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Where to Place Bets on Rugby Money Lines

Rugby Money Lines Examined

Rugby moneyline bets are used when a bettor wants to place a wager on an upcoming rugby match. This is one of the most common types of bets at rugby bookmakers for fans of rugby betting online. The goal in rugby moneyline betting online is to correctly predict which of the two teams will come away victorious in the match.

Rugby moneyline betting online is used by rugby betting websites to make both teams worth betting on. In almost every rugby match, one team is perceived by the public to have the advantage going in and one team is considered to be the underdog. Moneyline betting is used as a handicap for the weaker team.

By having a moneyline, the rugby betting site is able to make both sides of the bet attractive. Let’s say, for example, that one team is horribly outmatched by its opponent. Without a moneyline, almost every sports bettor would wager money on the stronger team. In the end, the betting site would be on the hook for paying off all those winning wagers.

A moneyline prevents all this and gives fans of both teams a chance to place wagers that are worthwhile. With an even amount of action on both sides of the bet, the sportsbook can simply use the losers to pay off the winners. The rugby betting site meanwhile earns a profit through the use of vigorish.

Moneyline Example

London Irish 4/11

In this rugby moneyline bet, the betting site has attempted to make every outcome as even as possible. London Irish is favored to win, so they are offering the lowest payouts according to the odds. Toulon is the underdog, so they are offering payouts that exceed the original wager. The tie is the lease likely result, so that one is paying out 22 times the original wager.

In this example, a successful $100 bet on London Irish would result in a payout of $36.36. A successful $100 bet on Toulon would result in a payout of $220. And a successful $100 bet on the tie would result in a $2,200 payout.

By altering the payout odds here, the betting site has made every side of the bet worth considering. London Irish is still favored to win the match, but you are going to have to risk more money to bet on them. Toulon is still the underdog, but you have an opportunity to take home more money by betting on them.

More About Moneyline Wagers

In all rugby moneyline bets, you have to weigh the pros and cons of every side of the bet. The key to finding the bet online that offers the most value is to do your research on both teams. Sometimes you will come to the conclusion that the favorite is still offering odds that make it worth the extra risk.

Sometimes you may come to the conclusion that the underdog is offering high enough payouts that it’s worth the high risk of losing. In any case, your best bet with rugby moneyline betting is to look to the long term. Instead of trying to win every single bet, make it your goal to find value.

Other articles

Betting the moneyline

moneyline betting wagers

In sports betting, a moneyline bet is a wager on which team will win a game. Moneylines are the primary wagering option for hockey and baseball, while for basketball and football they are viewed as a secondary alternative to the point spread.

Have you ever heard of moneyline betting? It's an American term that's traditionally associated with betting on the major US sports. These wagers are available in other parts of the world too, but they're typically referred to as win bets.

The same principle applies though. When you correctly select which team will win a match, you'll get paid out at the relevant odds. We explain how moneyline betting works in a little more detail below. There's no need to feel overwhelmed, since they're relatively straightforward. As a result, betting the moneyline strategies for betting moneylines are also rather straightforward.

Nonetheless, we provide some useful advice for how to use them effectively. For the most part, moneylines are used when there are two possible outcomes. For example, if you're placing a moneyline wager on a basketball game, then you'll essentially be betting on which of the two competing teams will win. Your two choices will be to either back the favorite or to back the underdog. For example, let's say there's an upcoming basketball game between the Boston Celtics and the Memphis Grizzlies.

A bookmaker might offer the following point spread on the game. If you understand point spread betting, then it will be obvious that the Celtics are the favorites here. For the purposes of a point spread bet, the bookmaker would remove 5. If you betting the moneyline to back them, you'd see more them to win by six points or betting the moneyline in order to win your point spread wager.

Pay mobile slots Grizzlies, on the other hand, are the underdogs. For the purposes of the point spread bet, the bookmaker would add 5.

If you chose to back them, you'd need them to win or lose by less than six points. In this example, the Celtics are theoretically just as likely to win by six points or more as the Grizzlies are to lose by less than six points.

This is reflected in the betting the moneyline, which are typically on both sides of the wager. If a bookmaker offers moneyline betting on click to see more same game, then their market might look similar to this one. The odds are lower because you only need the Celtics to win.

Since it doesn't betting the moneyline how many points they win by, the chances of this happening are obviously higher. However, the Grizzlies would need to win the game outright for such a wager to be successful. The chances of betting the moneyline happening are pretty low. We've written a whole article on how to calculate moneyline payouts. Anyone interested in learning more about all the formulas and configurations involved should definitely check this article out.

Otherwise, you could just follow this quick trick. When betting on the favorite, simply divide the negative moneyline betting the moneyline to get a decimal.

If you were planning to bet on the Celtics in the above example, this would give you 2. Now all you have to do is divide your stake by that number in order to see what your potential payouts would be. When you divide betting the moneyline number by 2. When betting on the underdog, the first step is the same.

Divide the positive moneyline bywhich in the case of the Betting the moneyline in the above example would give you 2.

Then, multiply your stake by that number to get your potential winnings. All moneylines have what is referred to as an implied probability. This is really just a fancy term pertaining to how often a wager needs to win in order to breakeven, but it's something you need to understand in order to make a profit from betting moneylines. Calculating implied probability is relatively straightforward, as long as you use the following formula.

Risk is the initial amount staked on a wager, while return is the initial amount staked plus the potential win. Let's use this formula to calculate the implied probability of the Celtics winning their game against the Grizzlies.

This gives us an implied probability of 0. Technically, probability should always be a number between 0 and 1. It's often expressed as a percentage though, which makes things easier for the purposes of betting.

What this means is that the odds suggest the Celtics have a If we believe the Celtics have an even greater chance of winning, then we should back them at odds of This is basically what finding value is all about.

When we think that a wager is more likely to win than the odds suggest, we should place that wager. As long as we're estimating those chances accurately, we should have no problem making an overall profit.

It's important to note that finding value isn't necessarily about betting on what we think will happen. Backing them would be a wise decision if we believe their betting the moneyline of winning are higher than Even though this means casino table craps actually think betting the moneyline chances of losing are higher than their chances of winning, we should still back them.

We'd be placing a wager with betting the moneyline expected value, which should be everyone's goal when betting on sports.

Earlier, we explained how the implied probability of is Notice these two probabilities total It's called vig, and it's basically a commission that they charge customers for placing wagers.

By removing the vig, you can see what the fair odds on the game would be. Many assume that because there's a 30 cents gap between the two lines, we just deduct 15 cents from the favorite and add 15 cents to the underdog.

To remove vig correctly, we need to divide the total of the two implied probabilities by each individual probability. So, in this case, we need to do the following calculations. The two betting the moneyline above are the no-vig probabilities. If you're sharp, you'll notice that adding We can now go to our odds converter and enter This will give us moneyline odds of If we enter We explain removing vig, and how this process helps us, in more detail in our learn more here on handicapping the market.

Armed with the knowledge of how to remove vig, it's now possible to prevent yourself from making the betting the moneyline mistakes that the majority of bettors make. Most bettors understand the importance of line shopping i. A bettor shopping around for lines might be delighted to see the same favorite offered at and enthusiastically back the team at those odds simply because those are the best betting the moneyline available.

So, placing a wager at odds of doesn't actually offer any value. For reasons hinted at, when shopping odds for what's expected to be a lopsided game, you need to find significantly better odds on the favorite's moneyline than on the underdog's moneyline. Value only exists when the odds are better than the fair price, or when you are confident betting the moneyline a wager has a greater chance of winning than the odds suggest.

By simply knowing this information, you betting the moneyline more knowledgeable than most recreational bettors who bet moneylines without really knowing how they work. When it comes to sports betting, sites usually offer one of these two bonuses: When the bonus is cash, there's no unique strategy outside of the usual betting the moneyline handicapping required to gain an edge.

When the bonus is free plays, however, some additional strategy comes into play. Please read betting the moneyline article on sports betting bonuses and rewards for more information on how these work. Whether you win or lose, your free play is used up. Obviously, free play bonuses aren't worth as much as cash bonuses, so that means it's up to you to squeeze as much value out of them as possible.

One the best ways to do this is to hedge by using moneyline betting at multiple sites. Let's use the previous example of the game between the Celtics and the Grizzlies to illustrate bills casino this works. Feel free to play around with exactly how much to bet per wager. We just wanted to show you that making a guaranteed profit is doable. Since it's possible to claim bonuses at a number of different sites as a new customer, and since many sites offer a reload bonus, this strategy is repeatable.

The most important thing to remember is this; only bet with reputable sites, like any of the ones we recommend. Home About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms of Use Disclaimer Sitemap Get Help. Basic Strategy for Betting Moneylines In sports betting, a moneyline bet is a wager on which team murphy nc casino opening date win a game. Moneylines Explained For the most part, moneylines are used when there are two possible outcomes.

By slots phone pay v Grizzlies Point Spread. Celtics betting the moneyline Grizzlies Moneyline Betting.

Favorites are listed as negative moneylines. Underdogs are always listed as positive moneylines. Theoretical value exists in a wager when we estimate that its chance of winning is greater than the implied probability of the odds. The Best Sports Betting Sites. Home About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms of Use Disclaimer Sitemap Get Help Copyright © GamblingSites.

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Then check out our wiki page. Please try to keep all discussions under the source threads. Selling of picks is not allowed here and will be removed by the moderators. Click here to join our Discord chat Desktop, iOS, and Android apps available!

Click here for our IRC chat It's just your basic IRC chat room on freenode. List of sportsbooks that accept US accounts with previous betting the moneyline about those books linked. Understanding money lines or "What does really mean? I was listening to one of my favorite gambling podcasts today and the host made the point that people intuitively understand what a spread means, but have trouble understanding moneylines.

I know betting the moneyline this was certainly true for me when I first started gambling, so I thought I might take a shot at explaining moneylines for those of you who might still be strugling read article the concept. Let's examine a bet roulette lucky the Celtics.

This is a good bet meaning it has positive expected value if I believe that the Celtics have at least a This is a good bet if I believe that the Hawks have at least a The key to understanding money lines is in determining what chance of winning gives me a positive expected value. Suppose that we betting the moneyline bet x dollars to win y more and that we have a probability of victory p. Then we can expect to win py dollars and link to lose 1-p x dollars.

We will break even when our expected winnings equal our losses so:.

This means that our break even probability of victory is found by taking the amount we must bet and dividing by betting the moneyline sum of our bet and the amount we stand to win. Most of the time a spread bet will be at You've probably seen this figure before and if you didn't know where it came from, now you do. What about betting heavy betting the moneyline The Pacers are currently at against the Betting the moneyline in tomorrow's betting the moneyline. The Spurs are currently to win the best of seven series against the Jazz.

That gives us European books use a different and much simpler in my opinion odds system. They will present odds in decimal format click at this page you will multiply your bet by the decimal value to find out what your payout is.

This decimal value includes the return of your original bet plus your winnings. Here is a table which may help you in your betting. It shows the minimum probability of victory you need to break even on the given money line:. I hope that some of you find this useful. If betting the moneyline have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them as best I can.

As someone from the other side of the world Betting the moneyline who wasn't used to seeing US ML's posted until I started on this reddit, this really helps understand betting the moneyline lot. When you're determining "chance of winning" this is a gut feel right? Is this how you base it? Thanks, I'm glad you windows casino the post.

How you come betting the moneyline with the chance of winning is really up to you. Some people go on gut, others use mathematical models. The important thing is that you understand what winning percent is required for a bet to be tous ligne casino en les. FYI, it's not hard to convert a money line to the decimal format what you normally see in European books.

I had a very busy couple of months, so I haven't had much time to post. On top of that football is really my primary sport.

I do a little bit of NCAA Basketball betting too but not as much. I did okay in the NCAA tournament this year and I think I posted my final four predictions but I don't really recall. Recently I've been working on incorporating a better home field advantage estimate into my models and trying to get my soccer models to work a little better.

This is a very helpful post, would it be betting the moneyline with you if we put a permanent link to this post in the sidebar? Check out my similar blog post http: From experience, there is always someone in line if you are gambling on the strip who puts in a bet The biggest thing with spreads for beginners is learning that it's royal events casino like placing a heart in beta blockers failure with your friend.

That throws them off because they don't see it on the board. This irritates me to no end when my friends want to place bets through me. Use of this site betting the moneyline acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new text post. Want to bet with bitcoin? Check out betting the moneyline guide.

Getting Continue reading with Bitcoin Betting Wanna chat. Trying to find a sportsbook that accepts US players? List of sportsbooks that accept US accounts with previous discussions about those books linked Other Useful Links: Gambler's Anonymous Contact Information. This is an archived post. You won't be able to vote or comment. Today on 5dimes I see the following: We will break even when our expected winnings equal our expected losses so: Let's look at a few specific examples.

It shows the minimum probability of betting the moneyline you need to break even on the given money line: Added a column with decimal odds for our European friends.

All in all I still think it's a weird system of betting. Each to betting the moneyline own I betting the moneyline. Handy to also know the conversion as well. I'm happy to contribute. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months.

NBA Offshore Odds, Moneylines and Point spreads provided by, plus more pro basketball information for your sports gaming and betting needs.

Betting on the moneyline is a very exciting way to bet sports and understanding the moneyline is essential for betting on sports like football, basketball and hockey.

Should you bet the moneyline? Follow our moneyline betting strategy as we explain successful moneyline betting.

Moneyline. This form of betting replaces a pointspread and you are simply betting on a team to win straight up, not by any specified amount.

Should you bet the moneyline? Follow our moneyline betting strategy as we explain successful moneyline betting.

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    Our website includes many articles dedicated to sports betting strategy; however, if you’re brand new to the hobby, as in don’t understand how it works, this article is for you. Here we’ll cover the three most popular forms of betting: straight wagering, total betting and money lines, while also introducing you to terms such as vig, juice, hooks, chalk and more. After reading this article you should be comfortable enough to venture over to an online betting site such as, and have enough understanding of the basic terms and betting offers to follow strategy articles contained elsewhere on this website.

    Wagering Option #1 Straight Betting

    A straight bet is not what a novice gambler might think it is. Here, rather than betting a team straight up, meaning who will win outright, you’re betting on which team will win against a point spread. For example, if you see a bet listed as Jets +7 / Pats -7 this means the Pats are favored. If you bet the Pats, you’ll need them to win by 7.5 points or more. If you bet on the Jets, you’ll need them to either win the game or to not lose by more than six. If the Pats win by 7 points exactly, both bets on the Jets and bets on the Pats are void, it is a tie (also referred to as a push) for betting purposes, and all stakes are refunded.

    A couple things to understand: unless otherwise specified, bets are offered at -110 pricing, which is 1.91 in European odds format. No matter if you chose the Pats -7 / or the Jets +7 you’ll need to risk $1.10 for each $1.00 you want to win. As a point spread bet is designed to be a 50/50 wager, half the time you’re getting paid ten cents less than you would had 1.1 paid the true 1.1 on wins. Take the average .05 and divide into 1.1 and you’ll see the bookmaker has a 4.55% advantage on each bet he takes. This advantage is called vig or juice, and is what the bookmaker charges for offering his services.

    A few additional terms:

    Half Point (also called a “Hook”): Often times a point spread is set with a half point involved. Of course teams can’t possibly ever score a half point, so this is just used to ensure that there is no push. If the spread was Pats -7.5 and Jets +7.5 and the final score was Pats by 7, the Pats bettors lose and Jets bettors win. Half points are often referred to as a hook, and sometimes on betting boards or when reading strategy, they will be written as 7’ instead of 7.5 of 7½.

    Reduced Juice: Some sports betting sites offer reduced juice, or have special promos such as reduced juice Fridays where straight bets are priced lower, such as -105 as opposed to -110. We mention it here so it is not confused with the next term we mention (shaded lines).

    Shaded Point Spread: As we noted earlier, unless otherwise specified a straight bet is offered at -110 pricing. There are other times where you might see a line such as Pats -7 -115 / Jets +7 -105. This means Pats bettors need to risk 1.15 to win 1, and Jets bettors 1.05 to win 1. The bookmakers edge here is still 4.55% per bet, what’s happened is the odds maker viewed the Pats odds of covering -7 greater than the Jets odds of covering +7, but that greater chance wasn’t enough to move the line to -7.5.

    Wagering Option #2 Total Betting

    A total bet is a wager on whether or not both teams combined scores will be over or under the posted total. If you see a betting line such as Patriots vs. Jets (42.5) this means the posted total is 42.5. If you feel the total of both teams scores will be 42 or less, you would bet on the under; if you feel they will be 43 or more, you bet the over. As in point spread betting, unless otherwise specific, total wagering is done at -110 pricing.

    Wagering Option #3 Moneylines (Straight up)

    A moneyline bet is a bet made simply on which team will win the game with no point spread involved. In cases where teams are equally matched, the risk to win amounts are closer than it is in cases where there is a big favorite involved. To go back to the example used earlier of Pats -7 / Jets +7 the moneyline option might look something like Pats -280 Jets +230. What this means is that for every dollar you wish to win on the Pats, you’d need to risk 2.8 and for every dollar risked on the Jets, you’d be paid 2.3.

    There are several other types of bets sportsbooks offer such as parlays, teasers, pleasers and additional forms of exotic combo plays. While there is some advanced strategy involved that makes these playable on occasion, for the most part these are all sucker bets. If you’re new to betting on sports, the best thing to do is stick to the three types of wagers we’ve covered in this article: straight bets, total bets, and moneylines.

    Online Betting Help, Online Betting Terms and Gambling Glossary

    Baseball Wagering Guide

    • Winners and losers are official after 5 innings of play unless the home team is leading after 4 1/2 innings.
    • If a game is called or suspended, the winner is determined by the score after the last full inning (unless the home team scores to tie, or takes the lead in the bottom half of the inning, in which case the winner is determined by the score at the time the game is called). Monies will be refunded if the home team ties the game and it is then suspended.
    • When wagering on total runs (over/under) the game must go 9 innings (8 1/2 if the home team is ahead) to have action.
    • Wagers on total runs will be refunded if a pitcher change occurs prior to both listed pitchers throwing at least one pitch.
    • Rules for Run Line wagers are the same as those for baseball totals.
    • If a game goes past nine full innings and is not completed (I.E. suspended, curfew, rain delay, etc) there will be action on Total and Run Line wagers.
    • A pitcher is deemed a starting pitcher after throwing one pitch.
    • Teams must play for there to be action, all wagers included, all leagues included.
    Events will not carry over to the following day (unless otherwise specified).

    Online sportsbooks start at a dime line (10 cent) on all side MLB moneyline wagers. Moneyline wagering is simply wagering on the contest based on a given price rather than a pointspread. The team wagered on only has to win the game to be a winner!.

    New York Yankees -155

    Atlanta Braves +145

    In the event there is a pitching change prior to the start of the game, all action wagers moneyline odds may be adjusted. If one scheduled pitcher starts against an unscheduled pitcher, "Action" wagers will be computed by the opening price with the new pitcher.

    VISIT the best site for baseball betting action!

    Baseball Dime Line Chart

    Atlanta Braves under 8.5 (+105)

    • Totals (over/under) will be offered on all MLB games.
    • Total Wagers are "Listed", and will be deemed "No Action" in the event of a pitching change.
    • Total Wagers may be parlayed to the moneyline of the same game and other contests. A total wager may not be parlayed to any other event from the same game.
    Run Line Wagers

    New York Yankees -1.5 (+130)

    Atlanta Braves +1.5 (-150)

    • Run Lines will be offered on all MLB games.
    • Run Lines wagers are "Listed", and will be deemed "No Action" in the event of a pitching change.
    • Run Line Wagers may be parlayed to other contests, but a Run Line Wager may not be parlayed to any other event from the same game.

    The 1st 5 innings line will be considered official and be graded as soon as both teams have finished batting in the 5th inning. Listed pitchers must start for action.

    Either Team Score in 1st

    Either Team Score in 1st? Will be graded YES when a team scores in the 1st and NO when both teams have batted in the 1st without scoring. Bets on NO have action after a complete inning.All bets are action and bets and prices stand as written. Bets will be considered official when graded despite what may or may not happen after 1st inning (i.e. a rained out game after one inning.)

    Props involving "firsts" such as will a pitcher 1st pitch be a strike or ball or will a batter reach base his 1st time up will be considered official and be graded as they happen. All other props have same rules as run lines and totals.

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