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Dear agas, imagine this. Nobunaga and every one else wearing traditional dresses of Indonesia instead of their usual kimono. Hehehe.

But there are so many tribes to choose from… maybe we can have everyone wear a different clothing LOL

Since Mitsuntsun is such a prude let’s make him dress like the sultan from Jogjakarta:

This one for Masa:

Thanks to the manga Hanzou no Mon where Akechi is fighting with a machete somehow I want to see him wear this (sorry Akechi but it’s funny):

(like the famous hero Si Pitung *brick’d)

For whatever reason I think of Kojuro when I look at this, I honestly have no idea why:

I can’t decide who I want to wear the Dayak clothing more, tho, Nobu or Hide… I mean the headdress reminds me of Hide’s famous helmet, but Nobu is more flashy…

I think this Balinese wedding suit will suit Kenshin:

But, um… should anyone wear “koteka”? (please don’t)

Sorry, I can’t find good pictures of more traditional clothes. Maybe next time I will add more LOLOLOL

Keith as Si Pitung, a 19th century Batavian folk hero, an Indonesian Robin Hood


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