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When it comes to wagering online, there is no denying how many punters enjoy rugby betting.

Thanks to the fact that there is not only rugby union betting, but rugby league betting and other types available online as well, punters have a great array of not just bet types, but bookmakers, odds, and markets, and Fair Bet Query is here to help you navigate these.

Rugby betting is one of those things that, much like the game itself, has the n ability to bring very diverse groups of people together, as they are united in supporting the teams they love.

This wonderful aspect, along with the fact that all kinds of rugby betting is so much easier these days thanks to the ready access online bookmakers offer, is what keeps this sport at the top of most people’s lists, as it delivers the excitement that all spectators and bettors are always looking for.

Whether you are looking to compare the pros and cons of various bookmakers that offer rugby union betting and rugby league betting, or wish to find additional markets for your general rugby betting activities, Fair Bet Query has the betting insights and info you need, and we aim to please!

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Find rugby betting odds that suit your needs rugby betting

Online Rugby Betting In New Zealand

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in New Zealand when it comes to betting. With the introduction of online sports betting, more and more fans are realising how simple and rewarding rugby betting can be.

On top of around the clock rugby betting action, you can also find great bonus offers for new members, international sports news and information and a variety of methods to make real money deposits and withdrawals.

Simple And Quick Sign Up

To join online sports betting site cannot be simpler. You need a legal active bank account and you can sign up at the site of your choice by completing a registration form.

It should be noted that no two sports betting sites are the same.

If you do some research on the available sites you will see that some sites feature better odds or bettor promotions.

It is up to you to decide what your needs are and what your expectations are.

International And Local Betting

New Zealand already has a fantastic rugby union that features some of the finest athletes in the sport. These local events and tournaments are available for rugby betting in real NZ dollars, but you also have the option to bet on international rugby.

These can span from the Rugby World Cup to regional events or sevens tournaments. There aren’t many limits to the rugby betting you can take part in.

Just like with regards to the promotions and odds on offer, when it comes to what sports and events are available to bet it, there can also be many differences between what sites provide.

Find The Best Odds For You

Each rugby betting site will create and adjust their own odds they offer. These odds are determined by internal teams who make use of match statistics to generate their fixtures.

Before you sign up for a new sports betting account, check and compare the odds they offer and see which site is the most competitive.

Of course great odds should never be your only consideration. Around the clock customer service, helpful advice and a user friendly interface are all things that can greatly improve your overall experience.

Online rugby betting is not limiting when it comes to betting options. An online bookmaker has total control over the wagers they offer. You will see a lot of proposition betting in the online format where you get interesting offers.

Your betting types range from standard match and handicap bets to moiré detailed over under bets or in-Play betting. In play betting is made even more exciting since many site offer free software to download so you can make wagers on your Smartphone.

This means you can get the most from your In-Play betting since you can instantly alter and adjust your real money wagers.

Fans of rugby betting have no reason not to try out online sports betting as you can find so much additional value to your play.

That is not even taking into account the bonus offers you can receive when you first become a member of a reliable betting site.

Try your luck in rugby betting at India’s top online bookmakers!

Online Rugby Betting in India

Rugby is a surprisingly popular game in India with spectators avidly watching local and international matches on a regular basis. At the top online bookmakers in India, rugby betting opportunities are plentiful and if you enjoy the fast pace and incredible entertainment that this game has to offer, you can wager to win at our recommended sites.

Different Types of Rugby

Within the sport there are two main forms of rugby and Indians can bet on them both. Both forms are played professionally and attract a huge amount of attention worldwide. The first form is Rugby Union, and is the game we all know best as simply as rugby. Although common belief is that it originated in Britain in the early 19 th Century, the Manipuri’s in India have also laid claim to the game, saying that they developed it and were never credited for it. Union Rugby is a slightly slower game than its counterpart and the matches have possession contests that result in around only 35 minutes being actual playing time.

The second form of Rugby is Rugby League and these games are far faster, with game play accounting for 50 minutes of a total 80. The League is governed by separate regulatory bodies and over 100 years has evolved to be completely independent of Rugby Union matches and features completely different rules.

Indian rugby betting enthusiasts can place wagers on both forms of the game and each offers equally rewarding payout opportunities.

Rugby Betting Options

Rugby betting options for League and Union matches are plentiful and range from the simple and straightforward Win bets to the exotic. Betting options can also differ depending on the time of year and whether an international tournament is taking place. When it comes to Rugby Union betting there are 3 main focuses, with test tournaments being the most popular as they bring together the best rugby nations national teams. These international series draw in huge crowds and offer an enormous number of chances to place wagers on games and players.

Betting options for tournaments are particular attractive to Indian punters as they can cover single match wins with our without point spreads or handicaps, winners of the tournament, player of the match or player of the season and a number of other rewarding wagers.

Sevens and Club Rugby also pulls in the punters and local games in India attract a number of enthusiastic bettors who like to wager on home based sporting events. These matches also offer a multitude of betting opportunities and you can wager on specific players that you have a connection with, or those you have watched make the news locally or played internationally.

Bet on Rugby Online

Indian online bookmakers have made it so much easier for rugby betting fans to wager at their leisure and in-play betting adds an extra element of excitement to the game. Having a vested interest in the action unfolding on the field also heightens your sense of excitement and rugby betting gives you the chance to bet on a tournament, team or player that you think will be victorious.

Rugby betting is an exciting pastime for many Indians and it can be as simple or as complicated as you wish it to be. You can stick to the simple Win or Try Scorers bets or you can place exotic bets that span several matches or tournaments. Whatever option you decide on, you’ll find all the best rugby betting online at the bookmakers we recommend for Indian sports fans.

Rugby, Betting Offers

Rugby Betting Offers

If you are fan of rugby betting you’ll love the fact that bookies go out of their way to bring you a steady stream of offers, bonuses and promotions for both rugby union and rugby league. You will find particularly rich pickings prior to and during some of the biggest events in both codes including the Six Nations, the Heineken Cup and any England or Lions tours in union and for big Super League matches, the Challenge Cup and the World Cup for league.

Latest Rugby Betting Offers & Promotions Types Of Rugby Betting Offer

So while we’ve listed the latest and greatest rugby offers on this page, below we also give details of some of the more commons types of promotion you will encounter when looking to place your rugby bets.

  • Money Back Offers - Money back offers come in many guises when it comes to rugby. For instance you might get your losing first tryscorer bet refunded if they score the last try of the match, or perhaps you might receive a refund of your stake if you back a team who loses by a single point. Whatever the specifics of the offer the principle is the same: you get a refund on your losing bet to get a second chance of making a profit.
  • Enhanced Odds Offers - Occasionally bookies will offer enhanced odds on particular selections, either on a particular result, just to be nice (and to steal a march on their rivals), or with a bonus that is based on a particular event happening. This might be paying out extra on first tryscorer bets if your selection scores more than one, or paying out a bonus if the team you back wins by more than a specified points margin. The rule of thumb here is that you get more for your money than if you simply win the bet, which, let’s face it, is always going to be welcome!
  • Mobile Specific Offers - As more bookies attempt to encourage their customers to get involved in the mobile gambling revolution you will find more offers and bonuses which are only open to customers using their mobile or tablet to place their bets. There have only been a handful of such offers directly related to rugby, but we anticipate these will increase in frequency in the coming months and years.
  • Accumulator Bonuses - Placing accumulator bets (where your bet relies on a number of results / outcomes all coming in as you predict) can be a highly profitable affair when they come in. And every so often bookies will make such bets even more profitable by paying out a bonus on winning accas. Accumulators are not easy to win, but when you do they are great, and they become greater still if your bookie pays an extra percentage on top!

So rugby fans take note: before placing your rugby bets be sure to check this page to see if there’s a promotion that will give you a chance of bigger profits if you win or a refund if you lose.

Top 5 Rugby Betting Sites for 2017 - Rugby Betting

Top 5 Betting Sites Rugby Betting Sites

betting on rugby - top 5 websites

Betting on rugby - check below for the best 5 betting websites. Take advantage of their bonuses and betting offering on Rugby.

It is believed that rugby was born from the imagination of the ancient Greeks, but acquired its sporting event character in France. It is said that the Rugby was invented in 1823 by a student of England, William Webb Ellis, the Rugby School. The game came when William Ellis cheated in the rudimentary football they were playing, and took the ball with his hands. In 1871 he founded the Rugby Football Union and in the same year the first regulation. From 1872 began to make annual events, including Cambridge and Oxford, except during World War II.

In the late nineteenth century the Tournament of the Five Nations was established with Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales and France. In 1908, rugby was included in the Olympics, and later in 1920, 1954 and 1924. The first FIRA championships took part in France, Italy and Spain. The championships were not held again until 1965-1966, since it is an annual event. In the mid of nineteenth century, rugby was brought to the US, and there had already been popularized football (Soccer), so soon, other sport blend of soccer and rugby emerged, called American football.

Opportunities for rugby betting

The best tournaments and competitions of rugby are: Rugby World Cup, Women's Rugby World Cup, Six Nations Championship, Women's Six Nations Championship, The Rugby Championship, Canada Cup, Churchill Cup, FIRA Women's European Championship, European Nations Cup, Pacific Nations Cup, Nations Cup, Asian 5 Nations. Although this team sport is not as popular as football, rugby is one of the major in most sports betting. Punters who want to takes bets will not have much trouble finding some value bets rugby on matches to come.

To bet and win in rugby punters must to be aware that this sport is very popular in some countries, especially in UK, where Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales have the sport as one of their favorites.

Unquestionably the most followed in Wales, Scotland and Ireland and on par with football in England. It is also a sport with mass following in South Africa and Australia.

Betting strategy in rugby

Typically in rugby bet with 5 types of bets: Over / Under, Futures, Straight / Outright. Each of these types of bets is preferred in most bookmakers. The over / under is used when a weak team faces the favorite teams. The futures are for major tournaments and world championships.

Rugby, like any other sport where more players are participating, needs to be studied in detail, statistics, numbers and others. Every point is important, but the defense and offensive play a fundamental role.

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