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Что за фак? (пропадает музыка из айфона! ): apple_russia

Что за фак? (пропадает музыка из айфона!)

Случилось это 25 февраля (может, дата важна, кто их знает, обновленцев нынешних в Еппле).

В один прекрасный день воткнула наушники, пошла по делам, слушала музыку, которую давно и методично отбирала в коллекцию. Нырнула в метро, выключила на минуту звук, вылезаю на поверхность - не срабатывает кнопка наушника на включение аудио. Лезу в "музыку", и наблюдаю вот такую картинку:

Терплю до возвращения к базовому компу. Там файлы "видны", но недоступны. Никакие кнопки не помогают. Два-три дня дергаюсь, потом все удаляю, решаю, что надо начать жизнь заново. Собираю кучки mp3 - файлов, заливаю как обычно в телефон, полчаса вроде работает, заливаю дальше - опять не проигрывает, опять вот такая же красота.

Ходить без музыка, аудиокниг в наушниках - полжизни тратить почем зря.

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Android Выбрать язык Текущая версия v.190.1

Apple re-releases iOS 9

Apple re-releases iOS 9.3 for iPad 2, posts help page for other update problems

Some of Apple's older devices ran into trouble with the iOS 9.3 update released earlier this week. The iPad 2 took the worst of it; users reported that the tablet was unable to complete the activation process with Apple's servers after being updated. But other products including the iPhone 5S had their own set of problems. They couldn't complete the update unless users remembered the original Apple ID and password used to set them up out of the box. If the device had switched accounts (or owners) at some point, that could lead to a serious headache. So far, Apple has taken two steps to fix the unforeseen problems with iOS 9.3.

First, the company has released another build of iOS 9.3 specifically for the iPad 2 to eliminate the activation bug. Once that's been downloaded and installed, Apple's aging tablet should function normally once again. Unfortunately, there's no way to install this one over the air for customers affected by the original problem. You'll need a computer, and Apple's also installing the updated iOS 9.3 build at its retail stores for those customers who lack one.

Second, Apple has posted a help page for other customers having issues with iOS 9.3 — the ones unable to remember the right Apple ID and password combo. But this one's not exactly super helpful. It basically tells those impacted to try activating their device through iTunes on a PC/Mac or, should that fail, they can also attempt to disable activation lock from iCloud on the web. Should none of that work, Apple recommends that customers contact support for further assistance. Apple will release another, fixed version of iOS 9.3 for these devices in the near future. The installation woes are disappointing, as iOS 9.3 adds some nice new features like Night Shift, secured Notes, and other refinements.

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Apple - Re-Invents - Nokia Living Images as Live Photos: Geek on Gadgets

standard Apple “Re-Invents” Nokia Living Images as Live Photos

With Apple’s iPhone 6S event yesterday, they also announced a “new” feature called “Live Photos”, those familiar with Lumia phones will find this feature direct rip-off of Nokia’s Living Images. The concept revolves around simply capturing a second or two of video before the image, allowing you to capture the scene behind the photo; you can see it in action in Nokia’s Living images announcement over a year and a half ago (April 2014).

Of course Apple have taken Nokia’s concept a bit further and allowed users to view their Live Photos anywhere, not just in the gallery app; you can also set an animated image live photo as your home-screen or lock-screen, so once again it’s a classic of Apple “re-inventing” an idea that others have had for years.

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And yet Microsoft is discontinuing Storyteller..

because they integrated living images into the photos app , so no need for another app

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