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Marketing And Branding Advisor

Oct 25, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

Empowering Potential Through the Power of Sport & Structure of Competition Marketing and Branding Advisor Start Date: by January 1, 2018 Growth Potential: This is an Advisory Board Position Duration: Yearly commitment with 90-day notice of.

Website Content Manager

Oct 25, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments

Empowering Potential Through the Power of Sport & Structure of Competition Rock n Roll Pickleball: Web Content Manager Start Date: no later than January 1, 2018 Growth Potential: Opportunity for expanding role within organization Duration.

Lakewood Rotary Club Presentation

Oct 16, 2017 | ParaPickleball | 0 Comments

The Military Appreciation Committee of the Lakewood Rotary Club in Lakewood, WA asked the founder of Rock N Roll Pickleball to speak to the club about her work with Veterans. "When all the benefits run out, you leave rehab or you receive a.

Reframing Adaptive Sports Marketing: From Superhuman to Role Model to Real Model

By: Adrienne Barlow, Founder & Executive Director of Rock N Roll Pickleball September 28, 2017 Current marketing strategies of “superhuman” and “no limits” for adaptive sports have missed the point. Not only does it make it hard for recruitment of new.

Sports N Spokes Magazine Features Rock N Roll Pickleball

Sep 9, 2017 | ParaPickleball | 0 Comments

Image reprinted with permission from Sports 'N Spokes Magazine, September 2017. To read the article in PN Magazine, the link is http://pvamag.com/pn/article/8018/parapickleball_picking_up Special thanks to Sport 'N Spokes Magazine for their.

Bodypoint Interviews Rock N Roll Pickleball Founder Adrienne Barlow

Sep 9, 2017 | ParaPickleball | 0 Comments

As one of Rock N Roll Pickleball's "I Got Your Six" sponsors, Bodypoint invited founder of Rock N Roll Pickleball, Adrienne Barlow, to their headquarters to show their employees and staff how she uses Bodypoint's products in para-pickleball. As the home of.

Make A Difference: Athletic Classification Updates

Sep 3, 2017 | ParaPickleball | 0 Comments

Make a Difference Be a Part of Equal and Meaningful Competition Classification System Updates Alongside the development of our classification system, we have been very busy developing several new national and international collaborations. We hope to begin.

Rock N Roll Pickleball Athletic Classifiers

Sep 3, 2017 | ParaPickleball | 0 Comments

Medical/Athletic Classifier(s) Job Description: multiple vacancies - RNR has developed a classification system and other guidelines to ensure that winning and rankings, under RNR, are determined by skill, athletic ability, endurance, tactical ability and.

Rock N Roll Pickleball Classification Committee: Job Description

Sep 2, 2017 | ParaPickleball | 0 Comments

Classification and Medical Committee: Vacancies (*Students are encouraged to apply for research, internship and/or thesis or dissertation credit) Pickleball experience is not required. Membership: The Classification Committee shall be comprised of five to six members.

Rock N Roll Pickleball Is Coming To The Bayou

Jun 26, 2017 | ParaPickleball | 0 Comments

Baton Rouge, LA October 26-29, 2017 Rock N Roll Pickleball is happy to announce its collaboration with the Baton Rouge Wheelchair Tennis Association (BRWTA). In an effort to increase awareness and participation of wheelchair sports, the Baton Rouge Wheelchair Tennis.

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Pickleball Ratings and Rankings - RV Picklers

RV Picklers We take our home to the court!

Post navigation Pickleball Ratings and Rankings

I listened to Chris Allen’s podcast about pickleball ratings and was a bit confused. Last week, I ranted about the fact that I didn’t think we actually had a true rankings system today. Frankly I was confused about pickleball ratings and rankings and thought you might be too. Luckily, Chris Thomas who Chairs the USAPA Ratings Committee lives in The Villages. So I invited him to lunch.

If you are a USAPA member, and you should be if you are reading this, you will be receiving the next newsletter in just a few days. Chris will be providing you additional information and an update on the current status of the project. A list of Frequently Asked Questions on this topic will be published on the USAPA website in the near future. You will want to read these articles! However, with his permission, let me share some information on pickleball ratings and rankings.

True or False? We have pickleball rankings today.

False: Despite what you may have seen on a website, there are not rankings today. You should not assume that pickleballratings.com is accurate, will necessary be the website where the future system is maintained or utilizes the approved algorithms. As Chris explained in the February newsletter, “The next step is to forward the new system proposal to the Ratings Steering Committee comprised of: Chris Thomas, Jeff Shank, Brian Staub, Jim Hackenberg, Linda Einsiedler, Mark Friendenberg, Pat Carroll, Priscilla Scott, Rocky Clark, Roger Workman and Tom Burkhart. Once this Committee has completed their work and approved the proposal, then the proposal will be presented to the USAPA Board.” Chris was kind enough to allow me to tell you, that this is now complete! The Request for Proposal process has also begun. (My gosh, I am starting to feel like a reporter….)

True or False? Pickleball ratings will go away.

False: The new proposed tournament rating system, unlike the current “skill rating” system, will have the capability to include player rankings as well as ratings. While rankings, such as #20 in the World in Men’s Doubles, are important to some people, the USAPA understands that there are millions of pickleball players that do not play in sanctioned tournaments. These players will still want a way to determine their skill relative to other players. These players may still play in leagues, or on club teams, or want to compete in a local event that is not sanctioned. As such the skill ratings that currently exist are not going away. I am a 4.0 player today. Not sure what I will be next year or the year after that…but there is no intention of doing away with ratings in the future.

During The Pickleball Show podcast, Steve Paranto commented that he thought in a year or two 4.0 would go away. (Clearly Steve is a guy that is obsessed with this game. At least he is more obsessed than I am….see below.) However, I am not convinced! The system requirements today require an interface with a tournament system. Today, that is pickleballtournaments.com which requires you to pay to use their system. I doubt that The Villages, or The Villages Pickleball Community, or The Villages Pickleball Club are going to pay for every team, club, or tournament event we hold here. Yes, ratings are subjective. Yes, ratings are not perfect. But there is no plan at this time to eliminate them.

True or False? Rankings will solve everything.

Not exactly: As Melissa McCurley stated during the podcast, “we need this system.” Today’s system is “too subjective”. This system will provide “credibility” and improve “overall quality”. However, it will be based solely on Sanctioned events. Sandbaggers, or players that avoid sanctioned events as they improve, will quickly move up after playing several events…however no one can create a perfect system.

I suspect that there will be discussion and fine-tuning once the system is operational. Other professional sports, e.g. tennis or golf, always argue about the positions of the top players. Take for example Tiger Woods. Tiger was last ranked #1 in 2013. His ranking for each subsequent year is shown below:

  • 2014, World Ranking 32
  • 2015, World Ranking 416
  • 2016, World Ranking 559

I suspect those ranking numbers could go up or down dramatically based on the time horizon one considered in calculating the rankings. There is much work yet to be done. As part of the new proposed tournament rating system, the number of matches the player had to date in the system will be shown. Thus a player’s current tournament rating and ranking can be viewed based on the number of matches played.

Secondly, rankings will be most valuable in large tournaments where there are large brackets. I fully appreciate it isn’t a whole lot of fun for a 60+ 5.0 player to play a 20 something 5.0 player…but unless you are playing in a very large tournament you can expect it to happen. I sense the plan is to not have Skill/Age Divisions…instead only offering Skill or Age. How big a draw you need, where you draw the line, should cause a lot of discussions. Can’t wait to write about that topic!

True or False? New system January 1, 2017

Don’t know: Chris stated his opinion that a new tournament rating system might be implemented in the next few months. It’s important to understand that no scheduled or planned date of implementation has been determined. Perhaps because I was in computer sales management for 30 years, and my co-workers had difficulty accurately predicting when contract negotiations would be done…I am skeptical. The USAPA needs to: (1) release the RFP, (2) allow vendors a reasonable period of time to respond, (3) evaluate the responses, (4) select one or two finalists, (5) negotiate agreements, (6) implement the system, (7) test the system, (8) reality check the output and perhaps refine system requirements, (9) test some more, and then (10) go live.

True or False? We need this.

True: We see instances today when the draw that was published at midnight is changed at 7am. I can’t imagine Melissa’s job and the stuff she must have to listen to. A 5.0 senior is not the same as a 30-year-old 5.0. And with prize money and player sponsorships, we can all expect more scrutiny around this issue.

Fortunately, for the USAPA and for all of us, there are a bunch of crazy people who are obsessed with this game and VOLUNTEER their time and expertise to make it better for all of us. My hat goes off to each and every one of them.

Speaking of obsessed, here’s what Steve is thinking about lately

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Great research and breakdown of the whole scenario. The process and due diligence by the USAPA is the right way to do things, and when our team met with Chris Thomas in November at Nationals, we appreciated him laying this information out for us. We’ll keep working on making our rating system as accurate and objective as possible while we wait for the RFP. Thanks for sharing this!

– Kevin and Brian, PickleballRatings.com

USAPA should look at the USTA ATP and WTA computer rating system in place and see if that could be used as a guide to developing the pickleball rating system. After the US Open I checked the system that was being Beta tested. As a 3.0 player I received 1224 points after losing in the first round of the tournament 11-9, 11-7. My friends who got the silver medal got 1401 points. I thought that it was pretty interesting that there was only a 200 point differential between a first round loser and the team that came in second.

I’ve confirmed that the algorithms that exist today in the beta site are not the one’s required by the RFP process. I agree the current one’s are a bit wonky. I have a 1700 Mixed Doubles Rating having only playing in one mixed doubles event 4 years ago.

Pickleball Doubles Ladder - Grand Pickleball Club

Grand Pickleball Club Sun City Grand, Surprise AZ Primary menu Secondary menu Pickleball Doubles Ladder

Schedule: Playing times will vary with the seasons. Play will last approximately one and a half hours or less. Each skill level plays on a different day as shown.

4.0/A Ladder: Monday 12:00 pm.

3.5/B Ladder: Tuesday 12:00 pm.

3.0/C Ladder: Wednesday 12:00 pm.

2.5/N Ladder: Thursday 12:00 pm.

May 1 thru September 30:

4.0/A Ladder: Monday 8:00 am.

3.5/B Ladder: Tuesday 8:00 am.

3.0/C Ladder: Wednesday 8:00 am.

2.5/N Ladder: Thursday 8:00 am.

Eligibility: Membership in the Grand Pickleball Club is required.

Format: Doubles ladder. You don’t need to have a partner.

The format is designed for the maximum amount of flexibility for the players. Players may enter or leave a ladder at any time or miss a week or more because of their schedule. The only requirement is to inform the ladder captain before the schedule is made out for the upcoming week.

The format is designed so that players mostly play others of similar skill level. The ranking is based on the winning percentage (ratio of points won to total points possible). Players will move between ladders or within the ladder based upon their winning percentage. The results of the ten most recent weeks will be used for the calculation. Each week, the players will be placed in groups of 4 in the order of the ranking on the ladder. Players will play three 15-point doubles games in a round-robin fashion with the other players of the foursome.

Pickleball Ratings; Solving One Big Problem

Pickleball Ratings; Solving One Big Problem

Could it be that you, too, are tired of being the “Pickleball Police” in your club? Tired of trying to enforce skill ratings with people who either don’t care about them or disagree with them, simply so your club can have well-balanced organized play in its Round-Robins and Shootouts? Well, there’s hope you may be able to retire your police force – ‘cuz there may soon be a new sheriff in town!

Within the next few months, we believe pickleballratings.com may well offer one very cool and mostly-automated solution to this, the second-largest problem faced by most all pickleball clubs (right behind the pervasive lack of sufficient courts).

But let’s go back a second. Why does the lack of rating create so much Strum und Drang (read this as “upset club members”), anyway? In other words, if you don’t already, why should you care? Easy! Especially in emerging and growing clubs, people are uncertain as to which skill-level they should be, and, if unsure, they often want to play at a higher level than they actually are. This creates way too many divisive “discussions” between members and pickleball club board members and others who want to facilitate fair, yet interesting, divisions for the club’s organized play. You especially find these issues among the 3.0 and 3.5 players, but that doesn’t slim down the problem, as those groups represent, typically, 70%+ of any club’s membership.

And, until today, the various processes that have emerged to more accurately rate club players have been somewhat difficult to administer, fairly time-consuming and pretty darn subjective. We actually say that with love, as we’ve been part of the team at the Palm Creek Pickleball Club that wrote the prototype for in-club ratings that is currently being used in many other pickleball clubs today. ( Go here to review today’s complete process! )

In the hopes of getting closer to a better answer to the ratings dilemma, we’ve spent a fair amount of time recently with Kevin, Anne and Brian, owners and developers of Pickleballratings.com. They built their system originally to assist in providing more accurate ratings for TOURNAMENT players, and that’s still a significant feature of their system. To stay with that for a moment, in the future, the 15% of us who play tournaments can look forward to having our own ratings assessed more accurately based on how many matches we’ve won and who we have won against or lost to. Overall skill ratings will be expressed to a second or third decimal point, like (in A.J.’s case, who feels he has not been playing up to his admittedly too-high standards in the 4.5 bracket), maybe a 4.432 rating or similar.

In order to do this for TOURNAMENT participants, Pickleballratings.com will need to secure timely data feeds from tournaments, and discussions with the relevant providers of that data are in progress, we believe. As that gets done, players in-club will be able to see for themselves the tournament rankings of that club’s tournament players and since they play against those people in-club they will come to see their own ratings as more reliable and accurate. Eventually, a 4.432-rated player in AZ should be comfortable knowing she is roughly as good as a 4.432 in, say, Seattle, The Villages in Florida, or in Dunsmuir, CA where they play on two temporary courts near the Sacramento River…in other words, anywhere, potentially including international locations as well.

But how does that benefit pickleball clubs? Objective skill ratings are of even MORE significance within the clubs, as this makes up 100% (virtually) of all players and not just the 15% sub-set of those who also play in tournaments. Here are the values this new system might have:

  • The system could remove entirely the need for pickleball clubs to adopt or create and manage a system and process to rate their members
  • The new ratings could be used to seed and create logical and balanced round-robins, shootouts, other organized-play formats and intra-club tournament draws.
  • Training and development groups will find this has value ‘cuz the players will know better who they should be playing against if they want to improve.
  • There will be lots of filters available, so we can see ratings within different ages, geography, gender, etc. as well as one that shows what type of rating — tournament, club, or combined
  • This all, in turn, allows the internal club Ratings Committee to refine its duties. Instead of having to rate multiple players or all club players, they can instead work more closely with players almost ready for the next major level. This group of “almost-ready” next-level players can be easily identified, as they will be the top (say) quarter of their existing group.
  • In larger clubs with adequate facilities, the Court Utilization Group can then determine if there are ALSO needs for new skill-based round-robins or shootouts – say at the 3.25 or 3.75 levels.

So, you ask…how does the system work? It’s not yet ready for prime-time and details are being worked out every day, but right now the pickleballratings.com folks envision that data will be fed from the results of a given pickleball club’s Round-Robins or Shootouts, identifying the players, who they played against, and whether they won each game or not. (This can be done on an ultra-simple single sheet no matter the size of the event.) This data will then be “crunched” using a variation on the mathematical formulations currently used successfully in other sports like Tennis, Badminton, Table-Tennis and many others.

These formulations can be adjusted, but take into account all necessary variables including how terrible a partner you drew actually is, (as we all know, when we lose a game it’s his or her fault), and over time a list of true ratings, expressed again down to several decimal points, will be available within the club for its use.

We still have questions about all of this, of course. This process will cost the clubs something, surely. And we are not yet sure what this pricing model will be, nor are we exactly sure when the system will come “live”. Right now they are assimilating data from club Round Robins and other sources and are working with that data to purify their model further. However, we have hopes that the cost of the service will be be matched by its value given the significance of the problem they are solving and the number of members it will positively impact. And we do know that the group is working hard on getting this out the door so that it can begin to be used, leading to further refinements.

And do we have reservations? Of course we do; in fact, several. We hope that the group concentrates on a few things that are necessary at the club level. First, we hope they make the system affordable for all, without necessitating buying additional soft- or hardware. Second, we hope that it’s very easy to administer and doesn’t replace one set of duties (pickleball policing) with another (additional duties for the Round Robin captains). Lastly, we hope they work closely with the USAPA to insure that organization’s needs are met – so that, over time, this might be a standard in all USAPA clubs.

We’re sure that even more questions remain to be answered and further refinements will be necessary. So far the team at PBR has seemed very open to feedback and questions, and they even told us to tell you that you can reach them with comments or questions via their site as well as the social media outlets ( Facebook , Twitter, or Instagram ). All said, w e wish pickleballratings.com the very best in their efforts, and not just because we are such nice people. It’s more that we are totally tired of dealing with this issue – most everyone we know who is experienced in club management is – and we would relish a good solution.

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