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Is OPI Nail Polish the Best?

Is OPI Nail Polish the Best?

The demand for beauty products grows larger and larger as everyone seeks to stand out, which has in turn led to new brands and companies popping up everyday. However, not all the brands available in the market are of good quality or live up to the customer’s expectations. For this reason, it is important you know what you are getting yourself into before settling for a specific brand. The nail polish scene has seen one of the largest brand competitions with OPI nail polish being a favorite of most. OPI Products Company was founded in 1981 as a family franchise and has grown tremendously throughout the years. Ironically, before the company ventured in nail polish manufacture, it was manufacturing artificial dental appliances. The dentures were also used in making fake nails, thus the founder had a light bulb moment and shifted from dental care to nail care.

Factors making OPI nail polish popular

People are very picky when choosing beauty products, making the survival of under-performing brands minimal. However, the OPI brand has withstood the test of time and is one of the most popular brands worldwide. The reason its popularity varies with some basing it on the marketing strategy while others claiming it is the quality on the product. Opinions vary, but facts will remain facts. The main things making the brand a popular choice by many can be summarized into four.

It is non-toxic

If there is an area that is always bound to raise concern both among users and activists, it is the issue of toxins in nail polishes. Different regions and countries differ on how to classify toxins in beauty products, creating confusion on what to look out for when purchasing. Nonetheless, there are three main toxicants popularly known as the toxic trio found in various nail polishes. These are formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate. OPI products are tested and proved to be free from these three chemicals thus create confidence among the customers. The toxins have been linked to health complications such as asthma, cancer and birth defects. If users suspect any traces of prohibited toxins in their nail polish, it will definitely lead to a brands downfall and destroy its reputation.

Originally posted by cosebellemag

On the other hand it is crucial that you check if the nail polish has other ingredients you might be allergic to. Although the three chemicals are the most campaigned against, there are other harmful ingredients found in nail polish. Women going through pregnancy are normally advised to avoid nail polishes that have strong chemicals and scent or just go natural. Even though the OPI brand may lack harmful chemicals and strong scent, safety should be observed when applying the polish such as ensuring you do it in a properly ventilated room.

Comes in various colors and themes

It is a proven fact that humans are generally choosy. The desire to choose between various themes makes the OPI products more popular since they come in various types. Apart from different colors, the brand also has polishes of different textures and themes. This allows you to break the monotony of conventional feels and seek a more liberal design that blends with different occasions. Different brands also have a wide selection of colors but most of them fail in creating a theme that fits different moods and occasions. OPI brand has nail polish products that are well named after the impression they are designed to create just like your gel nails or acrylic nails.

Originally posted by Lisa Vecchio

They are relatively easy to get

The advantage of being in business for quite some time is that you get to establish your brand and stay ahead of competition. OPI nail polish brands are one of the easiest nail polish brands to get since they are retailed in most mainstream stores. Because of its brand reputation, most of the beauty shops and salons too stock the products. The fact that you may see it almost everywhere makes it tempting to try thus growing its customers. Online retailers have also boosted its sales since you can conveniently purchase their products even if they are not available in your region or country.

The brand is endorsed by celebrities

Getting celebrities or well known stores to endorse a brand is one of the best ways to market any beauty product. For most buyers nowadays sometimes it’s not really about what is in the bottle that matters but actually whose face they saw on the cover. In 2003, OPI products started being featured in films hence boosting their popularity. The creative and catchy names given to each of their products makes it stand out from the rest allowing customers to create an identity with the nail polish. Celebrities that teamed up with the OPI brand of nail polish have a collection of their own whose name resembles their personality or some of their famous work. Some of the celebrities who have their own collections include Justin Beiber, Katy Perry Mariah Carey, Selena Gomez and also Selena Williams. The collections come in various shades each with a unique name.

Is the OPI brand nail polish really the best?

It is a normal human tendency to always go for the safe bet and this makes the brand gain more and more customers worldwide. The fact that the product has been in circulation for a number of decades and also has endorsement of some big names, make it a safe bet when settling for a nail polish. Its long journey through the industry has enabled it to create a reputation which is a very critical property in the beauty industry.

At the end of the day when you’re done researching on the best nail products available, the choice will lie with you and which product brings out your personality. Although the nail polish brands popularity has grown extremely throughout the years, some argue that its price has been stretching too. This has caused an emergence of cheaper OPI nail polish lookalikes that capitalize on their pocket friendly prices to swindle unsuspecting customers. Even though expensive is not always quality, cheap counterfeits will always disappoint in the long run.

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15 Best OPI Nail Polish Shades And Swatches For Women Of 2017

15 Best OPI Nail Polish Shades And Swatches

Bored of the same old shades on your nails?

It’s no surprise that OPI is the leading brand when it comes to nail polish. Regarding quality and range of shades available, they have been one of the best in the market for a while now. OPI’s specialty is that they keep releasing new colors on a regular basis. I understand it must be difficult to pick and choose which ones to get, so I’ve made your life easier by giving you a list of must-haves in your collection!

Let’s get into it!

Best OPI Nail Polish Shades

Here are 15 Best OPI Nail Polish Shades That You Must Own.

1. You’re Such a BudaPest

This is a lovely periwinkle shade from the infinite shine range. The perfect blend of blue and purple with the extra shine makes this shade absolutely gorgeous.

Suitable For

This shade is a perfect option for the spring and summer. It reminds me of all the beautiful periwinkle colored flowers!

2. “Liv” In The Gray

This is a beautiful slate gray color. If you love monochrome but are apprehensive about stepping out of your comfort zone, gray is a great alternative shade to try out.

Suitable For

This shade is actually quite versatile. I, a lover of everything dark, absolutely love this shade. It’s a dark shade that’s suitable even for the workplace.

3. Extravagance

Extravagance is such a suitable name for this shade because it is, in fact, extravagant. This beautiful magenta color signifies harmony and a positive outlook on life.

Suitable For

This is a fun color which is perfect all year round, but it would look ideal for an Indian wedding. With all the colors in play, this would go beautifully!

4. Stay Off The Lawn

Stay Off The Lawn is a perfect name for this shade from OPI’s collection. As a beautiful pine green, it exudes positivity and growth. It reminds me of the wild outdoors!

Suitable For

As a lovely pine green shade, it would be perfect for the Christmas time. Mix it up with a maroon shade and some gold, and it would be a perfect combination for a party in the holiday season.

5. Alpine Snow

As the name suggests, this nail polish from OPI is as white as snow. It’s as though you’ve been traveling to the peak of the Alps and collected some of the snow and deposited into this bottle!

Suitable For

This one is perfect for all year round! It looks gorgeous in the winters, complementing the stark white nature of the snow. It’s also a fantastic summer color as it’s quite bright.

6. My Private Jet

This one is from OPI’s infinite shine range, and it lives true to its name because shine it does! My Private Jet is such a suitable name for this rich brown shade with gray undertones and shimmer. If I had a private jet, and it came in this color, I wouldn’t exactly be complaining!

Suitable For

Another versatile shade, it goes with every look. If you have to keep it low-key at the workplace but still want to add some color to your nails, then this is the color you should be looking at. All in all, it makes a very sophisticated shade, suitable for any occasion.

7. Substantially Tan

‘Substantially Tan’! How accurate! It is true that when in doubt, go for a neutral shade like tan. This color will make your hands look sophisticated, and the color itself can make you feel calm.

Suitable For

I love going for colors like this whenever I head into the salon. It looks absolutely stunning on both long and short nails, so this is a complete winner for me. This is also a safe option if you want to add some color on your nails but don’t want them to stand out too much.

8. We The Female

Wowza! What a fitting name! A badass color for a badass woman. Red defines power and powerful you shall be with or without this nail polish, but it doesn’t hurt to look like a queen when you’re out to slay the world.

Suitable For

This deep red shade is perfect for a wedding. Or even in day to day life, a sure shot way to amp up your look is by opting for this shade and taking over the world!

9. La Pazitively Hot

La Pazitively Hot is a bright pink color with cool blue undertones. This adds a pop of color to your fingers and creates an everlasting impression due to its shine. Another pleasant shade from the Infinite Shine collection.

Suitable For

As soon as I see this color, it screamed spring and summer vacation to me! I picture a getaway to a tropical island while you lie on the beach and sip on your cocktails.

10. Lucky Lucky Lavender

A beautiful lavender shade, which is perfect for the spring. This lavender is the perfect combination of pink and purple, is neutral and represents hope and compassion.

Suitable For

Bring out that cute summer dress this spring and style it with this adorable shade of lavender. It’s a lovely shade and will make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

11. Dulce De Leche

Holy mother of everything that’s good! I’ll tell you what’s good, Dulce De Leche ice cream by Haagen Daaz. If you haven’t already tried it, you must! It’s subtle and sweet and just plain alluring. And that is exactly what this nail polish shade is as well!

Suitable For

This is a lovely beige shade which is suitable for all occasions. Whether it’s for an elegant wedding or a day at work, this shade will suit all.

I may be biased about this one. One look and I knew it was made of pure magic! Doesn’t it remind you of the night’s sky from atop the astronomy tower at Hogwarts? Or if you’re an avid art enthusiast, the Starry Night by Vincent Van Gough perhaps?

Suitable For

This is a fun color which is perfect for a night out with your friends. Pair this with a little black dress, some Mary Jane pumps and you’re ready to go!

13. Lincoln Park After Dark

First of all, can we take some time and appreciate the creativity behind this name? It’s genius! The color is a stunning deep purple. The name is accurate, since the night seems like it’s black but it has hints of purple here and there.

Suitable For

If you love dark colors, you’re sure to get a hit with this one! It’s perfect for the fall and winter! Well, if you’re someone like me, you’d probably think that dark colors are universal, so I’ll be wearing this all year round!

14. This Cost Me A Mint

Doesn’t this remind you of mint ice-cream? I’m honestly sold for anything pastel, and this alluring pastel mint is a must-have in your nail polish collection if you love pastel shades like me.

Suitable For

This beautiful mint shade is appropriatefor use any time of the year, but you can achieve some pretty cool spring and summer nail art with this and other pastel shades.

15. Suzi The First Lady of Nails

Suzi The First Lady of Nails is the perfect khaki green shade. The name is perfect for this shade, considering the fact that it’s a part of their Washington DC collection.

Suitable For

This color is a good option for someone who likes subtle colors but wants an edgy touch to it. It’s also perfect for a getaway to a forest or the vast expanse of the Masai Mara in Kenya, where you get to witness the wildlife.

There you have it! The best OPI nail colors to have in your collection. This list contains almost everything you need—from professional to party; I’ve them all covered! Giving yourself a manicure can be stress relieving. So, if you’ve been having a bad day, pick up one of these gorgeous shades and pamper yourself. Happy nail painting!

Spotting a fake OPI is getting really hard ~ More Nail Polish

Spotting a fake OPI is getting really hard


Wow, I didn't even know people bothered to make fake nail polish. I guess people will do anything these days. =/

In places like Australia where OPI retails for $20, you can resell cheap fakes and make a very good profit!

In Romania a Genuine OPI is 10-12$ and you can buy fake OPI with 2$

Andreea M do you have a link that i can order a Genuine OPI is 10-12$. thank you :)

In Sweden OPI costs more Than 20 US$ :( i order from eBay, and i compared one which i bought in a trusty store with one from eBay and the bottle from the store looks like the fake nailpolish in your pictures. The one from eBay looks exactly like the genuine pictures :o

And I gripe about $7.50 a bottle.

o_O Wow, I would never nave noticed the fake. Now I'm wondering if some of the ones I have might be fake too! Hm.

Oh now but I guess if the smell ok and you are happy with the colour and formula, then they are probably ok.

I have a fake OPI that was bought online and I was not aware that it was a fake until I compared it with all those helpful swatches posted online. I also noticed that the inscriptions outside the fake bottle is not as pronounced as the original. The glass bottle bottle felt smooth in comparison to the original.

Thanks for the tips on other things to look for.

Yes you are exactly right, as this is the only difference I found on my 2 fakes. The colours inside were also totally wrong.

I live in Qld and last October I was walking past a Terry White when I noticed a stand of OPI, it wasn't a real stand they were just on boxes and every bottle was full of dust, I gathered that these had just arrived and they were unpacking them, they were $10 each, I think I looked at every bottle on display, some had labels on the bottom that looked genuine but others only had a black font and not as much writing as OPI labels have. I didn't buy any. Next time I went to the store, they were on a proper stand and all those on the highest shelves had white and green labels, all those on the bottom rows had black and white labels.

Now OPI is popping up everywhere, Cosmetics Plus is selling them 2 for $20, Chemist Warehouse had a small selection, I think theirs were $11. Our market here seems to be flooded with these cheap OPI's and thank you very much for this post, and yes, I am more confused than ever. I usually buy my OPI's from a US ebay seller and the bottles look the same as one I purchased in person in the US, but damn, how would I know if that one was even genuine.

I've noticed them popping up in more and more stores too. I think we will need to carry a real OPI bottle in our bags to compare the polishes to and spot a fake.

I just moved to QLD myself :)

Years too late with this reply, but they sound like black label OPI (manufactured before 2006) from before they went 3free.

Some of those are worth quite a bit of money now.

It sure was easier in the old days, now copys of most things is hard to tell apart from the original with out bringing it to the store (do is still hard to tell a lot of then apart. ) :/

yep - it was easier in the old days, and like you said, you need to compare them these days and even then its really difficult to tell.

This is crazy, now I'm getting paranoid. My No room for the blues has four symbols and I'm pretty sure it's genuine, I was thinking, could it be that the once with the four symbols are newer versions and the once with three are older??

Hmm, if your No room for the blues has four symbols, then its looking good for you, and bad for me! Although I actually do like my fake and use it quite a lot.

Do you have any more side by sides of front bottle shot comparisons, of the fakes vs genuine? In the first picture the front labels look pretty different, the fake looks like the mLs don't curve with the bottom and the whole label itself looks shifted up, if that makes sense

I'll take some more font bottle shots, and shots of the bottoms and will add them to the end of this post.

Wow! Thanks for this comparison! i Love OPI but sometimes don't like the price so I'm always looking online for deals but now I am slightly more apprehensive to purchase online; definitely not sure if I will be getting a real or fake!

I'm very apprehensive bout buy them online, but I now have a few suppliers that I know I can buy from with confidence!

Fantastic comparison Cathy! If only they got better at duping the actual polish, then it wouldn't be such a problem for us. just the company! :P

Haha, I love the way you think!

The ridges on the bottom of my fake opis that i got from the same store are vastly different to the real ones :/ But it sucks they're still selling them and they just shrug if you tell them grrrr.

I've gotta check the bottoms of the bottles a bit more now!

I bought a fake OPI last year, Fly, actually. I got my money back for it, and got to keep it too - I bought it on eBay.

I wrote about it in this blogpost:

Funny that one of my fakes is Fly too. Great you got your money back. The store here wasn't at all interested in hearing our comments about them being fake!

Thanks for this helpful post! I bet that producers of fake polish actually started out as polish lovers, and know to search the blogs to see what "we" have found out about how to spot fake bottles. So they adapt their production and the difference gets harder to spot. :(

Absolutely!, the more we expose them the better they get at making the fakes.

I wasn't really aware of fakes before reading this but I had walked past a display of OPI's recently when I did a double take because I knew it wasn't an official retailer and the price was $10. Now I know. Thanks.

It's amazing how many shops are selling cheap OPI now days!

I've been duped in buying - funnily enough - a fake OPI goldeneye too! Bought it from a dodgy ebay seller. There's a store in Sydney that sells OPI for $14 and I've bought a couple of (seemingly genuine) OPIs.. the second one's top of the lid is really smooth in texture though so now I'm wondering if it's a fake? Last time I was in there they had new stock in and the labels on the bottom of the polishes didn't look like the real OPI labels at all. Bigger font, greener, missing barcodes. I guess scammers are realising there is lots of money to be made here as none of us want to pay $20-$22 per bottle of polish. They can sell us knock offs for $5 less, we'll be thrilled to pay less but run the risk of fake products.

Why do we pay so much for nail polish and make up in general here? Is it government taxes? If it is, it's backfiring! Fakes are being imported illegally and sold fraudulently, we're turning to overseas sellers to get a proper deal…. they really need to sort the ridiculous price of beauty in this country out! ;)

Totally agree with you about the price we pay for beauty products here. With your bottles, if they seem genuine enough then they probably are, and you will only ever really know if you have an exact shade to compare to.

Note also the upper edge of the bottle. There is a sharper ridge to the fakes, and a shorter distance from the lid to this edge. These bottles are made in China.

Yes, absolutely, and it's quite noticeable when you compare them side by side. Maybe I need to always carry and OPI bottle in my handbag just some I have a real bottle to compare to.

I am confused now! I took a look at my bottles of OPI and noticed a variance in textures of the brush handles, some are smoother some are more rough. Other than that, the polishes don't appear to be fakes, what do you think"?

Does the smoother texture of the handle automatically make it a fake?

I wouldn't think that just because it has a smoother texture it would be a fake, it's just something that I noticed in common with mine. I'd also compare the bottle shapes and the font sizes, as that is the other main differences.

Wow. Thanks for the information! I moved to Oz at the start of this year and just bought my first OPI today. Fortunately it was from Myer, was the full price (gawd, paying $20 instead of $8 is rough), and appears to be the real thing. But wow. Faking nail polish--and that well, at least on the outside. Now I've seen it all. Sorry you ended up with fakes, though. The real Goldeneye is SO lovely.

Hello, have you considered that the "fake" ones are simply new features that OPI has added to their bottles? Companies change fonts, etc, all the time. I'm sorry but I don't see how those are fake.

Just as Katherine says below, Goldeneye is an obvious fake, because the actual polish is nothing like to real one, which is far superior in finish and formula. Like I said, the cremes are hard to tell, but it's unlikely the bricks and mortar store I bought these from would have a mix of fake and real polishes, they would have got them all from the same place!

The Goldeneye that she purchased cheap is obviously a fake, you can tell from the brush and the swatch shots how different it looks. Cremes are airways harder to tell but if one is fake, why wouldn't the others from the same seller be too?

100% agreed - and a big thank you for your reply to the above comment!

Omg . I love OPI but i cant spend any more money if Im not sure is the original . Im checking all my bottles . Thats why i dont buy any nail polish on ebay

Great post. By the way, your link to Nailedblog is broken. You have an extra www in the url. ;)

Thanks Michelle - I've fixed up my link!

I can't believe how alike these are - I didn't even know people faked polish so this is a fantastic comparison! Its so bad but I can hardly tell the difference in the fake and to me it looks like a pretty decent polish anyway!

Oh wow! It makes me wonder if any of mine are fakes, but even the ones I've suspected to be fakes have genuine peel off stickers and are of a good quality! Infact, two of the most fake looking in my collection are from the official OPI UK stockist (opiuk.com!). Also, it's worth noting that in the past couple of years, OPI have added the book/finger sticker and it's still not standardised across all polishes, depending on batches etc!

Wow this is so weird. I actually get my nailpolish straight from the OPI factory in North Hollywood, but most of them don't have a serial number on the bottom side.

Had to come back to this post! I just bought four "OPI"s from one of those little kiosk-shops in the shopping centres. 2 for $15, so naturally I was suspicious. I bought four pretties and immediately came here to compare them with your post. One of them does appear to be fake, while three of them seem genuine. I'm scrutinizing them and comparing to swatches online. Fortunately the fake is a creme and seems to be well-done enough--smells and looks normal. I noticed that the cap has the smoothness and sharper edges you and others mentioned, and it also feels different when you're unscrewing it. Lind of squeaky and not-smooth--cheap, in a word. The embossing on the inside of the brush shaft is present but the font looks ever-so-slightly different and it isn't raised up as much as the real thing. I still like it, but I feel kind of dirty. lol.

I also bought 5 from one of those kiosks today for the same price. I actually found Black Spotted, Fiercly Fiona and the original duochrome version of Not Like The Movies. They all seem legit. I've checked over the bottles and they have all the same barcodes and engraved numbers as my other OPIs. There were definitely some fakes there though, the bottle was more elongated. They're not all fakes but if you didn't know it'd be hard to spot.

Maybe they put fake opi polish in the bottle instead of the whole thing itself being fake?

Did you dob them in? I certainly would have, and I know OPI would want to know about it. At least you can genuine OPI where you live. I have only one place in Hobart that I can buy it, and they don't have an OPI consultant, and certainly have nowhere near the full collection - I'd say about a quarter of it. So, guess you shops online! But now I'm going to have to be very wary. If I find any fake ones I'll definitely be dobbing them in to OPI and/or the authorities. Thanks for sharing this information. It was very helpful.

I've been really unhappy with the formula of the last several bottles of OPI I bought, it never occurred to me that they could be fake, but now I'm wondering! I got them from Sally Beauty Supply, which I thought was reputable, but maybe I need to find a different seller. Thank you, this was very helpful!

I would or maybe their older too. OPI hasn't changed except many of their mini bottle colors are hard to paint on. I haven't figured that out and why. I ordered the Alice Through the Looking glass kit off HSN. The big bottle was perfect OPI..smooth, easy on, pigmented and lasted the mini bottles thick and clumpy with streaks . Wasn't just me a lot of other reviews said the exact same thing.

hey i am a whole seller of good quality nail polish

i supply to store owners and private individuals

text or call. 4092034713

Damn I had just learned the authentic OPI and that took forever now these fakes are so freaking authentic looking! It pisses me off! I do my own nails and nothing goes on or last like O.P.I. also I have battled cancer for years and when on treatment I was not allowed in a nail salon..we don't know what this fake shit has for ingredients I am sure it is cheap dangerous chemicals!

I live in England and accidentally bought 2 bottles of fake OPI from a Chinese seller on Ebay. They were rather clever and somehow bypassed the filters I set, and even gave themselves an English sounding seller name. The colours inside were completely wrong, which was the obvious clue. Otherwise I did all the advised comparison checks with my many genuine OPI polishes. The bottles, brush, paper labels and everything else were unbelievably correct. The ONLY thing I spotted, was that the genuine OPI bottles all have pronounced raised textured lettering on the glass. The fakes have lettering that is completely smooth to the touch. This has only just happened, so I have not yet tried the polish quality. I will at least get refunded via Ebay. This is the very genuine looking seller advert in question. I have reported them obviously. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282271094941?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&var=581324430171&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

The best way I've found is to check out the 'shoulders' - the OPI's are much rounder than the fakes, in *every* fake I've unfortunately been duped with. check out the difference in your photos!

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