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Nostradamus’ s Bizarre Predictions For 2018 - Unknown Facts

Nostradamus’ s Bizarre Predictions For 2018

In the world of astrology, no other name is as big as Nostradamus. Nostradamus was born in 1503 in France. He was a simple shop owner who was happily married and a responsible father. But his wife and children left for the holy heaven due to the plague. This episode created a distinct impact on Nostradamus. He set a journey to travel around the Europe.


Nostradamus returned in the 1550s and was all set to write and script his work on predictions and dangerously scary prophecies called Les Prophesies. His work was out in 1555 which consisted of quatrains (prose) on prophecies in old French. It wasn’t that famous initially but the work got great air to the fire when the extremely superstitious Queen of France read his work. The first prediction ever got true was the death of Queen’s husband King Henry II.

Famous Personality

Nostradamus had now become famous in the whole France. His work was taken to the then latest technology of print mode. It was widely and speedily distributed and fame was increasing day after day. His work was given more importance after his.

There are many people who totally believe in him while some are extremely critical about his prophecies. There are examples like the rise of Hitler in 1930s and sad demise of twin tower 9/11 were well described in Nostradamus Prophecies.

What Did He Say?

The prediction credit of Moon landing or nuclear bombardment at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was also given to him.

He said that there will be a big war which people think he was talking about the 3 rd world war which will last for 27 years, basis of which will be Anti Christianity. He also predicts the world will end through natural disaster which we are facing in the form of global warming.


Nostradamus work could be misinterpreted these days due to human error in printing many of the words. The most crucial example is the failure of disaster predicted for the year 1999. Some also suggest that his predictions were based on the events occurred in the past assuming that the event will occur once again one day.

Will Happen or Not?

The major corner cut is Nostradamus never specified the date of the prophecies which makes us think whether those will occur at all or not.

The question is should people believe the prophecies and live in fear or just go with the flow thinking that negative Prophecies is the result of bad translation and misprinting. Anyways no one can ignore the fact that Nostradamus was a great and most accurate prophet that history can have.


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Here Is What Nostradamus Predicted for 2018

Here Is What Nostradamus Predicted for 2018

In 1555 in France, Nostradamus began to write a series of mysterious verses, full of strange ideas. Now it is claimed that these were astonishing predictions of future events on Earth.

Predicting cataclysms and disasters hundreds of years before they happened, it is claimed that Nostradamus predicted the entire world history since his death up to now, and well beyond.

According to many, he was nothing more than an intelligent con man who took advantage of the credulous, while others hail him as the greatest prophet to ever live on Earth.

Michel de Nôtre-Dame, popularly known just as “Nostradamus” was an ordinary man who lived in France. He was a physician and astrologer who lived during the sixteenth century.

However, there are things that made him different from anyone else. He had the ability ‘to see the future.’

Nostradamus would stare into a bowl filled with water and while observing the liquid, he would “receive” visions of the future. This is how he foresaw many future events that were proven to be accurate.

Nostradamus wrote his first book, “Les Propheties” in 1555, and publishing companies still print copies of the book today.

Nostradamus has been credited with predicting everything from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and the rise of Hitler in the 1930’s. He also predicted Sept. 11, 2001, when he wrote: Earthshaking fire from the center of the Earth Will cause tremors around the New City. Two great rocks will war for a long time; Then Arethusa will redden a new river.

The man is also credited for predicting the Moon Landing, the assassination of J.F.K., and the nuclear bomb.

Nostradamus lived in an extremely difficult era during which seeing into the future was considered witchcraft.

So, to hide his “skill” or ability to see into the future, he masked his visions in quatrains—four-line prose poems, in which he hid the future intricately so that you wouldn’t really understand the quatrain until after the event had occurred.

But what does Nostradamus say about 2018?

According to these reports, Nostradamus saw terrible events happening in 2018 (Although similar things were said about 2017).

The French prophet allegedly said how the dead will rise from the graves, and Earth will face changes between nations.

Several natural disasters will shake the world like never before.

The most terrifying predictions can be found in his book Les Propheties in a quatrain that allegedly describes the coming of the third world war. Nostradamus wrote how a “Big war” would start: “the big war will start in France and all Europe will be attacked, it will be long and terrifying for everyone…and then finally there will be peace but only a few will enjoy it”.

He wrote: “A war will start between the two great world powers and it will last for a period of 27 years. A moment of great violence will coincide with the appearance of a comet in the sky. A nuclear terrorism and natural catastrophes will destroy our planet until a giant planet shall approach the earth.”

Nostradamus seemed to have predicted several natural disasters and he predicted the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. He said that the earth will shake every five minutes and how the natural disaster would kill up to 16,000 people.

However, he also seemed to predict natural disaster across the United States. According to Nostradamus, an earthquake shall concern “particularly the western area of the United States. Its power shall be felt in lands throughout the globe.”

The French prophet foresaw great catastrophes that would occur allegedly due to “Global Warming,” not that he knew what that was hundreds of years ago, but Nostradamus wrote how “the King will rob the forests” (uncontrolled deforestation?) and that “the sky will open and the fields will burn up from the heat.”

And while many consider the predictions made by Nostradamus as coincidental or the result of misinterpretations or bad translations, millions of people around the globe firmly believe Nostradamus was one of the greatest and most accurate prophets in history.

Video: Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions for 2018, 15-JmOJon30

Видео: Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions for 2018

Fake , fake , fake . He had his chance and failed . Proof is we are still here .

The part about David Rockefeller still being active at 101 years old is ironic given the fact that it would not be possible if he didnt have 7 blackmarket heart transplant that were probably ripped out of third world childrens chest.

Yellowstone Volcano is due to erupt, it could possibly be the volcano in question, not Vesuvius

11.Harvey Weinstein is elected Pope.

Terrible voice. Hate it.

More stuff to add that is just not clear enough to know it until after the fact. Not much help. Pretty much bull.

I hope you are wrong except the looking young part.

Nostradamus's predictions that are mentioned in this video are all BullCR*P. I know for a fact he never gave a year for his predictions, it was always something like "half way through the 20th Century" or "at the start of the 21st century". He predicted the great fire of Chicago? and some freak with a yellow rug on his head being president of the USA? That is just some American trying to muscle in and pretend that America had something to do with Nostradamus and that’s only because America hardly has any of its own history. We make Britain Great, you Unite the States. Someone needs to tell Trump.

With his predictions of having too many Children per families that should most definitely go towards Muslims. As they are trying to breed us out and over populate us out of the Country and the World. So I'm honesty I like that prediction or law of it comes to pass. People need to be put in check with the number of kids and wives they are allowed to have. And Muslims can no longer think that they can do as they wish do to there religion or beliefs. If Christians&baptists and Catholics can't do as they wish then why the heck should they be allowed to?. No religion is better then another and we shouldn't treat them as such.

i hope the END is near

I predict that I will Dart 500 time in 2018.

This man was pure evil. Actually many of his predictions we're wrong. He, dabbled in evil. Look upon Jesus not this evil man.



As 2017 nears its winter months, some people are already looking to the future and concerning themselves with what 2018 and the coming years could have in store.


According to those who adhere to the prophecies of the famed seer Nostradamus, it is entirely possible that the next year could be the beginning of the most tumultuous and catastrophic era in the entirety of human history.

Nostradamus was born Michel de Nôtre-Dame in France in the sixteenth century. He found a fairly lucrative living as a doctor and an astrologer as many men of his age and class did but what really set him apart was his reputation as a seer who could see into the future. His uncanny ability to predict events earned him admirers among the highest tiers of French society, including the famous Catherine de Medici, often referred to as the most powerful woman in French history, whose lifelong interest in the occult gave him a level of protection in an age when ‘witchcraft’ was punishable by an excruciating death on the stake.


Nostradamus’ prophecies foresee some terrible events for 2018, which will completely change our planet from what we know it today. The French prophet thought that the dead will rise from their graves in 2018, and the world will have to face the changes between nations, and there will also be isolated natural disasters that will shake the world.


Nostradamus was reported to fill a bowl with water which he would gaze into for a long period of time. It was during this time that he claimed that he received visions of the future which he would commit to writing in the form of poetic quatrains.

As the centuries have passed by, the world has developed mixed feelings about this unusual historical figure. Many believe that he was nothing more than a fraud who took advantage of the credulous in order to improve his position in French society. However, many others believe that his extraordinary track record at predicting events speaks for itself and that his words ought to be regarded with extreme care and caution.

Over the years, Nostradamus has been credited with the prediction of numerous events including the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and the rise in power of Adolf Hitler in 1930s Germany. It is also claimed that he predicted the events of September 11th, 2001 in a chilling verse which reads, “Earthshaking fire from the center of the Earth Will cause tremors around the New City. Two great rocks will war for a long time; Then Arethusa will redden a new river.” In addition to this, he is also believed to have predicted the Moon Landing, the assassination of President Kennedy and the creation of the nuclear bomb.

Given his track record, many consider it foolish to completely disregard what Nostradamus had to say about the future out of hand. Unfortunately, these people claim that his most terrifying predictions are still to come true and may be about to surface imminently. Nostradamus claimed that a devastating and all-encompassing war would begin in France and spread to the rest of Europe that would involve two ‘great powers’. He claimed that there would be peace after a period of twenty-seven years of conflict but that few people would actually enjoy it.

In addition to his warnings about a devastating war to come, he also claimed that there would be a series of natural disasters in this era including the eruption of Mount Vesuvius which would trigger catastrophic earthquakes that would cause the deaths of as many as 16,000 people. He also claimed that western North America would also be the site of a tremendous earthquake whose shockwaves would be felt all across the world.

Perhaps most disturbingly, it also appears that the sixteenth-century French seer was well aware of the concept of ‘global warming’, although he did not refer to it as such. Instead, he claimed that “the King will rob the forests” and that “the sky will open and the fields will burn up from the heat.”

While many people may believe that these words are nothing more than lucky guesses on the part of Nostradamus, his uncanny ability to predict the way that the world would shape itself so many centuries after his death simply cannot be dismissed out of hand.

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