all it is, use a freakin condom FFS

5 children before 30? No thank you! Poor woman, I hope she has her mom and a nanny or 2 to help her, especially with him gone all the time 😦

Maya, If I could afford to and safely “do nothing but bear children”, I’d be on it.

I think she would stop if she didn’t enjoy motherhood, so that negates your “poor girl” comment.

Just because your maternal gene is absent and replaced with an overbearing feminist one, doesn’t mean every womans is.

They are not Mormon or Catholic, they are Evangelical if I remember correctly. The brothers came from a family of 7 kids themselves, not surprising they favor large families. Honestly, when you have your entire life’s career sorted out by the time you are 15, there is no reason not to start your own family at a young age. The rest of us have to wait until college is over and a career established.

In regard to the “a sad day for womankind” comment, I am sure their wives knew what they were getting into when they married. Believe it or not many women enjoy pregnancy and motherhood. The brothers operate their record company out of their hometown, and their families often join them on parts of their tour, so the kids still get to see plenty of their fathers.

As far as world overpopulation goes, sadly cutting birth rates in the U.S. is not going to solve that problem. We are barely at replacement level here (meaning we barely produce one child per one adult), and much of Europe and parts of Asia are at below replacement level. This leads to all sorts of problems as the country’s population gets older and there aren’t enough young people to provide for the elderly. The countries contributing to world population growth are largely 3rd world countries where women have little access to education or birth control, and families lack the resources to provide properly for their children. That is obviously not the case with Taylor Hanson, so no need to criticize him and his family.

Oh for Pete’s sake, Realistic. Get over it.

The Hanson family is not Mormon. They are not Catholic. BUT they come from a family where they had 7 kids in their generation. Tay and Nat started young she was 18, he was 19, so they will probably have a few more. But they are a well off family where they won’t be a drain on the welfare system, and they’re raising their kids to be charitable and generous. They’re activists for the children in Africa fighting Aids/HIV, hunger, and water shortages. They’re making a difference in the world, so if they want to raise a bunch of charitable kids who will do the same I say go for it! People need to stop judging!

I heard the rumors around February, and kinda hoped it was true, if that makes them happy. They will always be my favorite band.

@Jeames – wasn’t that Catholic comment a slam on a religion? Why is that OK for you to write?

I’m not going to comment on how many kids someone else should or should not have, but I will say that the fact that they have the money to take care of them is not the point the critics are making. Each American consumes more than his or her “fair share” of resources, emitting more than his or her “fair share” of pollutants into the world. Other countries may be more overpopulated as you say, but these people also tend to live in poverty with many people to a tiny house, rather than 4 people to a McMansion. They also don’t all have giant cars that they drive everywhere and eat pounds of meat that require a massive overuse of antibiotics and create tons of pollution. Etc., etc., etc. I think that’s the point being made.

Congratulations to them! I hope that it’s a girl so Penelope gets a little sister!

If they feel they can financially and emotionally take care of 5 kids, I don’t see why they shouldn’t be able to have as many kids as they want. It’s their lives, not ours. Personally, I hope to have four or five kids in the future. Anyways, congrats to them!

Calm down, people. The whole family goes on tour together pretty consistently – all of the band brings their wives and children on tour, so it isn’t like she’s sitting at home with 4, soon to be 5, children to deal with, and even if she was, it’s her right to make that decision. Women can CHOOSE to be doctors, lawyers, etc. or they can CHOOSE to be mothers and wives, which is just as much work as any career.

Let’s not blame them being from the mid-West on having so many kids – the kids aren’t out working the farm, are they? Their first baby would have come around the age of 20 or so, so it’s good to see that this couple has some staying power. But, to have kids just because the more the merrier, well more power to them. You have some rabid fans by the way, some are WAY too excited about this family and this baby, in particular.

@Maya….What disappoints me about womankind is how judgemental and catty they can be to their own gender. Ahem.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Sooooooo…the Hansons are trying to give the Duggars a run for their money =))). I don’t know how to feel about 5 kids at 20something…I would never want so many children. 2 is enough…maybe 3 (if the second try are twins or something)…and after 30. But to each their own.

OMG – all of 29 with 5 kids. Maybe he needs to do something better with his time…….just saying. Seems kind of crazy to me!

Wow, ladies! Don’t want kids? Don’t have them, please. There is nothing wrong with being childless, in fact in those circumstances it is admirable. But, my mother was 1 of 5, I am 1 of 5 and I have four children, including a set of twins. Children are a blessing to some of us. God bless them and their families.

those of you who are saying they feel sorry for his wife, really? because a woman cannot say no to more kids? she in all likelihood has accepted and wanted more children, i doubt she would continue to get pregnant otherwise. you guys are soo hung up on times when women didn’t have a choice and were more discriminated against than they are now. It takes two to get pregnant, it isn’t just taylor that makes the babies. Maybe you are the ones that need to open your minds to the world.

Kate C, you really need a life big-time! There are many women who can handle having a large family, and do very well, regardless of Dad’s job. When he’s home, I’d bet he is very hands on, and doesn’t expect to be waited on hand and foot every second. Women who CHOOSE larger families tend to be intelligent enough to recognize that it’s great to spend time with your children, turn off the TV and, have friends who also have larger families, so you can refresh yourself, and your children aren’t little robots who think the world revolves around their favorite TV shows. I had a large family, and it worked just great; I loved my kids, took them so many places, played games with them, did all sorts of outside activities with them, we went camping, and on vacation trips; had a blast. If my husband ( ahands on dad who could manage the crew himself, if needed) was traveling for work, or was out of town, we managed just fine! When you choose a large family, you are usually prepared to handle it.

As for those who are making cracks about the Duggars, you don’t know these people, but they are good parents who have managed to both work together to raise their children well, all of the kids are industrious, know how to actually function both in society and in a real life, and know how to give back to their community because it’s the right thing to do–not because it looks good on their resume. The Duggars were smart enough to invest in real estate early on, and make all the right decisions that enable them to be both be there for their children. Before you start in on “you don’t know them”, yes, I do. I didn’t have more children than I could handle, and neither did they.

My children are professionals, one owns their own business, one is an Exec. VP who makes the bucks, one is a teacher, and another makes barely enough to live on, one is still in school. Sounds like better stats than most, and all are capable and great parents. And if I hear that stupid “clown car” comment one more time!! So stupid, it gives me a headache to read it! Just because you can’t manage one child, doesn’t mean others can’t manage a dozen. I did, and one of mine was disabled ! Sheesh, some of you posters need to grow up and live your own lives.

@Maya A sad day for womankind? Really? The most beautiful & incredible thing a woman can do is bring another life into this world. The ultimate show of girl power. What an ignorant comment. Congrats to the Hanson clan! As I struggle to have a child of my own, my heart jumps with joy for them. I love Hanson!

The Duggars second coming.

Is it just me, or is Taylor’s head abnormally large in this picture? Not as cute as I remember him…

My only reaction to this was “Oh, geeze” along with an eye roll. Five kids before 30… It’s like we’ve traveled back to the 1800.

I’ll be 28 in July and my uterus hurts just thinking of what this poor woman has gone through — and I don’t have any kids and feel I’m too young!

Sorry to be Debbie Downer but even with money I wouldn’t have alot of children. I have 2 and that is enough. Congrats anyway before anyone starts bashing me, just my two cents.

You are right! Look at her. So miserable. The drudgery.

congrats to them on their big & exciting news! SO happy for them!

Maya, your comment is just as offensive to women. It’s about freedom of choice. I never cared much to have a career and am perfectly happy and fulfilled being a stay-at-home mom. I should also add that it is the hardest thing I’ve ever done and much more rewarding. I hope you open your mind to all possibilities and walks of life.

Congratulations to them both!

God bles you and may be continue to grow together and as a family. So nice to see young love flourish into family and continue to blossom.

Being a mother and having a big family may be a lot for you ball-busting career bitches, but maybe for her it’s wonderful. There is more to life than your career.

I wouldn’t worry about this couple having 5 kids, because the femnatzis on here won’t have any. So the numbers should even themselves out.

Hmm funny she doesn’t look, poor or sad to me, in fact she looks very happy. What do you think Taylor keeps her chained to the stove and impregnates her? Get over yourself. I think Natalie is doing exactly what she wants to be doing, being a mommy. I say more power to them. Congrats Taylor and Natalie!!

look, Taylor has stated that he and his family go to the Church of the Harvest, which is a non-denominational Christian church.

This couple has chosen to have children and that IS their choice. What on earth did my generation work for, if not to give women a choice, and one of those choices is to be a stay-at-home mom!! I have 2 daughters that each have children, but could NEVER have more than 2 and one wasn’t sure she would have any! Those choices were theirs to make. If they had chosen to have 10, that’s their choice, too, as long as they can afford it, can happily parent them, and and don’t ask me (or you) to support them financially or raise their kids. You can also choose none, one, or anything between. Got it? It’s called choice, and she’s made it, so stop with the stupid, insulting comments.

PEOPLE, SOMEONE DIDN’T RAISE YOU RIGHT, (or should have stopped having kids before you were born) if you think you get to insult the heck out of people you don’t even know, and call it “your opinion”!! Don’t some of you people who don’t want children, or hate them and the people who have them, have jobs you should be doing? Sheesh!

whay do people want to have that many children? I don’t get it! How can you even manage the needs of that many children at once?

So many ignorant and hateful comments on here! What business is it of yours whether they are Catholic or not? The number of children they have or don’t have is NONE of your business. Wish them well and keep your ignorant comments to yourselves. 5 kids is NOT that big of a deal. For those of you who don’t know this already, the Hansons travel with their families when absolutely possible. If his wife is NOT complaining, why are you?? God bless them and congratulations on the newest addition to your growing family!

I have 5 kids, 8 and under. I can’t believe the rude comments on here, most likely coming from people who aren’t parents yet or from people who don’t have a lot of kids (thank goodness). It’s really none of YOUR business, people, how many kids others CHOOSE to have. Some people want 2, others WANT more. All of mine were planned and wanted, WE knew exactly what we were doing, and I’m sure this couple is the same.

No one is trying to PROVE anything. People with big families want big families. It’s not “because they’re Catholic”. I get so sick of Duggar comments and Catholic comments….SO IGNORANT! My Dad used to say – “THE MASSES ARE ASSES”.

I agree with other posters who say it’s jealousy — women who can’t handle their 2 kids are jealous of the ones that can handle 5 or 6 better than they can handle 2.

I also agree with other posters who say….if you’re so worried about everyone’s overpopulation problem, and a child symbolizes overpopulation to you- then PLEASE don’t have any kids! Pretty sad…

Why all the hate? They’re young, healthy, have enough money to feed, shelter, and take care of their material needs themselves, so who cares? congrats to the happy family!

The Hansons are NOT evangelical, they are Eastern Orthodox Christians. Birth control is not something we practice, except for extreme cases of health issues. Do us all a favor and read a little bit about it. This family is rich in their beliefs and puts their trust in God. He will bless them with as many children as He sees fit and they will go on to have as many as they are blessed with. Congratulations!

I love how after someone has more than 3 children all the people who are worried about overpopulation come out of the woodwork. If they are SO worried about it, why aren’t they posting on every single birth announcement. It is ridiculous, people are allowed to have as many children as they choose….if you don’t like it, move to China.

I am sure that you “population control” people also favor a woman’s right to choose. She chose to get married and chose to have 5 babies. Just because it is not your choice doesn’t make her choice less valid. There are enough of you that don’t want to sacrifice anything especially to have children, so you all can tie your tubes and those who choose to, can have the babies, who, by the way, will take care of you childless geezers in your old age. Cancel out all of this “overpopulation” and who is going to wipe your @$$ and fund your retirement?

I can not believe the rude comments I’ve been reading. Get a life, people, and leave this cute couple alone. If you have the right to choose to have just one or two children, then they have the same right to have five. By the way, I have six siblings and fourteen nieces and nephews which I love dearly.

Realistic/Brutally Honest and quite a few others need to look in the mirror and say to themselves: what a miserable human being I am! Shame on each of you that tries to rain on this couple’s parade. Children are a blessing from the Lord… shame, shame.

Yeah. Uhm….I want Natalie to carry my kids.

She’d make a great surrogate. I ADORE this Lady. <33

Natalie, YOU GO, GIRL. (:

Wow. Breeders love to breed.

I am 28 and we have 4. I am DONE, haha! But guess what? We planned it that way! My husband and I both have our degrees so good luck with your “uneducated” remarks, and we are barely there Christians (we make it when we can) so good luck with you “mormon” remarks. We met in college, both knew we wanted to marry and have our family young so we could keep up with the amazing responsibility (and FUN) that comes along with having children.

AND guess what. By the time I am 48 years old, I will be traveling the world with my best friend while we are still young! That is how I wanted to live MY life, some of you want to live YOUR lives having a career first and then a family, some of you wanted to live YOUR lives by having no family life at all, and Taylor Hanson and his wife wanted to live HIS starting young and having a large family, the Duggars wanted the live THEIR lives deeply devoted to God and have an huge family!

Why is it SOOOOOOOOOO difficult for people to understand that everyone wants different things, and just because someone isn’t living THEIR life the way YOU would makes it grounds to lace into them. Seriously, and those are the ones who are saying how “ignorant” the rest of us are. Sounds to me like you are the ones who need to grow up and open your own eyes, which will be difficult for the majority of you because I am placing bets that you are ALWAYS right.

First and foremost, congratulations to the Hanson family. It is sad, that their happy announcement, has turned political. Last time I checked, this is America, and we can decide for ourselves how many children that we want.

With how many millions of children that are dying every single day from parents who abuse them,terrorism,AIDS and other diseases; and the millions who never got a chance to be born because their mothers are too selfish to put them up for adoption, I’d say the world can handle a family of five…or twenty if they feel so inclined. More people sick, dying or dead than are born.

If we all decide to stop having kids because we buy into the lie that the Earth is overpopulated, then the human race will die out. It is no ones business if they choose to have another baby. At least they recognize that human life is precious and babies are a blessing and not some kind of curse.

How does everyone know they can afford it? They had one hit in the late 90s! Also, the fact that they come from a large family doesn’t mean that they want a large family, it means that their parents didn’t teach them about birth control. They might want to jump on that train or the wife will be saddled with incontinence by the time she’s 35.

Gogo girl. I know people who have more than 5 kids, the wife stays at home, and they are a far cry from rich. They don’t receive any assistance either. It’s called living within your means, and it requires sacrifice. But it is absolutely possible, attainable, and admirable. I think you’re stretching here to assume that they CAN’T afford it when it is clearly obvious that they can.

This just made me feel really old.

Some people need to grow up and accept others choices. Whether you like it or not people have the right to choose. To the people who are saying adopt. Adoption is not for everybody but you would not know that. And to the idiot who made the remark about them having a nanny: Do you live with them? Did they call you and tell you they had a nanny? No so mind your own business.

Congrats Taylor and Natalie.

I’m sorry, why does it matter how many children they choose to have? If the kids are healthy and happy, and so are the parents, then that’s all that matters.

Congratulations to Taylor and Natalie, here is hoping for a healthy baby!

That’s awesome! I’ve been a fan for 15 years (ages 11 to 26) and this is great news! To everyone who is telling them to get BC: Why are you so obsessed with what they do behind closed doors? That’s just creepy. Who the hell are you to tell them how many kids they can have? I agree with a few others posters: Maybe if people would stop having kids that they can’t afford, the world would be a better place. All three Hansons are well-rounded, respectable men and they are one of the few bands out there who haven’t sold out. They are a band that I want my kids to look up to, because they actually have morals.

I love comments like gogogirls….comments from people who obviously haven’t taken any time to see what Hanson has actually done during the 15 years since mmmbop. If they dropped off the face of the planet, pretty sure this article wouldn’t be up here now would it. You have no idea they own their own company, anything about their tours, fan club, charity work. They have enough money to be comfortable and bring beautiful children into this world they can love and support. The rude comments on here were only posted to rile people up. The fact they posted under this article just to bash a happy couple expecting a new baby tells us a ton about their character already. Why don’t you guys go troll on another article. Congrats Taylor and Natalie…what a wonderful gift.

I think Penny would love a little sister. I can’t imagine being the only girl in a family of five. But either way, congratulations to Taylor and Natalie!! I would love to have a family like theirs one day. My friends say I’m crazy for that, though, but I love children 🙂


Why do people think it’s a problem that a happy family is having another child? If you are worried about over-population, you should be bashing the people who don’t have the resources to give the child a good life (and I’m not just saying money), not the ones who clearly have their lives in control.

Having 5 kids rivals the Duggars who have 19? Dramatic much people?

@BrutallyHonest, the world can’t be over poplutated, because people die everday as well as people are born everyday, so it kind of even out, I would think!

I am not surprised that they’re having a 5th child. He came from a big family himself. Bet all of their kids are cute, they’re a hot couple! Congratulations to the both of them!

He comes from a large family so having lots of kids obviously feels natural to him. Good on them! What a gorgeous family.

I’d rather see a couple like this one have a larger number of kids because at least they aren’t a drain on the already-overtaxed welfare system. If you’re going to cry about overpopulation, cry about it to the women who have a lot of kids and live off welfare.

To all of those people out there complaining about the over-population of the world…be quiet. So they are having a fifth child…big deal! Good for them and I hope they have a healthy baby later this year. I come from a big Polish family where there were five children. I loved it. There was always someone to play with and my parents could afford us. They have the money, leave them alone. I’ll bet you coming from a family that large that their children will grow up with a strong sense of family. Good for them!

Kids are great and everything, but 5?! Jeez, no wonder the earth is overpopulated. Somebody buy them some condoms.

Being from the Midwest does not mean that they are prone to large families… I am also from Oklahoma and we all have 1-3 children tops. They can afford 5 children so they should have five children. All the folks that are arguing about over population are certainly welcome to contribute to the solution by not having children themselves. Sheesh.

Congrats. I hope they give this baby a normal name. I think Lourdes Michelle is a pretty name for a little girl.for a little boy Jayden Dean.

Well, congrats to them. The people complaining about “over-population” need to get a grip. You say there’s too many poor and unfed children in the world. Are you doing anything about it? Have you looked into adoption? Are you donating to charities? When I first got married at 21, I wanted to be sure to have however many kids we were going to have by the time I turned 30. We had three, the last born a month before I turned 30. My parents had five kids by age 30. I don’t get the whining? How would you feel if someone had told YOUR parents they shouldn’t “over-populate” the earth before you were conceived? sheesh Unless you’re out there working to change the world, quit whining about people who are in a healthy relationship having children. Oh, and five does not equal 19, so the Duggar comparisons are just dumb.

I’m tired of hearing about them over-populating. Maybe the “starving children”‘s parents should stop having kids. If they can afford it, and aren’t using our tax money to pay for their children (hello welfare families!) why should we care about their amount of children? This is exactly like it is with the Duggars. They are self-sufficient and don’t need any money from us, so leave them alone. Let’s attack the parents of my high school children that don’t have a job, can’t afford their kids and yet still have 6 or 7 of them! Or my high school students that have 2 babies by the time they are 16 and only survive by having link cards, housing projects, and welfare. Leave the self-sufficient people alone.

So many negative comments on here. So what if they want to have 5 kids! That’s their business, not yours. To all of those who say, “oh, I feel sorry for his poor wife…she’s been pregnant for the past 10 years.” Did you ever think that many that WANTED to have a large family? You’re just jealous. Get over yourself!

I would like to add that I’m almost 29 and have 4 kids and I couldn’t be happier.

Natalie has found a way to get and keep her husband! She got pregnant so he’d marry her, & she keeps getting pregnant so he won’t leave her! SHE could use birth control. What the heck is she going to do with her life if they ever divorce? She has no college education, no work experience, no way to support herself and 5 kids! Oh nevermind, they are rich so she will just get alimony.

@Sammy- “they’re raising their kids to be charitable and generous.” How on earth do YOU know that? The whole Africa- AIDS thing could have just been a publicity thing to get them back in the spotlight… If they really wanted to help feed starving children & stop AIDS, there are plenty of people and charities in AMERICA that could use their help! Charity starts at home.

Congratulations to the lovely couple! May God preserve in love! As for the hilarious comments that are against having five children: Worry is with birth control among the lower classes, who can not even keep up, as in many Brazilian states for example. PS: When you emerge in paternity, idealistic, remember to come to Brazil to adopt children who really need a home and love!!

Wow!! I could not imagine having 5 children so young. I have 3 at 30 and it is trying. More power to them. They seem so happy.

Yikes, he looks like he’s 45.

Wow I am amazed how critical other humans can be. I am 31 and have 5 children. My oldest is 13 and my youngest is 3. My husband and I always wanted a large family. To US there is nothing better then a LARGE family. How can so many people HATE those who have large families? Overpopulate? please. Is this all other people can say. Personally I believe many others are jealous because we “breeders” can handle having large families. How sad is it to never have any children. We were put on this earth to be have children. I am a Catholic but being Catholic had nothing to do with having a large family. It had to do with my own personal choice. You all think we are so unhappy because you think our husbands get us pregnant and leave us to deal with it all on our own. “poor her” please. Good for you girl. If you can handle 2 more after your 5 so be it. None of you pay MY bills and neither does the government so I can do whatever I please when it comes to having children. Don’t hate because some of you cannot have any. You should be the ones adopting. I absolutely love my life and love having a large family. I also LOVE all the jaw dropping stares of nastyness I get from women who look at me like they want to throw daggers at me when I am out with all my kids. Keep them coming because in the end I am the lucky one to have such a wonderful large family. To all my large family peeps…GOOD FOR YOU.

Oh the negative comments make me laugh and shake my head. Since when is it a crime for a young couple to have a big family? It’s their choice and nobody else.

It is remarkable how catty women are to one another. What is wrong with a woman having children and taking care of them? Working women (I use that term broadly) look down on home-makers as lazy and uneducated. Being a mother is a full-time job and an important on at that. My dream is to one day be a wife and mother. I have university degree and on my way to professional school. So, Maya you might want to re-think your statement because you seem to believe child-bearing decreases a woman’s value.

As for over-population? That’s too funny. Do you realize that western countries are having issues because people refuse to kids. For example in Canada is in big trouble because my generation doesn’t have enough people to support the aging baby boomer population since people simply won’t have kids. I know people decided what’s best for them in terms of having kids but having five kids into not over populating.

It seems we can’t judge young single mothers but it’s okay to throw insults at a young married couple having kids.

They seem like really great parents and their kids seem to really like them so i would rather a couple of great parents like them have 20 kids then a bad parent to have one child that is being beaten.

Really?! You all think having 5 kids is going to be a Duggar situation? You need to realize that they are not even close, nor is that something they’d even want. Taylor comes from a family of 7. It is VERY normal in the midwest to have a lot of kids. That’s how people are there. I would know since I grew up there. A lot of people I knew grew up in families of 10+. And they can very easily support their kids, so stop it will the “overpopulation” comments. Just because someone has more than 2.5 kids doesn’t mean they are “overpopulating the world”. You really should do some research on these boys and see what they’ve done for charity work (especially for Toms Shoes).

Congrats to Taylor and Natalie!! I wish you, your family, and your new precious little one the best!

Natalie has found a way to get and keep her husband! She got pregnant so he’d marry her, & she keeps getting pregnant so he won’t leave her! SHE could use birth control. What the heck is she going to do with her life if they ever divorce? She has no college education, no work experience, no way to support herself and 5 kids! Oh nevermind, they are rich so she will just get alimony.

@Sammy- “they’re raising their kids to be charitable and generous.” How on earth do YOU know that? The whole Africa- AIDS thing could have just been a publicity thing to get them back in the spotlight… If they really wanted to help feed starving children & stop AIDS, there are plenty of people and charities in AMERICA that could use their help! Charity starts at home.

Brian, some celebrities do have morals and stay with their spouse because they truely do love them. Unfortunately the media usually only talks about the bad things that celebrities do, and people in general. And I am sure that Hanson donates locally too. They still live in Tulsa and try to maintain a somewhat normal lifestyle. They just happen to love music and were able to become successful enough at it to substain a decent living. And I don’t follow them much outside their music, however, I have paid attention to their charity work. They do not announce their charitable activities to get attention. They are barely in the media anymore. We only know about their charity work because a lot of us fans donate and walk with them while on tour. If the mainstream media happen to pick up on it, than more the better to help their charity work.

Again, overpopulation isn’t just about the ability to care for the children, it’s also about the overconsumption of resources. This is a particular problem in the US since Americans consume more than most due to our lifestyles. As for the argument that those of us who are concerned about this issue shouldn’t have kids, how is that fair? We should have none, so others can have many? Now there aren’t a ton of big families in the US so I’m not super concerned, but I still feel that the arguments made against overpopulation were ridiculous.

HOLY COW PEOPLE. Get off your high horses about over population and using birth control and what ever else you are complaining about. People have a right to decide FOR THEMSELVES how many children they want. Has nothing to do with the population of the world. May God help us if our nation ever imposes upon us a limit to how many children we can have as that would mean we are no longer citizens of a free country.

I knew they were expecting before released the statement. I don’t want to release anything I am not suppose too, but I know they wanted to have all their kids before they turn 30. I can’t wait to hear what they name this little one.

I wonder how many of the kids between the three Hanson siblings are male, maybe they have the makings of another boy band.

I have 5 as well, 14, 12, 9, 6 and 6. I say if the MMMBop guy, or the Duggars for that matter, want 100 kids, that’s their life, their family, and their business. You don’t want us telling you if abortion wrong; so quit telling us that HAVING THEM and raising them on our own without your money is wrong. I don’t want you to pay for my kids and I don’t want to pay for your birth control. Fair? I say it is. Stay out of my uterus, and Natalie’s, and Michelle’s! Congratulations, Hansons. I pray God blesses you with as many as you want!

And to all you haters, get over it.

Congrats! Maybe one of them will adopt a needy child at some point to add to the already huge brood? They do seem eco-conscious, what with their trips to Africa & supporting Toms shoes; maybe one of them will adopt someday, but who knows!

Congrats to the Hanson family. I’m sure this new baby will be very loved. And while I know a lot of people will disagree with me, here’s my two cents on the conversation going on:

I respect your right to have 2, 8, or 20 children. However, I don’t necessarily agree with you should you choose to have lots of kids. It all comes down to having social responsibility. Much like recycling, it helps if everyone does their part. We are leaving this earth for future generations. I believe that everyone should have the right to clean air, clean water, decent food, and room to move around.

A child in the U.S. has 7 times the carbon footprint than a child in China. Studies have shown that having one baby pretty much cancels out a person’s efforts to “go green”. Each child will produce about 1,640 lbs of waste, or garbage, each year. Not to mention, larger families need larger homes, which take up more energy, larger vehicles which use more gas, large loads of laundry and lots of baths/showers, which takes lots of water. The children will of course grow into adults who want houses, cars, and children of their own.

Overpopulation IS an issue in the U.S., whether you choose to believe in it or not. I understand that there is a biological need in us to procreate. It’s how we’re designed, so that our population goes on. However, I think that 2-3 children is enough. Should you have more “love to give” or the urge to hold a baby or the yearning for a large family, then I believe people should adopt. (My opinion, of course. I don’t hate anyone that has more than 3 biological children, I simply know that I personally wouldn’t because of the reasons I mentioned above.)

To the people saying that they are overpopulating the planet, dear lord you need to get a life. You’re just ignorant over opinionated people. I hate to break it to you, but you complaining about overpopulation isn’t going to change anyone’s mind about having a child! Having a child is one of the most beautiful things a woman can experience and to say “poor girl” because she’s choosing to have children is just wrong. It’s her choice to make, not yours or anyone else’s. You should really find something better to do with your time than insult people for bringing new life into this world. you never know, one of their children could grow up to be a doctor that creates a cure for cancer or something, would you be insulting and complaining then? I know i wouldn’t. You don’t stop to think about what these kids could contribute to society one day that may save your life or a loved ones life. Don’t be so quick to judge, it makes you look VERY uneducated.

Those of you freaking out over “overpopulation” and those of you attacking them all need to CALM THE F— DOWN.

And I am personally horrified by the thought of meeting the needs of 5 little ones. I have two little boys and keeping their mess somewhat under control, keeping them fed healthful foods, clean, doing their laundry, teaching them manners, cuddling them both enough, teaching them right from wrong, making sure they get enough physical exercise, teaching them letters, shapes, numbers, colors, etc. is enough to make my hair turn white (it really is). So adding 3 more to that number makes me want to sob and hide in a cupboard. I don’t think it’s possible to excel as a parent with that many children and so close in age.

omg everyone in this post needs some valium. jesus, for the people calling them mini duggars needs to shut up my god

Congrats to Taylor,Natalie and the kids. I wish you all the best. Don’t listen to all the negative comments. Just focus on your family and the precious child you’re having. God bless.


Since when is 5 kids excessive ? lol seriously guys!

Couldn’t think of any better news for this couple.. they have loads of love to give and these lucky little kiddies will be growing up with so much it 🙂

Go for it guys, have as many as you wish, every child is a true blessing. xoxox

5 kids. Really. Is that all those two can produce ?. l do not want to have his childsupport payments when it all goes down the drain. And eventually it will.

Congratulations to them. Those who hate are just jealous deep down. Five children is hardly a huge family. The Duggars are a different story.

Hanson are not mormon or catholic. 5 children is not a BAD idea as some imply.

Congrats to them! And I hope Penelope finally gets a sister! 🙂

Taylor and Natalie love children, they are fabulous parents, and any child they have is a very special and lucky kid. I wish all families were as great as that. But unfortunately, we see 16 and Pregnant every day on MTV, with unemployed moms and deadbeat dads crying and screaming. It’s nice to see a happy family instead.

FYI, Hanson are not Mormon or Baptist, they’re Greek Orthodox.

Beautiful! Wishing them a happy and healthy pregnancy!

They’re not Mormon they’re Greek Orthodox, by the way. And that has nothing to do with them having 5 kids and being so young. They just love kids, love each other, and that’s that. How many of you wish you had grown up in a family as happy and grounded as theirs?

Congratulations Taylor and Natalie.

Wow, The clueless and ignorant comments people are making about Taylor and his wife are ridiculous. And some have no idea what Hanson has been doing the past 20 years. They have been making music on their own label for years, touring almost non-stop, and they still have a fan base that loves their music.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else think about them having another child. They are allowed to have as many kids as they want just like anyone else does and it’s no one business if they do. It doesn’t matter what part of the country they live in or what religion they are. It’s their choice. They have always said they wanted to have children while they are young and five isn’t even many, just because some of you couldn’t handle it doesn’t mean they can’t. They have a close family, I’m sure they will do just fine with as many kids they end up having.

I was the youngest in a family of 6 kids and I have to say…it was nightmarish at times. I still don’t get how my parents did it with my mom staying home. Even with her home we were always a chaotic bunch. I am surprised she never turned to drinking with us screaming at her all the time!

I always said I would never want to put my kids into a whirlwind situation like that where the parents (at least mine seemed to be) were always torn in a bunch of directions by the kids and that is why I had my tubes tied after having my two girls. I was totally fine with that.

Everyone is different. I guess it’s kind of a personal issue and we can’t really judge people for wanting a certain number. Some people judge me for only having two and the WORST is when I have people asking me when I’ll be “trying for a boy” since I have two girls. UGH!! I want to slap those people.

Congrats to this family! I DO hope they spend time with their kids and have it all under control. Money isn’t everything. Time and individual attention to the kids is the most important thing.

Is it just me or does Taylor look like he has a ginormous, bobble head in this pic?

congrats tay & nat!

I don’t get it… Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have six kids and no one cares as much as some of you do. Sheesh people, live and let live. Isn’t it supposed to be ‘land of the free’ over in the US.

Congratulations for the new blessing in your family! That baby is lucky for having both of you as his/her stewards! wishing you all the greatness in life!

Well my mother also had 5 kids before she was 30…and the sixth at 32…and I’m not coming from a super wealthy family soo its doesn’t matter…some say that if you can handle 3 kids, you can have more its doesn’t matter 😛

Soo congrats too them, having a big family is soo much fun i can relate very well 🙂

I’m 28 and have 4 children and YES are planning on having one more in a few years. Is it hard and stressful at times…yes, is it fun and rewarding…yes. I came from a large family (8) where love, hugs, and kisses were abundant, as were arguments and bickering. My parents were involved in our activities (my dad knew NOTHING about soccer, but because I wanted to play and the team needed a coach HE LEARNED about soccer and became the coach, and my mom was my Girl Scout leader) I wouldn’t change it for the world!! My husband came from a small family (he is the only for his parents, but also has 2 step sisters) he grew up around drinking, anger, and felt like he was walking on eggshells all the time. Neither of them were ever there to watch his football games or wrestling matches. If you have enough love for 1, 2, 5, 8, 12, or 100 children then MORE POWER TO YA (even if you need a little help here or there).

Is this mostly due to their religion?

I LOVE all the comments on how if they want more children they should adopt and stop overpopulating the world, blah, blah, blah…I’m probaly 99.99% right that all of you saying that, haven’t adopted a child, or started the process to adopt. Why do you CARE how many children of their own they are having?? They seem like good people, who are taking care of the children they have, they are NOT welfare, food stamps, etc., so get over it!! There are alot of negative, bitter people in this world, that will never be happy for anyone…

enough with the kids. people should have 2-3 kids, this world is not getting any bigger

OMG are you people serious…who cares how many kids they have…really? they are a FAMILY…a tightknit one at that….if you ever followed their careers and life story you would know that the brothers are very close and they all help eachother out with raising the kids…HIs wife looks great having all of them children and every child is a blessing…

who cares if there under 30 whats does that matter? They make it work. they are adorable….

People truly need to get a life….People have this distorted view on what is considered the “normal” amount of kids to have….really?

Times have changed….where is the well wishers and the good luck Hanson family….instead we have people being so critical and judgemental…

God bless them all…

Let them have more kids, I don’t care… unless they’re Quiverfulls. That’s the evangelical sect that the Duggars belong to. I’ve heard that the Hansons are, in fact, part of that, but I’m not 100% sure.

Also, when you say “Hanson brothers,” I think “Slap Shot.”

Goodness. They wanted a lot of kids. As long as they can care for them and pay for them, let them be. Not about religion or over population. It’s their choice. And I have 2 sets of couple friends who have 4 kids and aren’t 30 yet, and one is pregnant. They met young, married young, and have been together for years. And I plan on having about 4 before i’m 30. I’m 22 and going on my second baby with my husband. Why judge them? You’re all ignorant, that’s the bottom line.

Congrats to them. 🙂

My mom is from a family of 12 siblings, it sounded like great fun growing up for them.

the Hansons are NOT Mormon, they are Eastern Orthodox Christian….

My daughter Brittany who passed away in Nov 0f 2008 was their biggest fan. She adored them from the time she was around 10. She would be so happy for them and so am I?

I dont get why so many closed minded people are bashing them for having so many children. Maybe jealousy that they can afford it. I have raise 4 of my own. There is nothing more beautiful or fulfilling then raising my children. I was a stay at home Mom until they all started school, then I went back to my career. We never went without anything took vacations 3 times a year and were the happiest family in the world until my daughter was killed in a car accident 4 years asgo. I think that people need to quit hating and be happy for them! I am. My daughter Brittany that died LOVED Hanson and would be so happy for them as well!

I dont get why so many closed minded people are bashing them for having so many children. Maybe jealousy that they can afford it. I have raise 4 of my own. There is nothing more beautiful or fulfilling then raising my children. I was a stay at home Mom until they all started school, then I went back to my career. We never went without anything took vacations 3 times a year and were the happiest family in the world until my daughter was killed in a car accident 3 years a go. I think that people need to quit hating and be happy for them! I am. My daughter Brittany that died LOVED Hanson and would be so happy for them as well!

Congrats. For all the people who say that America will become overcrowed if people have more than 3 kids. 1) China and India have the poplution problem, not America. 2.) It IS and SHOULD be a woman’s decision to have how many children they want. 3.) In America, We don’t have any laws that state how many kids we can have.

Lord! Make them stop. Can’t figure out why people think they need to have so many children.

Someone send these rabbits a memo on overpopulation – STAT!

Congrats! Taylors wife is beautiful!

I would have 20 kids with that man! 🙂

So people can’t have large families now? Are there some high level Baby Monitors roaming the earth that I’m not aware of? I personally think it’s weird to come on here and talk about Taylor Hanson overpopulating the world. You think that’s the worst of our problems? At least he’s cranking out kids that have shot of being decent humans. And based on the amount of money they have earned and how responsible they were with it … I’m pretty sure the kids won’t be lacking in the necessities either. There are people out there having kids who have no business have kids … EVER! Why don’t you worry about those types?

Back the excellent news. I have been a Hanson fan for 15 years and I’ve been waiting to hear this announcement … I’m so excited for them! I always wanted a very large family by an early age. Didn’t happen but I’m glad it’s happening for someone I think deserves the happiness children bring. Congrats Taylor and Natalie!

congrats, taylor & natalie! another wonderful addition to an awesome family! looking forward to more great music from the band, too 🙂

Congratulations Taylor & Natalie! Keep on popping those beautiful kids out for as long as your hearts desire I say!

Wow. They love each other and are married. Kids are a blessing. We’re being out-bred already. Be happy for them, I am! Congrats to the Hansons!

While I’m not going to take an OMFG POPULATION CONTROL. stance, I will say that I’d much rather see them in People for their music making, not their baby making. They are musicians after all.

As much as I love their music, do they not have any concept of the term ‘overpopulated’?

c’mon guys, you are seemingly very intelligent men, look around you, we do not need any more people on this planet.

On another note: great to see they are coming to Australia even after the rubbish treatment they had from the media (and non-fans) over their latest releases. Australia, please, it has been 15 years since ‘MMMBop’*, there is no need to play it over every single interview and video media of the group, it is ridiculous. The general populous is never going to give them another chance if they don’t get to hear their new stuff.

*I personally love MMMBop, but we know the reputation it now has

YAY! Congrats to Tay and Nat! I am so happy for them! Fingers crossed Penny gets a healthy baby sister [a healthy little brother would be just as awesome though.]!

Congrats to Taylor and Natalie. I am hoping for a girl to even out the fold and to give Penny and Junia another playmate.

I’ve scrolled through the comments, and have rolled my eyes quite a few times at the rubbish people are saying about population control and birth control. They are a happily married couple who started their family when Taylor was just 19. So it isn’t surprising that they have so many children. Also, should y’all forget that the guys have 4 other siblings, making a family of 7. Taylor and Natalie have both said that they WANTED to have a large family and be young parents.

As far as what happens when they go on tour, and Natalie supposedly being left at home to care for the children…9 time out of 10, all the children (Taylor’s, Zac’s and Isaac’s) and the wives go on tour with them. This last tour in 2011 was the first tour in about six or seven years when their families were NOT with them.

I say as long as they are good parents and raise well adjusted children, to hell about how many children they have. It isn’t my uterus, therefore none of my business.

I was a Hanson fan for a long time. I do not know them, do not claim to, nor do I agree with many of the decisions they make as a band and a business. I have, however, met them a number of times and can say that they are down to earth and humble guys. The fact that they didn’t go off the deep end when they became famous and end up hating each other is indicative of a certain level of maturity that many famous people their age did not have. They come from a family with 7 children and have always been family oriented. I can’t imagine having 5 children, much less before the age of 30, but you know what? They can. Congrats to them! 🙂

A very large congratulations to the whole family. The whole Hanson clan is very down to Earth. I have been a fan since ’97 and don’t plan on that changing. I’m sure that every child is a bigger blessing.

As for the negative people. All the negatism toward Hanson and anything they do (charity work, music, family-related) can be boiled down to one reason: the people that don’t/didn’t like them never really gave them a chance and are just upset that Hanson did not become the horrible, idiotic, gay, spoiled, wild child guys alot of people in the beginning labeled them as growing up to be. So many people were sure that after a couple years in the spotlight that the guys would crash and burn, break up, get into trouble, etc. And it hasn’t happened. Not even close. These guys are smart, and know what they are doing and people are just mad. Grow up. The guys certainly have, and your negativity towards them does not affect them. At all. as Isaac once said, “I don’t give a rip.”

And as for the “over-populating” bid? The people that think the world is being over-populated (especially enough to comment here- are they commenting on every celebrity baby announcement or just Hanson-related ones?) are the ones that should be standing first in line to be sterilized. Charity starts at home, people.

Natalie Hanson for the next Celebrity Blogger Please. = )

I love this family and congrats to them on yet another baby!!

BUT he looks REALLY old like 40ish and is it just me or does he have gray hair??

have they heard of birth control?? ignorant people

LOL…lili, you poor thing. Why is it when a family has more than 3 kids, people think thats crazy?? I would love to have a big family, we have two boys and hope to add a third child soon. My mom is from a family of 8 brothers and sisters and my dad is from a family of 5 sisters and brothers. It was awesome growing up with that many aunts and uncles and a ton of cousins to play with. Maybe you should grow up lili, you sound like a bitter old lady who doesnt have her own family.

it’s nice to see a large happy loving family who all really care about each other welcoming another child. At least it’s not a single mom having five kids by five different guys by the time she was 28 and expecting our tax dollars to give her a hand out every month. Now that would be just plain stupidity.

Realistic.. Your comments make me sad and sick. There are too many people out there who think like you do. Better the kids end up with two loving parents and home and being provided for then some teenager. Maybe you should go live in China and enjoy there “limited” breeding. Don’t judge others for their choice on how many kids to have…it’s their choice, and good for them for having the courage and love to want to have that many kids, I couldn’t do it. 3 is enough for me.

congrats to them…and those children are well taken care of as are the children on 19 kids and counting…their parents have jobs and work…they’re not popping out children that tax dollars and ultimately “we” have to pay for so yay! lol

Congratulations to this beautiful couple! Not only have they defied every teen marriage statistic, they’ve done it with happiness and grace. May this new little person bring even more joy to their adorable brood!

What is with some people? Congrats to this young couple. I had my twins at 26 which made a total of 5 for me. I also happen to be very proud of this fact. To those who are shooting off their mouths, mind your own business, you arent the ones that are raising these children. Again, congrats to you both and may you have a happy, healthy, baby. BTW, I also dont have different baby daddies either,nor are we rich.

It is not peoples job to tell others how many kids they can have or who they should have (adoption). Calling this couple selfish is not only rude, its pretty harsh. When you have a child, you’re giving up your life and that’s not being selfish at all. They’re not required to live up to YOUR standards.

Congrats to Taylor and Natalie. While personally I couldn’t imagine myself having more than one child, I’m happy for them. It’s their life and they can have as many babies as they want. At least they’re paying for their own kids and not living off welfare. What they do behind closed doors doesn’t concern me. So why does everyone else care so much? Are you paying child support for their kids or paying for their food or diapers? No? Then mind your own business.

Like 5 kids are going to make the world collapse haha woww I am so happy for their family I would love to have that many kids! Don’t you think if Natalie didn’t want to have more kids she wouldn’t allow him to help her make more? LOL. Stupid people! She is lucky because she has a great husband (not to meantion extremely handsomee) and 4 (one more coming!) adorable kids. Sooo cute 🙂

I emailed Church of the Harvest about whether Taylor and his family go there. This is a church in Oklahoma City, not Tulsa. I went to the Youth America Leadership Conference to find out the truth and a person at that conference said that that was something Taylor just said, not that he actually went there. The most interesting part about this conference is that an Isaac Hanson doppelgänger showed up which made me think that it was Isaac’s twin brother that got separated at birth or a cousin that strongly resembled him. I hope to God that a picture of this dude was taken and sent off to Clarke Walker and Diana Hanson.

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