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bet elyon witch

W.I.T.C.H. В поисках Меридиана (книга 3) ("Finding Meridian")

Пока только первая глава, но впечатление составить можно (честно взята с ). Кстати, она на инглише (скоро переведу и выложу русский вариант, хотя и так понятно ;) ).

I wonder if I'll ever get used to this? Will thought.

She felt the familiar quickening of her heartbeat. Thump-thump-thumpity-thump.

Then her mouth got dry. Her palms got wet. And finally, Will's vision went blurry. But when she blinked the haze away, she found that she was still witnessing the same incredible scene. Her friend, Hay Lin, had just snapped a huge cement pillar in two. The chunk of rock must have weighed five hundred pounds!

How had skinny little Hay Lin done it?

Yup, Will thought. She gazed at all four of her friends, scattered around the abandoned construction site. We're all magic -- every one of us. I still can't quite wrap my brain around it.

Judging from her friends' expressions, they were a bit weirded-out as well. Taranee was gripping her pink satchel with clenched fists. It was white knuckles, trembling fingers time, all the way.

Irma was Taranee's complete opposite. She was giggling so hard that her shaggy, honey-colored pigtails were practically dancing.

Hay Lin's almond-shaped eyes were twinkling with a mixture of mischief and sheer determination.

And Cornelia was sticking out her bottom lip -- she was all skepticism and sulkiness.

That about sums it up, Will thought, as she took in her friends' wild range of emotions. These magical powers are both fabulous and awful, thrilling and scary. They're dividing us, but they're also bringing us together.

Magic was what Will and her friends were all about these days. When they'd planned to hang out today, for instance, it hadn't been to lounge around a coffeehouse, chowing down on scones and gossiping about the cutest boys at their school, the Sheffield Institute.

No, instead, they were hiding behind this construction site's tall, wooden fence, practicing their magic.

It was clear that Hay Lin, at least, was getting pretty good at it! Not only had she just cracked that chunk of cement off its base as if she were plucking a leaf from a tree, she'd also whipped the huge, craggy block into the sky on a mystical swirl of air. Finally, she'd plunked the block down onto a slab of stone with a tremendous crunch.

Then Cornelia had stepped in. She'd stared at the block, her arms outstretched and her blue eyes steely.

With waves of power that were almost palpable, Cornelia had cracked the stone slab on which the cement block rested. It splintered like a thin sheet of ice. Ropy vines poked through the cracks like mischievous green snakes. In the blink of an eye, they coiled their way completely around the block.

Then Cornelia's eyes got even squintier. Her mouth twisted into a stiff smile. She concentrated so hard her long, silky, blond hair stood on end. And then -- skrump! The ropy vines squeezed the cement block into smithereens! Shards of rock flew in every direction.

Taranee jumped, her round spectacles going askew on her nose. Hay Lin scowled. Cornelia had totally one-upped her. And Irma, who was always clashing with Cornelia, simply rolled her eyes and pretended to be bored.

Meanwhile, Cornelia just folded her slender arms across her chest and smirked.

"I bet you can't do that," she said to her friends.

Will shuddered at the memory.

The crazy thing, she thought, is that we can all do that. Or something like it.

Will looked around at her new friends. She'd only known them for a little while. She'd met them on her first day at the Sheffield Institute, right after she and her Mom had moved to this breezy seaside city called Heatherfield. The girls' friendship had started normally enough. They'd gabbed about crushes, complained about history homework, and commiserated about pain-in-the-butt siblings. But it hadn't been long before the five girls had discovered that they were anything but normal.

Cornelia could control the earth (as was obvious from the shattered cement block). Hay Lin -- who was so tiny she looked as if the wind could carry her away -- had the powers of air. Wishy-washy Irma was all about water. And Taranee could hold fire in the palm of her hand.

And me, Will thought with a shrug, well, that's the craziest part. I somehow ended up as the leader of our whole crew -- Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin. Otherwise known as W.i.t.c.h.

She glanced with irritation at the heavens. That's where she imagined the mystical beings who'd given them their powers resided.

Nice work, Will thought. I can't believe you made me -- awkward, frog-collecting Will Vandom -- the leader of these girls.

But before Will could get too deep into an angstfest, Irma interrupted her thoughts. She was offering her opinion on Cornelia's feat of shattering the pillar.

"Oh, that's just amazing, Cornelia," she said sarcastically. "Actually, I've never seen anything so silly in my entire life."

Cornelia sniffed and turned her back on Irma.

Then Irma sniffed and turned her back on Cornelia.

And then Taranee looked expectantly at Will.

Uh, right, Will thought. I guess it's leadership time!

She stepped forward and eyed Irma and Cornelia nervously.

"Oh, come on," she said with a nervous laugh. "Would you two stop bickering? We're here to practice, not fight!"

"Will's right," Taranee agreed. "We should help each other. We're a team now. . . ."

"I guess you're right, Taranee," Hay Lin piped up. She was now sitting pensively on top of another cement block nearby. "But we don't know how our powers work yet! If only Grandma had told us something more before she . . . passed away."

Hay Lin's reedy, mournful voice trailed off. Will cringed for her friend. Yan Lin's death was still fresh for them all. And what was worse, Hay Lin's tiny, mysterious grandmother had died before the girls could ask her everything they yearned to know about their magical new powers.

Yan Lin would have been able to explain everything, Will thought. After all, she was magical once, too. She was the one who informed us of our magical destiny.

Will was still trying to grasp the things that Yan Lin had told them over tea and cookies in Hay Lin's cozy kitchen.

For starters, Yan Lin told them about worlds that existed somewhere in the universe, far away from earth.

In Candracar -- which was a sort of otherworldly temple -- benevolent, mystical beings kept watch over all things good and just.

Then there was the land of Metamoor. Evil creatures from Metamoor wanted to take over the world. And only one thing was stopping them -- the Veil. The Veil was a supernatural barrier, placed around the earth to keep bad things out.

There was just one catch, Yan Lin had told the girls. The dawn of the millennium had weakened the Veil. Twelve portals had opened in its invisible fabric. And now, terrifying, evil creatures from Metamoor were beginning to break through those portals into Heatherfield.

One of the girls' friends, Elyon, had even gone through the portal. Elyon had been missing for a while now. Just before she'd disappeared, she'd asked Will, Hay Lin, and Irma to accompany her on a date at the school gym. But when the three girls had arrived, Elyon had been nowhere to be seen. There were however, a couple of murderous creatures waiting for the girls. And they'd almost managed to toss the girls into a bottomless chasm!

Later, Elyon -- or some evil ghost of Elyon -- had drawn all five girls into the basement of her abandoned house. There she'd tried to pull Hay Lin into a portal that had opened up in the basement wall.

Both times, the girls had been transformed into Guardians of the Veil. It had started with the Heart of Candracar -- a shimmering, magical orb that Yan Lin had given to Will. The orb lay inside Will's body. Usually, it was dormant. But if Will and her friends needed it for any reason, Will could call the Heart. Then it would> appear in her palm. Its power transformed the girls into their magical selves -- young women with long legs, mature faces and bodies, and fabulous outfits.

And, best of all, Will thought with a giggle, we have magical powers and strength enough to kick any bad guy's butt!

Still, the girls had far from mastered their magic. Will didn't know how much power they were capable of.

She also didn't know how much they'd need. The girls had fought off a hulking, blue lug of a creature and a vengeful, dark-voiced snake man in the gym. In Elyon's basement, they had conquered brick walls that had come to life and tried to bury them alive.

But Will had a feeling that she and her friends hadn't yet seen the worst of Metamoor's evil soldiers.

And that's why they were at this construction site, training for battle.

Will turned to Hay Lin. Her face -- usually so sunny -- was clouded with grief for her grandmother.

"We'll have to do this without her," Will said to Hay Lin softly. "That's all."

"Do you really think that's enough?" Cornelia broke in. She kicked a cement shard across the grass.

"I mean," she continued angrily, "look around you! We can do magic! We can transfigure things! We can command water, air, earth, and fire. But we don't know why!"

"Well," Hay Lin said wanly, "we're the Guardians of the Veil."

"I know that," Cornelia snapped. "But why? Why us?!"

Irma's scowl turned into a flirty smile. She cocked one round hip and wiggled her eyebrows.

"Because we're so pretty," she cooed. "Don't you think?"

"I'm not joking, Irma," Cornelia said with a glower. Then she turned her back on Irma, Hay Lin, and Taranee and glared straight at Will. "Our lives have changed, Will. But we didn't choose it."

"You're right," Will responded with a shrug. "But I don't know. I'm as confused as you are."

Cornelia's hands scrunched up into frustrated fists.

"I thought our leader always had the right answer," she said. Her voice was full of sullen bitterness. Full of challenge.

Will's temper flared. Normally, she was a bit deferential to Cornelia. After all -- Cornelia was the true leader in the group. She was tall and willowy and effortlessly popular. She had mega-confidence and she was usually pretty nice, to boot.

But now she was being unfair. And Will wasn't going to let her get away with it.

"Well, you know what, Cornelia? I don't have the answers," she blurted out. "As a matter of fact, I'm not even sure I'm meant to be your leader. As you said, Cornelia, we didn't choose this!"

Hay Lin huffed in frustration and grabbed her pink-and-purple backpack. She'd stashed it next to the cement block she was using as a stool.

Unzipping the pack, she pulled out a weighty, dusty, blue book. They'd found the book in Elyon's basement, right after they had chased Elyon and her Metamoorian thug back through the portal.

"I'm sure the solution to all our problems is in this book," Hay Lin said. She held it in her lap and gazed at her friends hopefully.

"You're wrong, Hay Lin," Cornelia said with a sneer. "This book is just another of the problems."

Taranee gave Cornelia a furtive glance and then joined Hay Lin in examining the book. The edges of its pages were scuffed and ragged. But its spine? That was unbroken.

"Did you manage to get it open?" Taranee asked Hay Lin.

"Not yet," Hay Lin sighed. "And I tried everything!" To demonstrate, she grabbed the front and back covers of the book and yanked at them with all her strength. But the book remained firmly closed.

As Hay Lin struggled with the book, Will felt the back of her neck prickle in a familiar way. Then a wave of dizziness washed over her. She could almost feel her freckled cheeks go pale. And when she lifted a hand to her forehead, her fingers were trembling.

"There's . . . there's a spell on that book," Will gasped, staggering away from Hay Lin. "Put it away!"

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Кроме того, у неё есть маленький семилетний брат Крис. В комиксе у Ирмы есть ещё и любимая черепаха по кличке Лилит, она — единственная в мире, кто знает её самые глубокие тайны. Ирме нравится долго принимать ванну, она любит ливни, прогулки по магазинам, рок-музыку. Ирма — фанат рок звезды Кармиллы, плакат, которой всегда висит в её комнате! Ирма часто использует свою магическую силу для личной выгоды.

3.Место жития Хиттерфилд

4.Зло или добро Добро

7.Био и Характер Ну как сказать. Я не вредина.Люблю юбки,Джинсы,Маечки.Короче я люблю моду!У меня есть кот Наполеон.Его мне Вилл подарила.Есть маленькая сестрёнка Лилиан.Сначало она была врединой,но когда узнала что я стражница,стала хорошей девочкой! я стражница Земли.Я могу сделать себя выше ростом,ещё владею теликинезом.

Тарани Кук — персонаж комикса W.I.T.C.H., девочка 13-и лет.

Дата Рождения: 23 марта

Знак Зодиака: Овен

В команде: самая спокойная и сдержанная.

Любимые предметы: математика.

Не любимые предметы: биология.

Лучшая подруга: Вилл.

Домашнее животное: отсутствует по причине аллергии отца.

Любимый вид спорта: баскетбол, скалолазание.

Хобби: танцы, фотография.

Счастливый цвет: красный.

Стиль одежды: этнический, ярких и тёплых цветов.

Привычки: скрывать свою энергичность и напористость в обычной жизни.

Место жительства: Частный дом рядом с пляжем.

Особые возможности: телепатия.

Стихия: огонь,так же может переговариваться в мыслях с Корнелией,Ирмой,Вилл и Хай Лин и знать где находится(в каком сейчас месте)Стражница

Магические возможности: Способна заставить пылать любой предмет, создавать огненные шары.

Симпатия: Найджел Эскфорд.

Антипатия: Урия, Фрост, Дэнни Эскрофт.

Прошлое: Место рождения — Сезам. Переехала в Хитерфилд одновременно с Вилл. За год до переезда бывала в Хитерфилде с братом и родителями. Как и Вилл, город ей не понравился. Но благодаря именно ей, семья Кук поселилась в доме рядом с пляжем, который за 5 лет до этого уничтожил пожар. До Хитерфилда Тарани надеялась остаться в Сезамо, городок близко к горам, в котором она родилась. Тарани хорошо учиться и часто помогала подругам с математикой. Единственное, чего она боится — высоты и насекомых. К Элион сначала относилась неочень хорошо. С появлением Ребекки (Орубе) она увлеклась танцами.

Вилл Ва́ндом — персонаж комикса и анимационного сериала W.I.T.C.H., девчонка 14-ти лет с рыжими волосами в причёске карэ.

Дата Рождения: 19 января

Знак Зодиака: Козерог

В команде: Предводительница стражниц. Однако она немного замкнута, очень застенчива. Вилл весьма ранима, хоть и старается это скрывать.

Любимые предметы: биология и физика

Нелюбимые предметы: математика и история.

Недостаток:аллергия на цветочную пыльцу.

Лучшая подруга: Ирма, Тарани, Корнелия, Хай Лин.

Домашнее животное: длиннохвостый сурок(белка?) (Чиро), щенок (4 сезон).

Любимый вид спорта: все виды водного спорта, велосипед.

Хобби: коллекционирование вещей с лягушками и водный спорт.

Счастливый цвет: фиолетовый.

Стиль одежды: спортивный, простой и даже мальчишеский. Привычки: Обдумывая важные решения, имеет привычку машинально накручивать прядь волос на палец.

Место жительства: Небольшой дом далеко от пляжа.

Особые возможности: Умеет разговаривать с электроприборами, способна передавать свои мысли животным.

Стихия: Энергия. Но было замечено, что она может управлять и другими стихиями.

Магические возможности: Может концентрировать и увеличивать силы остальных чародеек.

Симпатия: Мэтт Олсен

Антипатия: Джэки Галлиген, сёстры Грампер, Урия.

Прошлое: Родилась и выросла в Фадден Хилс. Находилась под наблюдением Кадмы и Халинор, бывших Стражниц, потому что родилась под звездой Кэссиди. Дружила с тремя девочками: Ларой, Дженни и Луизой. Когда её родители разошлись очень переживала. Подруги отвернулись от неё, считая ненормальной. Из-за новой маминой работы в компьютерной компании Симультек, вынуждена была переехать в Хитерфилд. Там встретила Тарани, Ирму, Хай Лин и Корнелию, которые стали её подругами. А потом стали новыми Стражницами Кондракара, а Вилл стала лидером.

Будущее: Станет писательницей и напишет книгу «Magic Forever».

3.Место жития Хитерфилд(квартира над китайским рестораном "Серебряный Дракон", принадлежащим ее семье)

4.Зло или добро Добро

5.Внешность 6.Любовь Эрик

7.Био и Характер коллекционирование солнцезащитных очков, лишь бы те были покрупнее и необычной формы,рисование (в стиле манга), чтение научной фантастики. Еще Хай Лин очень любит кожаные плетеные украшения и всяческие фенечки.Хочет встретить настоящего инопланетянина с зеленой кожей и щупальцами на голове (это все от того, что Хай Лин любит читать научную фантастику)

Подвалстны нам и пламя,и вода,и воздух,

И волны лихой прибой!

Открыть в себе талант никогда не поздно,

Мы идти готовы в бой!

У нас одна КО-МАН-ДА.

Мы сильны,дружны,не дрогнет рука.

Сбережём наш мир от зла ,от бед,

Завеса хлипка, бьём наверняка.

Нас, нас не свернуть с пути,

Наш шанс, наш час землю спасти.

Просмотров: 55 | Размеры: 603x792px/81.6Kb | Рейтинг: 5.0/1 | Дата: 14.04.2008 | Хай-Л

Will is the keeper of the heart of candracar and the leader. She has the power of absolute energy. Will is 14 years old and her sign is Capricorn. She is new to Heatherfeild and she met her friends quckly. She has a pet doormouse that she helped rescue from Uria and his gang. She has a mayjor crush on Matt Olsen. Matt is a few years older than Will and is the lead signer in the band Colbalt Blue. In Willls family there is Will her doormouse and her mom. Her favorite color is Fuscia and she collects all sorts of frog things.

Irma has the power over water. She is flirty and she is a prankster. She has so many crushes you cant name them all. Irma is 13 years old and her sign is Pisces. She sometimes has fights with Cornelia but they are still friends in the end. She has a pet turtle named leafy. In her family there is Irma, her brother Christopher and her mom and dad. She is afraid of spiders and the dark. Her favorite subject in school is art. Her favorite color is turquoise.

Taranee can control fire. She is kind and shy but if you make her made when she is in guardain form, you better watch out. She is 13 and her sign is Aries. She has a crush on a boy named Nigel. He used to be in Urias gang but he isnt anymore, he didnt like them. Nigel also has a crush on Taranee. In Taranees family there is Taranee, Peter, and her mom and dad. She is scared of flying insects and her favorite colour is red.

Cornelia can control Earth. She is an what you can call an Infeilder at school. Infeilder means you are popular. She can get ticked off at Irma and the other guardains sometimes but they are always friends. Cornelia is 14 and her sign is Taurus. Cornelias crush and one true love is Caleb. They saw each other in there dreams and they both love each other. But phobos turned Caleb into a flower that Cornelia keeps and hopes one day to bring Caleb back to life. She does succesfully bring Caleb back to life but he is now a servent of Cnadracar. In Cornelias faily there is Cornelia Lilian and their mom and dad. Her favorite color is green. She is afraid of the dark and inclosed spaces.

Hay Lin has the power over air. She is care free and dosnt care what people think of her. She is 13 amd her sign is gemini. Im not sure but i think she has a crush on a boy named Eric. In her family there is Hay Lin her mom and dad and her granmother who has past away and now lives in candracar. Her favoriet color is silver.

Elyon is the Light of Meridan and the heir to the throne. She has abosolute power. She has a brother who is evil, Prince Phobos. Prine Phobos wa trying to steel Elyons power but didnt succed. She beat him and he is now locked away in Candracar. Elyon gave Meridan its beuty back and now is Queen there. Her best friend is Cornelia.


There is a place

Where darkness reigns,

We got the power to fight back!

We save the day, united five as one!

We can become more than you know.

The Heart will lead the way to what we Can control!

Water, Fire, Earth, and Air!

TRIVIA NOTE: The W.I.T.C.H. series - drawn in a Japanese anime style - is based on a popular European comic book (published in 68 countries" by Disney Publishing International) and produced by SIP Animation in Paris, France. It debuted on the Toon Disney Channel in 2004.

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Will transforming into her Guardian outfit

First appearance W.I.T.C.H. #1 (April, 2001)

Created by Elisabetta Gnone

In story information

Alter ego Wilhelmina "Will" Vandom

Place of origin Earth

Team affiliations W.I.T.C.H.

Notable aliases Wilma (her real name in the Philippines version)

Abilities Controls the power of Quintessence allowing her to control lightning-like energy to fire offensive blasts and create defensive shields out of Quintessential energy and imbue inanimate objects with life energy. As the Keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar she is able to open folds to move between dimensions and different locations within worlds. She is superhumanly strong and possesses a sixth sense regarding magical phenomena.

Wilma "Will" Vandom, known in original Italian and other non-English versions as Willelmina "Will" Vandom, is a fictional character who first appeared in W.I.T.C.H. #1 in April 2001. She is the leader of the Guardians (known as W.I.T.C.H.), a group of teenage girls who guard Kandrakar, the center of the universe. Will is voiced by Kelly Stables in the animated series based on the comic.

Will is a bit of a tomboy, but is also sensitive towards other people's feelings. She is a whiz at science and absolutely loves to swim, especially when Guardianship and school are stressing her out. Will also mentioned once that she likes to ride her bike. She loves animals in general, but she is especially crazy about frogs and tries to collect anything and everything frog related except for the actual amphibian itself. She also comes up with extremely good ideas in the face of danger, as shown when she allows Cedric to capture her and her friends to bring them to Taranee, and when she tricks Cedric into wearing the Crown of Light to defeat him. According to her crush's (Matt) grandfather, she seems like a smart girl. She is also to be allergic to nettles.

As a regular girl, she is good-looking, but is plagued by insecurity because she doesn't feel pretty enough. When transformed, she looks more like she'd like to look as an ordinary girl.

[edit] Before W.I.T.C.H.

Comics: Before she was a Guardian, Will was a normal girl who was born on January 19, thus bearing the Capricorn sign, and raised in the small town of Fadden Hills. When she was still young, her father left her and her mother. When she reached junior high school, she found out that she was able to read people's minds, a fact which alienated her from her peers. Will returned home crushed by this rejection. Her mother suggested that perhaps Fadden Hills held too many painful memories of the past for both of them and it was time to find a new life in a new city. At that moment, an announcement on the radio advertised the sunny town of Heatherfield. Her mother decided that Heatherfield would probably be the best place for them to move to.

Animated Series: Likewise, before she was made a Guardian, Will was a normal girl with divorced parents who lived in Fadden Hills with her mother. Unlike in the comic, however, her mother's job moved them to Heatherfield. Her birthday in the animated series is somewhere in the fall and her star sign is Capricorn. Little else is known about Will's life before W.I.T.C.H.

[edit] Forming W.I.T.C.H.

Comics: Trains on her first day at her new school in Heatherfield, Will bumped into Taranee Cook, a girl who had also just moved to Heatherfield. The two of them became fast, and later, best friends, and it was not long before Taranee and Will become friends with Irma Lair, Cornelia Hale, Hay Lin and Elyon Brown. Taranee is now Will's best friend in the series. As luck would have it, that night was the school's Halloween dance and the girls urged Will and Taranee to come with them. They agreed, Will a bit reluctantly. That night at the dance, a prank by Uriah, a schoolyard bully, and his gang involving firecrackers put the girls in harm's way, but with Taranee's quick thinking (and a brief use of her powers) they managed to escape without a scratch.

The next day, the girls gathered at Hay Lin's house to recall the strange dreams each of them had. It was there that Yan Lin, Hay Lin's grandmother, told them the legend of the Guardians of Kandrakar, the group of warriors that the girls were supposed to become, and entrusted Will with the Heart of Kandrakar. The girls were naturally in disbelief of these so-called powers and decided to go on with their lives. It wasn't until later that night when two shadowy figures ambushed Will, Irma and Hay Lin that their powers reached their peak and they were able to transform into their Guardian forms to fight them off. From that moment on, the group known as W.I.T.C.H. was born and their task at protecting and keeping order in the universe began.

Animated Series: Just a few days after Will's first day at school, Yan Lin (Hay Lin's grandmother) felt the Heart of Kandrakar, which she kept locked up in a box inside her closet, struggle to be set free. Following orders from the Oracle, Yan Lin used her weak mind-influencing powers to make Hay Lin invite her three best friends Taranee, Cornelia and Irma and the new girl Will for tea and cookies after school. While eating, Yan Lin explains about the Veil, Meridian, the Heart and the elemental powers each girl was given, although nothing is mentioned about Kandrakar. She then entrusts the Heart to Will. The other girls' newfound connection to Will draws them close and makes them fast friends with her.

Will is 13 years old, has red hair and brown eyes. She has a crush on Matt Olsen, who later becomes her boyfriend. Will has a pet dormouse, who has various names and appearances depending on the country.

Will loves caring for animals, and also enjoys swimming. She is very good at swimming, and is even on Sheffield Institute's competitive team. Because of her love of animals, Will is good at science, specifically biology. Will's full name shifts between Wilhemina and Wilma. Her birthday is given as January 19th in the comics but is changed to the fall (possibly somewere in November) in the animated series. In the comics, her star sign in Capricorn. Will collects frog items, and loves frogs.

Will is known to have a fiery and unstable temper but has the personality of a great leader. She is a bit of a tomboy, but is also sensitive towards other people's feelings and also her own. Will has issues with trusting people because she is scared of being let down. At first she didn't trust the other girls either, as her other friends talked negatively about her behind her back, but she came to understand that they were really her friends.

Will suffers from hay fever, but it's never been noticed yet.

Will is the leader of the Guardians and holds the Heart of Kandrakar or Candracar, a mystical jewel that converts the five elements into mystical energy, allowing the girls to transform and magnify their powers. She has the power of Quintessence and Absolute Energy. Her theme color is pink and her symbol is a pink equal sign.

Will is the keeper of the talisman known as the Heart of Kandrakar (sometimes spelled Candracar) and she possesses the power of Quintessence and Absolute Energy.

[edit] Comic books

In the comic book, Will could wield the power of Absolute Energy ever since she became a Guardian. This power manifested itself in energy blasts, which Will later learned to use as a shield. In addition, her powers allowed her to talk to objects and electrical appliances and give them a name. That's how she discovered all of them have a personality of their own.

Will also possesses other powers such as glamouring, teleporting, sensing magical phenomena and empathy towards animals. Will also is the first one to learn how to make herself invisible and has special powers due to her status as Keeper of the Heart of Kandrakar. For instance, she can contact the Heart's past Keepers and transform the girls between their Guardian and human forms. During the time of the Veil, Will could open portals. When she is in a desperate situation, Will can sometimes allow the Heart to improvise and help her out.

Will's empathy towards animals works this way: Animals are empathic to Will, and react to her mood, for example, when Will is happy, the animals around her are happy. Animals can also read Will's mind, as seen in one issue.

With the Heart of Candracar (or Kandrakar), Will can also create Astral Drops that are exact copies of the girls.

[edit] Animated series

As the fifth Guardian, Will controls the power of Quintessence, the fifth element. Quintessence manifests itself as whitish blue lightning that she can use to fire offensive blasts and project defensive shields out of the quintesssential energy. By using her power of Quintessence, Will can make inanimate objects come alive and act on their own accord but under her control by imbuing them with the same energy. Will is still inexperienced in the controlling inanimate objects aspect of her powers. Will's secondary power is a utilization of her power of quintessence and bringing technology to life so she can talk to them and they can talk back but with distinct personalities.

As the Keeper of the Heart of Candracar, the physical embodiment of Candracar AKA the Heart of Infinity's power, Will has the power to channel the magic of the Aurameres into the Heart and therefore enter the Guardians amplifying their powers and transforming them into their Guardian form with colorful blue and pink costumes, different hairstyles, and pixie-like wings which they can all use to fly. Will can use the power of the Heart to close and, further down the line, open holes in the Veil, release a blinding pink light from the Heart, project a force field of pink energy, create numerous fake copies that would disappear in a flash of light, reveal the true form of another, locate other Guardians using their Aurameres and show imagesof places and people. The Heart of Candracar, has a tele-empathic connection with Will able to instinctively respond and act on its own will when the Guardians are in danger and can absorb, activate, and merge with other magical items. When the Veil was taken down, Will soon learned how to open folds in space and time to traverse different dimensions.

Will has displayed the power of superhuman strength and toughness on several scales able to use a tree like a baseball bat and catch a falling catapault like it was a football and a sensitivity to magic and supernatural writing and phenomena. She has empathic abilties with animals as they seem to reflect her mood and has an natural affinity for teletransportation, being the first to wield this universal Guardian ability.

[edit] Differences in the Comic book and the TV series

In the animated series Will became fast friends with the other girls of the W.I.T.C.H. team, and she is also very strong minded and relaxed. In the Comic books however she is very insecure, only becoming quick friends with Taranee at first. While she is also brave like in the TV series she feels that she is a "failure" and is also scared of ever becoming like Nerissa. Will is very sensitive and becomes easily hurt. Will is also very insecure about her friendship with the other girls (this could be because of her history with her former friends who backstabbed her and talked about her behind her back) she often feels guilty of letting them down. It was also shown by a "fake future dream" that Will's biggest fear is being dumped by Matt and her friends ignoring her. This was not the real future but a fake one made by Phobos to break Will mentally, however he fails as Will has shown not to give up, and was very relieved when the Oracle told her it was a nightmare made by Phobos.

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Irma Lair is a fictional character in the comic book W.I.T.C.H. and the animated series of the same name. Irma is a 13 year old teen, who is going through her last year of middle school/early high school at the Sheffield Institute. She is also a member of W.I.T.C.H.. Her family consists of a 7 year-old half-brother (in the comics) or brother (in the cartoon) named Christopher Lair, Tom Lair (her father), and Anna Lair (her stepmother in the comic and mother in the cartoon). She has light-brown, slightly wavy hair and greenish-blue eyes. Irma's birthday is March 13, and her sign is Pisces. Her favorite school subject is Geography.

Irma is a spunky, cheerful, optimistic, and humorous person. Compared to the other members of W.I.T.C.H., she often appears to be the least serious as she is known to crack jokes about almost anyone she comes in contact with. Despite her tendency to joke around when faced with a problem, she is a kind-hearted person who cares about those she has relationships with.

When necessary, she exhibits leadership qualities. Irma also almost always wants to be center stage and, depending on the person, can or can't hold grudges for long. She also has a big appetite, revealed by the time she devours all of Mrs. Rudolph's cookies without a care for them being possibly poisoned, unlike the other more cautious Guardians. Irma can be seen as the biggest flirt and boy expert of the group.

Irma is thirteen years old. She has light brown hair and blue eyes. She is Latin American. Her birthday is given as March 13, making her a Pisces. She lives in a house with her policemen father Mr. Lair, her pesky little seven year old brother Christopher Lair (who only misbehaves due to copying his sister's immaturity), and Anna Lair, who is her stepmother in the comics and her mother in the animated series. In the comics she has a pet turtle named Leafy, in whom she confides all her secrets.

Irma likes taking long baths and showers, shopping, rock music and making up nicknames. Her idol is Karmilla, a rock singer, but she's also a big fan of soccer player David Addams. Irma is crazy about boys and has had many different crushes, most notably on Andrew Hornby. She is good friends with a boy named Martin Tubbs, who has a monster-sized crush on her, but in the second season she proved that she had slight feelings for him. She can often be seen using her powers for personal gain.

Irma can be a bit squeamish at times, and once fainted when she saw Mrs. Rudolph in her true Meridian form.

As the Guardian of Water, Irma controls water as well as having other advanced powers. Her theme color is turquoise and her symbol is a blue wave crest.

Irma has the power to control the element of water, often condensing the water vapor in the air into liquid water and then use it as powerful blasts of water. She eventually starts manipulating bodies of water to stop rushing water or create shapes like swords and can create a bubble of water filled with air to travel underwater. She can also manipulate the water in the clouds to make it rain and control water pressure allowing water under her control to grab objects or even slice through metal, rock, and leather.

Later when the Guardians powers are fueled by the energy used to create the Veil, they begin manifesting new powers. Irma gains the ability of mind control, able to influence and control people's actions, such as making her father go easy on her to avoid grounding or breaking another free from outside mind control. She cannot override the effects of the Horn of Hypnos or Nerissa's enthrallment spell but when the power of those things weaken she is able to break it.

Irma also displays more power with her power over water able to freeze and evaporate it at will, dehydrating AKA sucking the water out of beings, and creating a gigantic version of herself at water using herself as a nexus of this watery giant.

Irma newest power is known as Hydromacy, the ability to forsee he present and future in various fluids and in lucid dreams

Throughout the series, Irma is shown to be boycrazy and looking for a boyfriend. She even proudly said that she was and always will be a "gorgeous single". Even before the start of the series, in a special, The Year Before, she was shown looking for a boyfriend. She goes as far as believing in one episode that a one off character named, Jewel, who has special psychic abilities, will keep his promise that he'll tell her who her boyfriend is going to be.

Like most girls in the comic book version Irma has sort of a love life. Irma is the only one in the comics who never had a relationship before but unlike the others she tried the most to get a boy's attention. This first happened when she used her Guardian form to get into a club and meeting a popular boy from school, called Andrew Hornby. However he ended up trying to kiss her too soon and accidentally Irma turned him into a toad. Irma tried to get his and other popular guys attention again by making her body grow. This backfired when her body almost did not changed back due to almost losing her powers.

Martin Tubbs has a crush on Irma and since the beginning he tried to get her attention and trying to flirt with her. Irma at first is not interested into him believing he is a dork and a geek. When Irma's Astral Drop promised Martin to go on a date the real Irma was forced to go with him despite her wishes. Despite her feelings and her dislike towards Martin she finds herself enjoying it and finding Martin funny. Martin also helps her with her homework when Irma's grades are going down. Later on Astral Irma has become so sick of Martin that calls him a dork and says to leave her alone in front of him. Because of this Martin grows tired of Irma's behavior and decides to ignore her. When the Astral Drops disappear Irma notices Martin's ignoring her and tries to follow him and ask him to help her for homework again. However Martin looks annoyed but still tries to be nice to her. Finally, later Irma talks to him and she tells Martin to give up on them ever being more than friends. Martin understands and does not mind having a friendship with her, and so Martin became one of Irma's best friends.

In Planet Boys Matt's cousin, Sean, shows to be interested into Irma and flirts with her openly and confident. Irma however, dislikes his behavior and tells him off despite the fact she is blushing. Joel a friend of Matt has recently become close with Irma as they have many things in common and also talking for hours about the subjects they love. Irma also blushes around him. In the meantime Martin started a relationship with his French pen-pal. This shocks Irma and annoys her. Irma also often tries to get Martin jealous with her being with Joel but it does not seem work. Irma also has a hard time focusing on Joel with Martin nearby implying she herself is starting to like Martin, or always liked him without knowing it and now with him not giving his full attention to her, she is obviously missing it. However, she admits to Joel that she likes him and embraced him in the process, which Joel replied that he also liked her. Despite this, they never seem to actually make it clear that their relationship is romantic, implying that the two meant that what they said was just as good friends.

In the new series, Irma finally has an actual boyfriend, named Stephen, who is a relatively new character in the story.

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Hay Lin is the fifth member of W.I.T.C.H., a group of teenage girls who make up the Guardians, the people who guard Kandrakar, the center of the universe, from evil. Hay Lin is Chinese. Hay Lin is the "H" in W.I.T.C.H., anagram of the girls' names. She is voiced by Liza del Mundo in the animated series of the same name.

Hay Lin (age 13) was born on June 4, thus bearing the sign of the Gemini, and was raised in the town of Heatherfield. She is always cheerful and full of energy, and very optimistic.

She is an extremely creative person who loves to draw, paint, and sketch. It’s no surprise that her favorite subject in school is art. She can be considered a slight comic-alien nerd at heart because of her love to collect comics and alien collectables. She enjoys just about anything related to science fiction, air, or art. Despite this, Hay Lin is not superb at Physical Education, as shown when she herself once says she shall need to get into shape after running.

Her family owns a Chinese restaurant called the Silver Dragon where she often works at to help her family out. She has a habit of writing people's names, dates, numbers and anything else that might come in handy on the back of her hand or arm so she won’t forget anything important during one of her creative brainstorms. She has a huge crush on the new boy in town, Eric Lyndon, who likes her just as much.

1.1 Elemental Abilities

1.2 Advanced Elemental Abilities

2 Character history

2.1 Before W.I.T.C.H.

Hay Lin is the Guardian of Air in both the Comic and the TV Show and her signature color is Silver. When she transforms, she wears a teal tank-top, a very revealing purple waist-cloth that covers her front and back, a blue cord with mayching beads around her waist, green and sky blue stockings that reach her knees (they're full-blown tights in the TV Show), and purple Mary Janes. Her hair has grown longer and her pigtails held in place by purple bands. In the 'New Power' Arc, she loses her pigtails and gains a pair of Chinese buns atop her head, her tank-top and skirt have fused together with her Elemental Symbol now on her chest, she has multiple cords wrapped around her arms, a pair of black fingerless gloves are on her hands, and she's grown noticably taller. Below is a list of her powers in both Comic and TV Show.

[edit] Elemental Abilities

Hay Lin has Power over Air and can manipulate aspects of said element, including wind and clouds, she can even turn her breath into a weapon for both versions. Hay Lin can move objects using her elemental power, and, in the comic book, she is the only member of the group who can fly both in and out of her Guardian form, but can temporarily give others the ability to fly. In the TV show, all the Guardians can fly, but still, Hay Lin is the one who can fly the highest and quickest among them. She can conjure clouds and even use her power to soundproof rooms, as she did in the Nerissa and Phobos Arcs, respectively. She can also create windstorms and tornadoes, though she does the latter more in the TV Show. In the TV show, Hay Lin has shown an ability to control the temperature of the air, and often uses this power to freeze enemies. She can also create air bubbles for travelling underwater and can hear things on the wind because of the soundwaves that travel through the air. It should also be noted that Hay Lin has been known to talk to the Air and that it has even responded, in a sense.

[edit] Advanced Elemental Abilities

Hay Lin can recall a person's memories by listening to their favorite music and creating sonogramms with the sound to show them the images of their past, and also learn the history of an object by the sound it makes. She can also get the history of an object by touching it and closing her eyes. When she does this, she is feeling the atmospheres the object was in and how it was touched. In the TV Show, Hay Lin is the only one who can become invisible and make other things invisible. In the comics, all the girls can become invisible, and Will was actually the first one to find out how to do so. Also in the TV Show, she was capable of Empathic Precognition; if she's thinking strongly of someone before she sleeps, she can see what will happen to them in the future, like she did with Elyon before her coronation.

[edit] Character history

[edit] Before W.I.T.C.H.

Before becoming a Guardian, Hay Lin would work at her family's restaurant and go to school. She would often goof around in her classes and try to turn every project she got into something creative, even if her teachers didn't approve of it. Once, she was assigned the task of making a simple kite for a school project. She decided to make an overly fancy Chinese dragon kite and spent all night working on it. Her teacher failed her before Hay Lin even had a chance to fly it because her teacher assumed it would not fly on its own and that it was far too heavy to even lift off the ground. Luckily for Hay Lin, her connection to the element of Air (even though she didn't know it) was established long before she became a Guardian, and her kite turned out to be the only one in the class that managed to fly.

It is slightly ironic that she is the Guardian of Air. While the show and comics use the Classical Elements, (Air, Water, Earth and Fire), Hay Lin is a person of Chinese culture, and Air is not one of the five Chinese Elements. Instead they are Earth, Fire, Water, Wood and Metal (gold).

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The name or epithet or word ‘Elyōn (Masoretic pronunciation of Hebrew עליון), is traditionally rendered in Samaritan Hebrew as illiyyon, and means something like 'higher, upper'. It derives from the Hebrew root ‘lh, Semitic root ‘ly 'go up, ascend'. ‘Elyōn when it means God or is applied to God is often translated 'Most High'. The Septuagint renders it as ὕψιστος (hypsistos 'most high').

1.2.1 The compound Ēl ‘Elyōn

1.2.2 ‘Elyōn standing alone

2 Non-Biblical use

2.1 Sfire I Treaty

2.3 Circle Trilogy

2.4 Land of Elyon

4 References and External links

[edit] Biblical use

[edit] Mundane use

The term also has mundane uses, being applied to a basket in Genesis 40.17, a chamber in Ezekiel 42.5 and others.

[edit] Divine use

[edit] The compound Ēl ‘Elyōn

The compound name Ēl ‘Elyōn 'God Most High' occurs in Genesis 14.18–19 as the god whose priest was Melchizedek king of Salem. The form appears again almost immediately in verse 22, used by Abraham in an oath to the King of Sodom. In this verse the name of God also occurs in apposition to Ēl ‘Elyōn in the Masoretic text but is absent in the Samaritan version, in the Septuagint translation, and in Symmachus.

Its occurrence here was one foundation of a theory first espoused by Julius Wellhausen that Ēl ‘Elyōn was an ancient god of Salem (for other reasons understood here to mean Jerusalem), later equated with God, and that the Zadokite priests of Jerusalem claimed to be descended from this Melchizedek or at least to have inherited his position.

The only other occurrence of the compound expression is in Psalm 78.35:

And they remembered that God (’elōhīm) was their rock,

and God Most High (’ēl ‘elyōn) their redeemer.

It has been suggested that the reference to 'Ēl ‘Elyōn maker of heaven and earth' in Genesis 14:19 and 22 reflects the belief that ‘Elyōn was progenitor of Ouranus and Gê, as suggested in Philo of Byblos's account of Phoenician History.

[edit] ‘Elyōn standing alone

The name ‘Elyōn 'Most High' standing alone is found in many poetic passages, especially in the Psalms.

It appears in Balaam's verse oracle in Numbers 24.16 as a separate name parallel to Ēl. It appears in Moses' final song in Deuteronomy 32.8 (a much discussed verse). A translation of the Masoretic text:

When the Most High (‘Elyōn) divided to the nations their inheritance,

he separated the sons of man (Ādām);

he set the bounds of the people

according to the number of the sons of Israel

However many Septuagint manuscripts have in place of "sons of Israel", angelōn theou 'angels of God' and a few have huiōn theou 'sons of God'. The Dead Sea Scrolls fragment 4QDeutj reads bny ’lwhm 'sons of God'. This reading also makes more sense in respect to the following verse:

For God's portion is his people;

Jacob is the lot of his inheritance.

This passage appears to identify ‘Elyōn with Elohim, but not necessarily with God. It can be read to mean that ‘Elyōn separated mankind into 70 nations according to his 70 sons (the 70 sons of Ēl being mentioned in the Ugaritic texts), each of these sons to be the tutelary god over one of the 70 nations, one of them being the God of Israel, Yahweh. Alternatively, it may mean that ‘Elyōn, having given the other nations to his sons, now takes Israel for himself under his name of God. Both interpretations have supporters.

In Isaiah 14.13–14 ‘Elyōn is used in a very mystical context in the passage providing the basis for later speculation on the fall of Satan where the rebellious prince of Babylon is pictured as boasting:

I shall be enthroned in the mount of the council in the farthest north [or farthest Zaphon]

I will ascend about the heights of the clouds;

I will be like the Most High.

In this context it would be natural to avoid the name Yahweh and use a more general term for the high god.

But ’Elyōn is in other places firmly identified with God, as in 2 Samuel 22.14:

God thundered from heaven,

and the Most High uttered his voice.

For you, God, are Most High (‘elyōn) over all the earth;

you are raised high over all the gods.

The critical scholar and Reform rabbi Abraham Geiger asserted that Elyōn was a word of late origin, dating it to the time of the Maccabees. However, its use in the Ras Shamra tablets has proven it to be pre-Mosaic (Hertz 1936)

[edit] Non-Biblical use

[edit] Sfire I Treaty

Outside of the Biblical texts the term occurs seldom. The most controversial is in the earliest of three Aramaic treaty inscriptions found at Sfire 16 miles southeast of Aleppo . The Sfire I inscription (KAI. 222.I.A.8–12; ANET p. 659) date to about 750 BC lists the major patron deities of each side, all of them in pairs coupled by "and", in each case a male god and the god's spouse when the names are known. Then, after a gap comes ’l w‘lyn meaning '’Ēl and ‘Elyōn', seemingly also two separate gods, followed by further pairs of deities.

It is possible that these indicate two aspects of the same god. Or it might be a single divine name. The Ugaritic texts contain divine names like Kothar-wa-Khasis 'Skilful-and-Clever', Mot-wa-Shar 'Death-and-Prince' (or possibly 'Death-and-Destruction'), Nikkal-and-Ib which is in origin the name of the Sumerian goddess named Ningal combined with an element of unknown meaning. Therefore Ēl-wa-‘Elyōn might be a single name 'God-and-Highest' identical in meaning with Biblical Ēl ‘Elyōn even though this would be unique. Frank Moore Cross (1973) accepts all three interpretations as possibilities.

Yet in Sanchuniathon's euhemeristic account of the Phoenician deities, Elioun, whom he calls Hypsistos 'the highest' and who is therefore certainly ‘Elyōn, is quite separate from his Elus/Cronus who is the supreme god Ēl. Sanchuniathon tells only:

In their time is born a certain Elioun called "the Most High," and a female named Beruth, and these dwelt in the neighbourhood of Byblos. And from them is born Epigeius or Autochthon, whom they afterwards called Sky; so that from him they named the element above us Sky because of the excellence of its beauty. And he has a sister born of the aforesaid parents, who was called Earth, and from her, he says, because of her beauty, they called the earth by the same name. And their father, the Most High, died in an encounter with wild beasts, and was deified, and his children offered to him libations and sacrifices.

According to Sanchuniathon it is from Sky and Earth that Ēl and various other deities are born, though ancient texts refer to Ēl as creator of heaven and earth. The Hittite theogony knows of a primal god named Alulu who fathered Sky (and possibly Earth) and who was overthrown by his son Sky, who was in turn overthrown by his son Kumarbi. A similar tradition seems to be at the basis of Sanchuniathon's account.

As to Beruth who is here ‘Elyōn's wife, a relationship with Hebrew bərīt 'covenant' or with the city of Beirut have both been suggested.

[edit] Circle Trilogy

Ted Dekker's Circle Trilogy uses "Elyon" as an allegorical name for God.

[edit] Land of Elyon

The Land of Elyon is a fantasy trilogy for children written by Patrick Carman.

The names of God in Judaism

The Hypsistarians, worshippers of the Most High God, were a distinct Jewish-pagan sect which flourished from about 200 B.C. to about A.D. 400

[edit] References and External links

Cross, Frank Moore (1973). Canaanite Myth and Hebrew Epic. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. ISBN 0-674-09176-0.

Hertz, J.H. (1936). The Pentateuch and Haftoras. Deuteronomy. London: Oxford University Press.

"The treaty between KTK and Arpad" (1969). Trans. Frans Rosenthal in Ancient Near Eastern Texts, 3rd ed. with Supplement. Princeton: Princeton University Press. ISBN 0-691-03503-2.

Bartleby: American Heritage Dictionary: Semitic Roots: cly

The Divine Council: "Deuteronomy 32:8 and the Sons of God", by Michael S. Heiser (PDF.)

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