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Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions for 2018, Английский язык изучение

Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions for 2018

List of Top 10 Nostradamus Predictions for 2018.

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What a pile of horse shit where are the happenings he predicted and never happened. How can a man living in the 15th century know such future cataclysmic events? When the pen was still in its infancy nough said!

11.Harvey Weinstein is elected Pope.

Nostradamus's predictions that are mentioned in this video are all BullCR*P. I know for a fact he never gave a year for his predictions, it was always something like "half way through the 20th Century" or "at the start of the 21st century". He predicted the great fire of Chicago? and some freak with a yellow rug on his head being president of the USA? That is just some American trying to muscle in and pretend that America had something to do with Nostradamus and that’s only because America hardly has any of its own history. We make Britain Great, you Unite the States. Someone needs to tell Trump.

Yellowstone Volcano is due to erupt, it could possibly be the volcano in question, not Vesuvius

With his predictions of having too many Children per families that should most definitely go towards Muslims. As they are trying to breed us out and over populate us out of the Country and the World. So I'm honesty I like that prediction or law of it comes to pass. People need to be put in check with the number of kids and wives they are allowed to have. And Muslims can no longer think that they can do as they wish do to there religion or beliefs. If Christians&baptists and Catholics can't do as they wish then why the heck should they be allowed to?. No religion is better then another and we shouldn't treat them as such.

More stuff to add that is just not clear enough to know it until after the fact. Not much help. Pretty much bull.

I hope you are wrong except the looking young part.

Lol he was a con artist ya fucking retards, name me one that is about nowerdays hahahaha pathetic all lies.

The part about David Rockefeller still being active at 101 years old is ironic given the fact that it would not be possible if he didnt have 7 blackmarket heart transplant that were probably ripped out of third world childrens chest.

Terrible voice. Hate it.

I predict this video is bullshit but still entertaining

Press that little red button life sucks

Fake , fake , fake . He had his chance and failed . Proof is we are still here .

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🔵THE REAL NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTIONS FOR 2018 REVEALED. MUST SEE. DONT BE AFRAID. 🔵 🔵 SUBSCRIBE TO THE FUTURE! CLICK HERE! 🔵 2018 PREDICTION SERIES: CLICK HERE! PREDICTIONS FOR THE YEAR 2018 REVEALED BY NOSTRADAMUS Nostradamus. Michel de Nostredame was a French physician and reputed seer who published writings of prophecies that have become very popular due to the accuracy of these predictions thru-ought history. Nostradamus Actually claimed that his public predictions came from working with the judicial astrology—the art of forecasting future events by calculation of the planets and stellar bodies in relationship to the earth. While many Individuals agree that Nostradamus predicted some of the most tumultuous and destructive events in history (including World War II and 9/11), there is a growing body of evidence that points to Nostradamus predicting the winner of this year's Presidential Election. Nostradamus actually references an epic battle between a "Masculine Woman" "the Queen", or "The Blonde One", and one who is a "great shameless, audacious bawler." He also refers to a "rigged election", a term that has become a hallmark of the 2016 election. WITH THIS SAID, 2018 PREDICTIONS BY NOSTRADAMUS MAY INFACT CONTAIN SOME CLUE OF WHATS TO COME. This video illustrates the 2018 Predictions by Nostradamus. Nostradamus 2018 prediction #1 - THE GREAT ERUPTION OF MOUNT VESUVIUS Nostradamus 2018 prediction #2 - ECONOMIC COLLAPSE Nostradamus 2018 prediction #3 - WORLD WAR 3 Nostradamus 2018 prediction #4 - GIANT ASTEROID TO HIT EARTH Nostradamus 2018 prediction #5 - ADVANCE HUMAN-ANIMAL COMMUNICATION Nostradamus 2018 prediction #6 - HUMANS WILL BEGIN LIVE TO BE OVER 200 🔵THE REAL NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTIONS FOR 2018 REVEALED. MUST SEE. DONT BE AFRAID. 🔵 This video is not intended to defame or harm anyone's reputation and should only be considered as opinion and viewed for entertainment purposes only. nostradamus predictions 2018, nostradamus predictions, Predictions for 2018, 2018 predictions, 2018 predictions for america, 2018 predictions for the world, predictions for the future, predictions that came true, predictions for 2018 world,

  • Subliminal Results Group

Very interesting as usual. Thank you as I always enjoy the cool content of this channel 👍👍

  • reginald watson

    anti trump bot voice.

  • Kitarae Ganymedess

    Considering that out that 98% of the history we have learned is a lie; how do we know that this is true.

    England could have Rewritten his words to reflect their agenda.

    They wanted to to predict their plans for 2018

    we have been lied to about World War 1 World War 2 the Vietnam War the Korean War Iraq War

    Israel and who really are the true Israelites.

  • Lila Bennefield-Lowrey

    better start gardening. Get rid of the ivy and start growing veggies.

  • Jari Mikkola

    I have read the quatrans of Nostrodamus and never ceases to amaze me how in the hell they get this much information from them. Seems to me, it's a guessing game based on current events with very limited information of Nostrodamus.

  • love 4 life

    Michel de Nostredame prophecies like the bible are Astrological

  • Monica Mangru

    Nostradamus predictions were in metaphors ,the way of most predictions . It's up to the rest of us to figure out the meaning . What he meant by saying that humans will have the capability of living over 200 years and animals ' and humans communication has nothing to do with technology or medical progress but rather there is a deeper meaning / interpretation . Those of us who are spiritually awakened souls understand the true meaning of this. In most part an upgrade in our medicine cabinet or technology has nothing to do with it but rather becoming aware that a higher power exists and is in control .

  • mikefromspace

    8:05 animal communication and esp in general will be amplified many fold due to the purifying fire, the energy storm written of by Mayans which is knowledge passed from Anunnaki, which is a legend told not just by them but recorded as factual history in the largest book ever written. It is the legend of Samvartaka. A flood, but not a water flood. This is a flood of very heavy particles , a river of them leaving the Sirius system which our entire solar system will be enveloped by for over an hour 9.23.2018. In the hours approaching this event, everything electrical will shut down. This includes cooling pumps for nuclear reactors. Think about that. I don't plan on being here, since that same day is the 'calling' mentioned in the bible. 9Nania on youtube calls it the 'rescue', and has a very good timeline and many biblical references to this coming event. Whomever was killed by Muhammad before he wrote the Qu'ran with help of stolen words from the 'real' prophet, knew of Sirius as well.

  • tzina jina

  • Nosca Khalid

    BE AFRAID VERY AFRAID! The Nostradamus 27 years' war that began on January 17, 1991 will end on January 16, 2018

  • mike smith

    Yea we know who the fuck he is , get on with the predictions for 2018 !!

  • triplanelover

    I can't decide if I'd rather die from: an asteroid wiping earth out, a nuclear attack, or standing under Vesuvius when she blows; or just plain old age in a comfy bed. so many choices !!


    Just keep pushing and pushing the date of the "end"

  • Monarchie Couture Store

    why YOU dont use real voice! i hate video that used computerized voices. so annoying

  • Eliezer Rodriguez

    According to the man how saw the future movie from the 80s Nostradomus predicted that world war three would take place in the early 2000s or close to it when a middle eastern war lord wages war on the world, but that never took place. And that warlord was the last anti-christ and now its trump? What a load of crap!

  • Bendy And The Ink Machine

    The end of the world in 2018

  • For Pete Sake

    The book of Daniel and Revelation

    already predicted these events.

  • yes wah

    how do you know that will be in 2018.

  • terrie alexander

    not predictions but plans

  • desert rose

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  • Final Predictions: Bedlam 2015, Pistols Firing

    Final Predictions: Bedlam 2015

    It’s time. Bedlam for all the marbles. I’ll be there in the flesh maniacally trying to tweet out videos of the atmosphere. Boone will have you covered in case we tear the stadium down. Enjoy it, this thing for the outright conference crown has never happened and might not for a long time. Picks now.

    Player of the game: J.W. Walsh

    Bold prediction: J.W. Walsh finishes the game for Mason Rudolph

    Final score: Oklahoma State 37 | Oklahoma 35

    Leading receiver for OSU: Marcell Ateman

    I’m pushing all my chips into the middle of The General’s table. There are worse places to be. Remember, Mason Rudolph has a broken bone in his foot. I think we see Walsh early and often and the streak of backups winning Bedlam moves to three straight games.

    Player of the game: Kevin Peterson

    Bold prediction: Jalen McCleskey leads the team in rushing

    Final score: Oklahoma State 32 | Oklahoma 29

    Leading receiver for OSU: James Washington

    I think the weather conditions will make for an even playing field, and with both teams playing for a Big 12 title there is plenty of motivation on both sides. I give the advantage to the Cowboys playing at home, but this is going to be a wild one.

    Typically I’m all for the 7PM game. But I’ve been sitting on the edge of my seat since 9AM… Can this game start already?!

    As a survivor of the Ice Bowl 1985, I hope the fans will stick it out and support the team! Go POKES.

    I must admit I left in the third quarter of that game.

    Not us! We stayed till the bitter end, (well bitter for me, hubby is an OU fan 🙁 ) We did leave our ponchos there though, they were frozen to the benches so we just crawled out of them!

    I was going to school their at the time and one of my friends had cable and went back to her apartment and watched the end.

    That was the coldest I had ever been in my life until I found out about Chicago winters.

    I left clothing frozen to the metal bleachers that year too. Still wouldn’t have missed it and wish I was in cold cold Stilly tonight rather than retired at the warm and sunny beach.

    Cold weather is not good for the passing game. We have no running game and OU does. Unless our defense can stop the OU run and we find a way to run the ball, (JW?), it is going to be a long night. If it doesn’t ice or rain, maybe we can still get a passing game going.

    Go Pokes! Win that Championship. It is teed up for us.

    There is eleven minutes to go in the first half of Bedlam… and I have a final prediction of my own. I predict that Gundy will talk about our impending loss because we couldn’t establish a running game. (After a couple of series moving the ball, we have reverted to first down runs instead of play action passes. You don’t have to establish the run to play action, you just have to realize they are focused on it on first down, Yurcich!!) They might mention how we failed to score while Yurcich is running and rerunning unsuccessful sets to set up successful plays in the second half. Only problem, by then we are down by 20 or 30. There is still over nine minutes to half, but there are my predictions since, after two offensive drives, the rest of the play calling has been totally predictable. GO POKES!!

    …AND FYI, we are underdogs on our home field… there is no part of the field that you DON’T go for a fourth and one, but not between the tackles!! After the bedlam game, there will be plenty of unused balls… but none more deflated the Gundy’s and Yurcich’s. GO POKES!!

    Just going into the 4th Quarter. I didn’t think they could play worse than the Baylor game…I was wrong. Probably the worst play calling of the season. The defense is not tackling. The OL is not blocking anyone. Their DL’s are living in our backfield. Our RB’s are incapable of blocking to keep the QB from getting hammered on the blitzes. Only the WR’s are doing a good job whenever Walsh has a chance to make the throw and actually makes a good throw.

    After the two successive throws in Q1 by Mason where the first one was almost picked off and the next one was picked off………..obvious that something was wrong with Mason and he shouldn’t have been in there. Too bad it took giving up 6 points to find out something the coaches should have already known.

    Walsh is a gamer and I still have hope that he can bring them back. But, one Qtr when you are down by 28 is a lot to hope for with the way our defense has been playing. We can only hope for a replay of 2014.

    Just heard that ND lost. This one could have put us into the CFP. Still hoping. GO POKES.

    Some time to reflect, and no matter how well we played or play called, that OU team was on fire and we probably don’t win Bedlam this year. The Baylor game was winnable… Now, on to a bowl game that we can win!! (I really didn’t give us a great shot in the playoffs… I know you never know… but surely we can suspect!! lol)

    Pistols Firing Recruiting

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    Nostradamus 2018 – Top 5 predictions (Nb. 1 is scary! )

    Nostradamus’ prophecies foresee for 2018 some terrible events that will totally change our planet from how we know it today.

    Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu.

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